Salt chocolate, pumpkin, some wine candle, tools, What else do we have here? It is like Santa Claus arrived Oh Yes, some Jamon Serrano and some condensed milk for our sweets and this ham for pizza. Some dish washer coffee creamer nice Czech beer some makrel for the Tom Yum let’s see, what else do we have here? Oh some color for the dessert aahh, tuna sometimes, I would like to eat some tuna I think that’s it only some little shopping today Ok, so I’ll see you soon Here we have two types of Asian flour Glutinous rice flour and, normal rice flour we use these to mix with the pumpkin that is waiting right here Gun: I put this powder. A little bit This one is for the green part of the pumpkins A little bit of the flour we have green green color a little bit it’s a little cap little Yes enough water, a little bit hopefully, this flour will become green Like Hulk! The Hulk! So, what are you doing now? What are you doing now? I make balls first Making balls with the mix of the rice flours and the pumpkin And we have over there a little green one This mix with the green color and the flour will make many little balls Like this Making a pumpkin shape This really looks like a pumpkin Now you put the little green part inside, look at that! Amazing! And we have here our little pumpkin This is perfect for Halloween Wow, look at that Very nice So we have here many Many pumpkins Here is a nother pumpkin In a little while, this board will be covered with little pumpkins Wow! Look at this beautiful set here! Wow Incredible You are really an artist Very good Incredible job Very well done Nice technique Beautiful food art Really amazing Now, we boil it I was thinking you were going to put it in the oven This is very interesting. I wasn’t expecting this Quite interesting Yeah, there you are. All of them. One more Now, really all of them And you can see, they start floating so you can see at least a couple, maybe three of them yeah, five now they are coming up yeah, one more they start floating and all of them will be floating so, we need to wait until that happens we are going to make something sweet sugar that is the sweet for these sweet pumpkins and this is cooking at 7 we melt the sugar and it looks like a nice caramel beautiful salt because it’s Denmark and in Denmark everyone loves salt Like a salty-sweet caramel Very nice Wow This is very beautiful Imagine that over these little pumpkins That’s going to be very interesting It will be really yummy to taste Here we have our candles of course very relaxing very nice we love candles at night we light all our candles very beautiful Here we have some coconut milk Aroy-D. I think this one is coming from Thailand OK Sugar Ok, these pumpkins are ready We take them out of the water What are you going to do next? Very sweet Very nice It looks beautiful Very nice. And those are the two special ones Green ones They go inside Caramelized Caramelized There they are inside With sugar and coconut Very interesting Very nice dessert Beautiful dessert Beautiful Halloween Now, put one egg And a second one REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE Fantastic We leave the eggs like this And wait for a little while The egg is still cooking And the pumpkins are here ready So we just need to wait for these eggs So here it is ready Pumpkins with egg This is a dessert from Thailand How do you call it? Wa Loi Kai Wan Pumpkins with egg Very nice dessert So we are going to eat this now I hope you enjoyed If you make this recipe I hope you get it right And I hope you really enjoy this. Thank you Bye Bye! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK ON THE BELL