120g Cake Flour (Low Gluten Flour) Pour 75g Hot Oil Stir Add 15g Shizuoka Matcha Powder Pour 120g Milk by around 3-5 times Add 9 Egg Yolks by around 3-5 times Whipping Egg Whites (9 Egg Whites) Add 5g Lemon Juice Add 105g White Sugar Mix A and B Evenly Pour into the baking cups Knock the batter flat to allow superfluous (extra) air to escape to prevent the cake collapse. Put it into the oven, turn on the upper and bottom fire, each at 160 degrees, for 10 minutes. Then, turn on the upper and bottom fire, each at 180 degrees, for 35 minutes. Decoration Parts Production Decoration Parts Ingredients: White Bean Paste, Salt-Free whipped cream, Natural Pigment Use different decorative flowers to produce succulent-plant decoration plants style decoration After finishing making the decoration, it needs to be frozen for one night After trimming the baked cake, you need to put on the whipped cream Put on the succulent-plant style decoration and chocolate that has been frozen for one night Make the succulent leaves, and you are done!