Top of the morning to ya! I’m Chef Ava… And today I’ll be your guide on how to make St Patricks Day Rice Krispies rainbow skittles cupcake dessert. Using edible gold spray paint. The other items you’ll need to make this delicious dessert will be marshmallows, rice krispies, gold coins candy, some white frosting, vanilla cupcakes and rainbow skittles. I have my lucky assistant here. hello! He’s my very own leprechaun. Let’s get started. Alright leprechaun put the mallows in. We have our five tablespoons of butter, and our six cups of mini marshmallows and now we are going to add ten cups of rice krispies. That’s a lot of rice krispies. Now we got to pack it in. Help me leprechaun! There we go. While this is cooling off we will be frosting our cupcakes! Last one. There we go. Now comes the coolest part. You’ll want to put the cupcakes on top of paper so that when you spray the cupcakes it won’t get on the counter. We will be using this gold color mist made by Wilton. It’s like edible spray paint and I love to spray paint. This is our first try in history. It smells like real spray paint. Now time to top on these gold chocolate coins. Check out that bling. So we cut our rice krispies in half so we’re going to make a rainbow arch. Oh I’m so strong. So what you want to do is you want to kind of bend both sides so it makes like a little arch. ou just want to stick them side by side. Alright how does it look? Does it look like a rainbow? Now we just have to frost it and put our rainbow skittles on. So you got our cake frosted and now all we have to add are our rainbow skittles. Red, orange, yellow, green, purple! That’s going to be our pattern. There we go. It’s done! We want some fluffy blue clouds at the end of our rainbow so let’s spray paint some more cupcakes. Now let’s stick it all together. Let’s get our gold coins in the middle and our fluffy blue clouds at the end. There we go. I want a little taste. Yum magically delicious. What the…you have blue hair! Whoa your hair looks awesome. Same with yours, it’s so blue. Weeee! Oh he’s such a cute little leprechaun. Thank you so much for making this St Patricks Day rainbow dessert with me. Leprechaun out. Let’s dance our Irish jigg. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment below on what your favorite color is. Or what would you buy if you found a pot of gold? I would by a golden beard. Money. Don’t be touching my gold.