[Intro music] Tiramisu is an Italian version of the cheesecake. You will not use the cream cheese to make it, but a typical Italian fresh cheese, mascarpone. Tiramisu means pick me up in Italian. May be because of the espresso coffee that enters into the confection of that delicious dessert. To make a classic tiramisu you will need eggs, sugar, mascarpone, whipping cream, espresso coffee if you don’t have an espresso machine, you may use espresso powder for instant; but it has to be very strong, lady finger cookies, cocoa powder and amaretto. Separate the yolks. Place the yolks in a large bowl and the egg white in a medium size bowl. Incorporate half of the sugar into the egg yolk using an electric whisk. Then add the mascarpone to the egg yolk mixture. Incorporate the mascarpone to start with on low speed and then you can increase the speed. Clean the sides of the bowl with the spatula just to make sure there is no egg yolks on the side. And you can see, little bit, some traces of egg yolks. To check if it is ready or if you have whisked enough, dip 2 fingers in the mixture, roll them and make sure there is no traces of sugar on your finger. If you see a few grains, keep whisking. And if not, you are done for that step. Clean your whisk as we are going to use that again for the cream and then the egg whites. Whip the cream. Perfect. This is what we call it soft picks. That’s the mix. Soft picks. Keep your cream in the fridge. Clean your whisk and now it is time for us to whisk our egg whites. To break the egg a little bit and incorporate the rest of the sugar slowly. You want to have your egg whites very firm. Let me show you another example of picks. That’s a perfect pick. Egg whites should be very firm to do this! If they slide, they are not firm at all. Now let’s put everything together. So we are going to add the cream into the mascarpone mixture. Fold in. On the sides. Then when you don’t see the cream any more, put some, about a third of the egg whites. And same thing. Fold in. Add the rest. Hmmm, this is so good. This is a very good dessert. Today tiramisu is extremely popular and there is many, many variations of the tiramisu. I am using amaretto. I am using Disaronno which is the best brand, the best quality. You may use also marsala, brandy or Kalhua liquor. So 1 tablespoon, 2, and 3 and 1 for the chef. Here we go. Add the coffee. Mix well. Taste. Put more alcohol if you want. Now we are going to soak the lady finger in the coffee mixture. But what I say soak, it’s going to be in and out very quickly. At the heart of the cookie will stay dry. The reason is overnight, the most of the cream is going to go to the heart of the cookie, or the lady finger, and it won’t be too mushy. Ok. It should be soft but not totally mushy like a sponge. Ok. So, I’ll show you. Very often people have the tendency to over soak in the coffee, the ladyfingers. And then it’s too soft, too mushy at the end. Tomorrow the tiramisu will be perfect. Cover the lady finger with about half of the cream. So… make sure that all the lady finger are totally covered by the cream and repeat the operation again. This is a traditional recipe and the dish I am using, the rectangular dish like that, this is very traditional. Today we find modern versions of tiramisu served in a glass or in a cup. It looks wonderful and they are chilled faster. Cover the second layer with the cream. Again, make sure that all the lady fingers are totally covered by the cream. Our tiramisu is finished for today. Keep it refrigerated for 1 day and tomorrow we will sprinkle the cocoa powder and serve it. Our tiramisu has been chilling for 24 hours. It is firm. So now, it is time for us to add the finishing touch. So let’s put some cocoa powder on a little sieve and sprinkle over the tiramisu. Make sure you have an even layer of cocoa powder, but not thick layer. Clean the sides. And serve your tiramisu very cold. Add the cocoa powder over the tiramisu at the last minute. If you do it too much in advance, then it could turn into a paste. Tiramisu! Pick me up! Bon Appétit!