Hey everyone! Sam here from Sugar Spun Run and today I’m showing you how make an easy homemade vanilla pudding. I’ve personally never been a huge fan of pudding but if I’m going to eat it it needs to be homemade. There is such a difference between making it yourself
and those little snack packs you buy at the store, or anything that comes out of
a box in powder form. Todays vanilla pudding recipe is actually surprisingly
simple. It’s full of a great rich vanilla flavor and I really think you’re
going to love it. Now the first thing you’re going to want to do is grab a
medium sized saucepan and let’s head over to our stovetop. We’re going to
start by whisking together 3/4 cup of granulated sugar. 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Next, you’ll need to add your milk. You’re
going to need 2 cups of whole milk. We’ll also be adding 1/2 cup of heavy cream, which adds a nice richness and creaminess to this vanilla pudding. We’ll also add 2 egg yolks. Now this is just the yolk. So you do not want the whites
for this recipe. This is another thing that’s going to help give our pudding
that nice body. It’s going to help it thicken up properly. I really love the
addition of these egg yolks. You’re gonna want to use your whisk now to stir
everything together, or whisk everything together. Make sure you get these egg
yolks nicely broken up and make sure they’re no dry ingredients sitting at the bottom of your pan not stirred in with the liquid ones. Since this is a vanilla pudding, you have two options for adding vanilla flavor to this recipe. My
preference is to use a vanilla bean. If you’re using a vanilla bean you’ll want
to split that down the middle and you’re just going to toss it into your saucepan
right now and stir everything together. That way it’s going to cook with the
pudding. It’s going to add a lot of great flavor that way, however, I know vanilla
beans are super expensive right now. So if you don’t have any don’t worry. You
can still make this recipe. You’re going to need 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract,
but we’re not going to add them yet. We’re going to reserve those till the
end. Today I’m going to be using vanilla extract so don’t worry about adding
vanilla just yet. Now turn your stove top heat to medium and you’re going to want
to whisk everything together pretty frequently until the mixture begins to thicken.
It will take several minutes for the pudding to start to thicken. So if you’re getting
impatient do not turn up the heat. It’s really important that your sugars melt
properly and that you don’t cook everything too fast or you’re pudding
just is not going to set up properly. So just look keep that heat on medium
and stir frequently. If you’re wondering if your pudding mixture has thickened
enough, I like to use the back of a spoon test. Just go ahead and dip your spoon
into the pudding, and when you pull it out it should coat the back of the spoon,
or if you run your finger down there it should leave a line that doesn’t the
pudding won’t flow back over that line that you just made with your finger. Now
once your mixture has thickened you are going to want to start whisking
constantly. Just keep whisking this mixture until it comes to a boil.
Remember do not turn your heat up to high just to speed things along, or your
pudding will not turn out. Now once your mixture begins to boil, as soon as you
start to see bubbles, you’re going to want to whisk this constantly for 60
seconds. I recommend using a timer. Once those 60 seconds have passed you’re
going to grab your saucepan and remove it from heat. Now keep whisking it. You
don’t want anything to burn on the bottom of your pot. So you’re gonna want
to continue to whisk for a couple more seconds. Now you’re going to want to add
your butter. You’ll need three tablespoons of unsalted butter and I
like to cut this in a tablespoon sized pieces. We’re going to add these one at a
time, whisking until each one is melted and thoroughly combined into the pudding
before adding the next. Now if you used a vanilla bean you can go ahead and pull that out of your pudding at this point, but if you didn’t use a vanilla bean and
you opted for vanilla extract, as I have, you’re going to want to stir that in now,
and that is two teaspoons of vanilla extract. Now one tool I recommend anytime
you’re making pudding is a fine mesh strainer. What we’re going to do is we’re
just going to pour our pudding out of our saucepan and into a heat proof bowl
through the strainer. That way if there are any lumps, or anything that’s cooked,
any bits of cooked egg, in the pudding we’re gonna catch them in our strainer.
So we have a perfectly smooth vanilla pudding. Once 20 minutes has passed, you’re going
to want to cover the surface of your pudding with either plastic wrap or a
piece of parchment paper. Now you want to do this to keep a skin from forming,
and then you’re going to let this pudding sit at room temperature until
it’s cooled to room temperature before transferring it to the fridge. Once in the fridge you’re going to want to let it cool for several hours before enjoying . Once your pudding has cooled completely we can go ahead and dig in. And that is how easy it is to make
homemade vanilla pudding completely from scratch. So much better than anything
you’re going to get pre-made at the grocery store. I hope you guys enjoy
today’s sweet, simple, and from scratch recipe, and if you try this one out I
would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next
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