Welcome to howtocookthat.net. Today we’re
looking at how to make spun sugar decorations to go on top of desserts. This is what I do: Take a pan, put it on the
stovetop, turn it onto high, add some sugar to the pan. I don’t actually measure it. It’s
not one of those recipes that you need to be exact with, depends how big your decoration
needs to be. Next you add a bit of glucose syrup, not too
much. The reason you need that is to help stop the sugar from crystalizing. If you do
it without the glucose syrup you can, but sometimes it goes grainy, and without nice,
crisp, clear finish. And then you just need to add a little bit
of water, just enough to wet the sugar really. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit less
or a little bit more. If you’ve got a bit more it will just take longer for it to boil
down. Then you need to bring that to the boil, and continue to stir it until the sugar is
dissolved. Then you take a pastry brush and some water
in a cup and generously brush down any sugar that’s on the edges of the pan. You need to
do this, otherwise the thin bits of sugar that are splashed to the side tend to burn. Don’t stir it from now, you just leave it
on the stovetop to continue to boil and bubble. Now you can see that it’s starting to get
thicker, you will be able to hear that bubbles are popping more slowly. Sugar syrups very
very hot, so make sure you don’t get your hands near it. Now it’s just starting to go golden, and that’s
when you take it off the stove straight away, as soon as you see one patch of it starting
to go golden. Give it a stir to evenly distribute the little
bit of color you got there. Then get a spoonful and you can drizzle it onto baking paper to
make a pattern that you can then just snap bits off and put it on top of your dessert.
If you want it thinner, if you want that spider web-type design in your decorations just get
two forks back to back, and just pull away from each other. You need to let the sugar
syrup set a little bit to do this. If you do it when it’s straight off the stovetop
it won’t pull. Just let it cool down just a little bit, and then start doing it. If
it cools down too much and it’s too thick, just pop it back on the stovetop for a minute,
and heat it up a little bit again, and you’ll be alright to go. And then just pop them on some baking paper,
and when you’re ready, you can put them on your dessert. I like to put them in an airtight
container until I need them, and then get them out and put them on the dessert just
before serving. That can add a bit of height to your dessert, and make it look good.