Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen. Soy milk is consumed by millions of people throughout the world as an alternative to normal cows milk, but did you know you can make it in your own home? and it is so much cheaper to so at the end of this video keep on watching and you will see just how cheap it is So join me today as we make soy milk. So we are going to start of with our soy beans Now you should be able to find these at most supermarkets. But if you can’t thy should also be available at most Asian supermarkets
as well Now mist soy beans are dried like this. So what we are going to do is grab a bowl and place our soy beans in the bowl Now for this i really recommend filtered water because these beans are going to soak up all the water and the taste So if posible use filtered water So just fill the bowl up with the water You probably don’t need this much water but you want to make sure the soy beans are completely covered in the water because what their going to do now is soak up all this water and double in size this is going to take a about eight hours So what i recommend to do is soak them the night before and they will be ready the next day So i have had these soaking over night and they have almost tripled in size So now we are going to out these into another container with water and we are going to rub them between our fingers in the palm of your hand and this is going to remove the skin from the beans Now for this step we are going to use a blender, any blender will do. So the ratio is one cup of soy beans to about three and a half cups of water If posible try and use filtered water Again the filtered water removes that extra taste So what we are going to do is blend this for about two minutes But preferably three minutes okay so i have a bowl here with a strainer just on top But most importantly some cheese cloth which you can pick up at most fabric type shops. So i have this folded five times over so its five sheets thick So put that over the strainer then im going to poor our mixture just straight through and what this is going to do is collect all the small little bits of soy beans So once its all through and there is still some in the cloth next we are going to grab the cloth just seal it up the top then just force the rest through just like this You just want to gently force it through so you have have is liquid that comes out So once its strained through and as you can see theres the leftover pulp from the soy beans Now you can put it in the bin or even better in the garden and it will just breakdown and feed your plants Next i have a pot on the stove on a medium heat and to that we are going to pour in our liquid Now what we are going to do with this is bring it up to a simmer. Now once it starts simmering turn the temperature down a bit to maintain that simmer and what thats going to do is cook the soy milk so its fit for consumption. Now every few minutes your going to get this thin film forming on top just like that now its unavoidable and you can’t stop it What you’re going to do say every
three-four minutes With a spoon just scoop it up as best as you can Its not been twenty minutes so we are going to take it of the heat With a clean bowl place of a sifter and we are going to pour our soy milk straight through. The reason why i have the sifter is to remove any of those filmy bits left over. and as you can see i just picked up a couple. So what we are going to do now is let this sit here for about one hour then its ready to put in to the fridge Now that is how you make soy milk now how simple and easy was that to turn this into this All these soy beans cost me $1.60 AUD This is a 375g packet and out of that i say i would get about ten litres of soy milk and at the shops today it was about $2 for one litre so by making it myself i got 10 litres for $1.60 AUD So if you drink soy milk you can see there is no comparison You are so much better of making it yourself and the other thing is you know exactly what goes in your soy milk There are no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours or anything just pure soy milk Personally i only have it with cereal, but if you want to drink it by its self just add a little sugar. But now lets see what it tastes like Now that is really good that is such a lovely refreshing taste Its knowing there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added to this its just pure soy milk, and for a home made soy milk this taste simply delicious So from the bottom on my heart if you do drink soy milk start making it at home because i guarantee you’re going to love it and you will thank me now when you do make it, it should last three days in the fridge Thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen a list of ingredients are down below as well as links to my facebook, twitter and Google+ pages Please give this video a massive thumbs up and leave a comment and i will see you next time for another Delicious recipe.