Hey guys, I’m Henry. I’m Ian. And we are BOSH And this is Fun For Louis. Hello. How cool is that? We’ve got Fun For Louis in the Bosh kitchen.
We’re gonna cook you some vegan meat. This is vegan chicken wings from our Bosh cookbook. So first off we’re gonna make a dry mix:
vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, that’s gonna be thyme, dust garlic powder, a little bit of onion powder here, sage, and some cumin. Give that a stir. Now, that’s well combined. Let’s make our wet mix. First off this is veg stock, apple cider vinegar, and some oil. Look at that, nice and easy. All we need to do is combine those two together
in one bowl and give it a bit of a stir. So this is combined perfectly now, we’re gonna actually put it here and beat the living daylights out. So let’s just slap on there? So if I pop some flour down there –
slap it on and take out some frustration. What you’re doing here by punching it is you’re activating the gluten and start to firm up. And how do you know when it’s done? It’s gonna become firmer and less spongy. I feel like we might be hitting a good place here. I’m just wondering whether it’s still like a little bit sticky in the middle. Give it another two minutes of beating. Tiny bit more flour. Maybe a little bit of a fold as well. I’m bad at multitasking. I’m just like forgetting what I’m doing My uncle was a baker. I remember watching him kneading dough when I was a kid. You can chop that in half then a quarter and then another half and then you will get lots of little bites. So next step we’re going to steam these for about 45 minutes. Shall I just chuck them all on there? Pop em all on there. They are going to expand so you might need to give it a jiggle about halfway through to make sure they don’t stick. Perfect! And there’s a little lid for ya. A little lid and now that is gonna steam for 45 minutes. So here we have our seitan bites. Can you see how much they’ve swelled up? And now they have exactly the consistency we’re looking for for our chicken. Now we’re gonna make them taste really good and give them a gorgeous coating. Let me give them a little squidge. Give that a squidge. So now we’re gonna make a vegan buttermilk. We have oat milk and a little of coconut yogurt. I’m gonna squeeze these four – these two lemons in and just catch the pips in my hand. I mean can you see it is thicker now? Yeah, and it doesn’t seems really seem to be lumped I’ve got all the lumps out. You’ve got the lumps out. We’re gonna add a pinch of salt just to help bring those flavours out. We’re gonna start to make a dry mix. That is some flour, so that is cayenne pepper, some smoked paprika, that’s garlic powder, some black pepper. So we’re gonna stir that all together. Nice! That looks perfect! Let’s add some salt in there as well just to help bring that flavour out. Always taste as you go. That would be our top tip. Yeah. First thing, we’re gonna pop that chicken into this buttermilk for a couple of minutes while you get your oil hot. Be careful if you’re doing this at home because deep-frying is very dangerous. We want to get this oil to about 180 degrees. We’re using a thermometer but if you prefer you can just dip the end of a wooden spoon in and if it sizzles or bubbles then that means the oil is ready. See, there’s little bubbles. So I chuck this in there? Chuck that in there and cover it in that gorgeous breading. This is the all-important part: We’re gonna go for a double-dip. So one layer of gorgeous coating is not enough. We want to dip it back in the buttermilk and then back in the flour. Just dip it in? Yep, dip and then back in there. Pop those little badges into the oil. Just chuck them in? Yeah! Alright, let me get them all together. When you are putting them in just be really careful not to splash any hot oil back at you. Whoa, that was quite splashy. Just use a slotted spoon to keep an eye on them. Look already you can see if you look at that,
they’re starting to become amazingly ‘chickeny’. They do look like chicken nuggets. You’re in for such a treat.
Honestly, this is gonna be amazing. Right.
Let’s check out this chicken. This looking good. Alright Louis, doesn’t that look good? Unreal. These are all vegan chicken wings. I would never guess – like these ones legit look like they’re straight out of a KFC. Incredible, eh? So the last step which we always like to do with the BOSH videos is just to make them look really sexy. They already look pretty sexy to me. They look good, yeah. Do you want to do the honors? Yeah sure. Just sprinkle them over the top. From nice and high up. There we go. Oh, look at that. Beautiful! Yeah, and then some chili flakes? Yeah. I’m a big fan of chili flakes It’s the moment of truth. Can I get the chunkiest – Yes, take the prettiest one. I reckon it’s this one on top. That’s the best one for sure. I’m gonna dip in – is just ketchup and barbecue? Yeah, we recommend the barbecue sauce. Give it a little dip in there. Ready? Yeah. Give it a little cheers. Cheers! Mmm So good! Wow, oh my gosh! That crispy coating is so nice. It’s just bursting of flavour. Absolutely mad. There you have it.
That’s our gorgeous chicken wings. Next up we’re gonna be cooking with Louis on his food channel: Food for Louis We’re gonna make you a Seitan steak. I am so excited. So head over to his channel and go check it out. Bish Bash BOSH!