welcome friends welcome to Sunday
morning in the old cook book show and today we’re going to do a recipe out of
the cooks book this was published in 1931 by the KC baking powder company out
of Chicago and this is an amazing booklet the printing is incredible it’s
very well crafted the the pictures are fantastic the color for something that
would have been a giveaway in 1931 in order to promote their business and
promote their product this is incredibly well done and in
keeping with the advertising ephemera of the time the it’s a really hard sell for
their product they are out they are pounding home that their product is the
best and even though this is several years on from the first world war
they’re very proud to point out that without KC baking powder the Americans
would not have won the first world war which i think is as a Canadian I think
that’s a very interesting statement then you turn to the first page of recipes
and this is what we’re going to bake today it is the kc german coffee cake no
clue what makes a German no clue at all what makes it German and I think that’s
in a lot of ways has to do with the time period you tried to make something sound
exotic so I’ve got flour here and into the flour I’m going to add sugar salt
and baking powder but sadly I’m not using KC baking powder because it’s not
available where I live in Canada although apparently it still is
available in the southwestern United States the company’s been bought out a
few times and so it’s still something that you can find on the shelves so
we’re gonna stir this together the recipe says to sift
I don’t sift anymore everything comes pre sifted it’s pretty much lump free
and bug free at this point so dry ingredients are done in this container I
have some melted butter and to the melted butter I’m going to add one egg
and I’m just gonna beat that together and I’m just going to use a fork
just to mix this up Fifi egg into the butter next thing is to add enough milk
to make one and a quarter cups and then continue to beat that all together okay
put the milk back in the fridge have you seen our bagged milk t-shirts kind of
really liked them so it says to stir all together with an inverted spoon to a
stiff batter so I’m gonna get a wooden spoon I’ve never seen this instruction
before let’s see how it works out I came together really nicely
um with the end of a spoon the wrong end of the spoon so I’m going to switch to a
spatula so I can get it out of the bowl and into the pan next thing it says is
to use a biscuit pan to me a biscuit pan is cast-iron and it’s kind of like a
shallow muffin tin made it a cast iron that you would cook biscuits in and so I
don’t know how that translates to this cookbook in this recipe and obviously
it’s a terminology that what they’re using at this time period in this
geographical area doesn’t translate to my time period in my geographical area
so I’m just going to go with an 8 by 8 square I’ve greased the bottom I’ve put
a little bit of parchment paper in it so that I can get it out and I’m gonna
spread this in because I think 8 by 8 is the right size for this amount of batter
so in it goes although it is more of a biscuity batter than a cake batter it’s
kind of strange hmm we’ll see how this works out so I’m supposed to spread this
smooth and once I’ve got it spread smooth brush the top with melted butter
so we’ll do that as best we can of course it doesn’t say how much butter so
just make it work I’ve got about 2 tablespoons of butter here that I’ve
melted and then spread on ground sugar and cinnamon or ground cinnamon and
sugar so we’re supposed to sprinkle this over top again it’s up to you up to your
discretion up to your discretion what kind of sugar you want to use brown
sugar would be really good I would think or a large grain sugar something like a
sugar in the raw so I’m going to sprinkle that on top and then I’m gonna
bake it and it says a moderate oven and it gives a temperature of 300 to 375
degrees I think that’s 375 is a little bit high
for a moderate oven but I’m gonna choose 350 doesn’t give an amount of time so
I’m going to keep a careful watch on it because I
to overbake based on these old recipes and a new oven right who looks pretty good
Casey German coffee cake okay um the weeks at a German coffee
I don’t know clue okay no clue but it was interesting because it wasn’t a
cakey consistency it was much more of I don’t know much more of a like a quick
bread consistency than a cake consistency okay well clearly we’re
having it with tea just to break all the rules mm-hmm is your coffee in it no
it’s just for having with my coffee okay mm-hmm those what a tea biscuit it’s
much more like a tea biscuit isn’t it which is funny for a coffee cake it’s
disguised so we’re tells me to cook it in a biscuit pan which is like a gem pan
or like a shallow muffin pan that would have probably been correct so you would
break it up and follow the recipe well I don’t have one I don’t have one of those
pants okay so I just put it in a square nine by nine which is what most people
will have but if you have a biscuit pan like a cast-iron biscuit pan this would
go really well in that and then you’d have individual ones now that being said
if you then complimented this with like you would with biscuits with some jam or
yeah you know yeah it’s it’s almost like a cheater tea biscuit a little bit sweet
not very sweet coz it isn’t very sweet at all but it’s cheater tea biscuit is a
bit like making instant macaroni like G biscuits aren’t complicated no and this
was super easy um I put apples in this mm-hmm-hmm-hmm almost any kind of
peaches mm-hmm it just might be too wet but yeah dice them up really fine mix
min mm-hmm we’ve we’re in agreement yeah so a cup of tea and this with a
little slathering of butter or carrot marmalade yes
carrot marmalade would work as well mm-hmm
okay I’m just gonna go sit and finish some tea so I think I’m gonna go and sit
on the couch finish my tea and eat this with carrot marmalade on it give it a
try thanks for stopping by see you again
soon you