[Music] so you guys might have may or may not have already seen this recipe on the tasty Channel a couple of times I did it behind the scenes of it yeah but I really want to give you guys more instructions and more of a story on how to make this happen so the the inspiration for this recipe comes from a lot of New York restaurants were serving it at the time it was pretty popular as all of our Instagram and I was like man I want to figure out how to do that for this recipe you actually do not want to use milk chocolate you want to use good chocolate because you want it to be firm you want it to be snappy you don’t want any of those extra sugars or other things they put into candy bar that can help kind of make the ball of a soft so you really want to get nice chocolate for this you want to melt your chocolate but you do not want to over heat it it’ll cause it to coagulate so the most important thing is that you need to find the right containers or molds for the recipe I use refillable ornaments that I just got online you can find them on Amazon basically they’re these clear plastic ball ornaments and depending on how big you want the chocolate ball to be it can be anywhere from four inches in diameter to around eight inches you really just you know need to figure out what size you’re gonna make and where you’re making it for that’s probably the most important thing and make sure you get multiple because you’re gonna maybe crack some of the balls and then the trick is to pour that amount of chocolate into the ornament close it really really really tight and you really just want to like hold it impress it so you do not let any of the chocolate escape from the edges and just slowly rotate it but you also you don’t want to move too slow sometimes what happens is that if you rotate it and it doesn’t coat the whole ball it’ll cool down before and even coats the whole thing and this is kind of hard so you might just be like kind of doing this weird you know ballerina dance where you hold it look at it you know if you watch the behind tasty I’d do this like three hundred times [Music] so you kind of do that and watch it and kind of tap it a little bit to get it into the right spots after that they go in the freezer and when they go in the freezer you want to make sure that they’re level that they won’t just roll around everywhere and every like two minutes or so until they’re set you want to actually check them make like I don’t seem like like you know four to six of the chocolate balls put them in the freezer expect some of them to break because you really just need one and the key to opening it is to really just make sure that first you use your hands to kind of hold it and warm warm it a little bit so you kind of see like this huge thing sometimes it’ll crack sometimes it will it really is a game of luck you know we’re putting it on a heated sort of pull to kind of rub so that’s the chocolate melts and you kind of get this hole for it to sit and stand on to fill it with anything you want after that kind of put whatever it is on the plate the key here is to keep the plate the ball and anything cold so if using ice cream keep it in the freezer until the last second it using berries keep them in the fridge if you’re using a brownie or a cake also keep it in the freezer keep your plate in the freezer you do not want the ball to melt before anything happens once you take that out you kind of assemble one brownie or a cake kind of put some berries around it I like strawberries I like blueberries you can fill it with whatever you want honestly and you kind of put the ice cream scoop on top of that and then you put the ball I kind of want to snuggle it over the sides if it’s not fitting you can either you know shave off some more chocolate take out some of the berries you just want to make sure that when the ball is on the plate it looks like nothing is underneath it it’s just a chocolate ball on a plate because that’s the surprise don’t worry if there’s like little cracks between the plate and the ball itself just run a ring of berries around it it covers up most of the problems that’s what I pretty much did and that is your chocolate ball that is almost ready to serve the last and final bit is going to be the really hot ganache that kind of goes on it and turns it from chocolate ball to magic chocolate ball so the chocolate ganache is just even parts milk and cream you are pretty much ready to serve so what you’ll do is you’ll serve the dessert to whoever you’re making it for import in a circular motion over the top and then boom that’s it from there you got money Rand everywhere horns fanfares playing what actually happens is that the chocolate is going to melt the ball and cause a waterfall effect where first it’ll make a little bit of a hole where it first melts and then the entire thing should theoretically crumble and collapse in a really beautiful melty way and the walls will fall away revealing every single beautiful thing that you put inside hopefully it’s colorful berries with ice cream and cake maybe it’s a wedding ring I don’t know is that how I’m gonna propose maybe don’t worry about it if my future fiance is watching out there I should probably change up the method huh five layer brownie cheesecake was probably one of my greatest architectural feats if I would say so myself I was actually studying engineering in college not really a good student to be honest but one thing that I definitely needed pick up was the ability of how to approach a problem and how to look at it from certain angles especially when things don’t exist a lot of times we are asked to do hypothetical questions like if you wanted to accomplish this how would you go about choosing it and I learned that the easiest way is to break down the problem into its parts and kind of almost work backwards cookie dough Oreos and brownies are very common combination and I wanted to take that further I really wanted to turn the flavor profile of like a just triple stack drowning into something else I wanted to turn it into more of like this spectacle dessert that you could really Wow everybody at a party with and I just absolutely love layers and clean layers so that was something that I set out to do was to turn a triple-decker brownie into a cheesecake the challenge with this recipe is that all of these elements all bake at different times different temperatures and have different thicknesses I kind of wanted to go after your vibe of when you go to Cheesecake Factory and they set down this slice of this beautifully cut and assemble cheesecake I really didn’t know how this was gonna go until I made it and I had to do a lot of replanting and thinking and being able to try to predict how the food would behave in a way that I had never done before I was hoping that the brownie batter would not get dry I guess that the cream cheese and the mixture would give the brownie moisture it was really gratifying to pull something like this off especially when you have never really done this before I yes I feel really happy relieved that it actually worked after the brownie and cheesecake were set that’s when I put the Oreos and the cookie dough on top I don’t try to do recipes a lot of times because I think I really enjoy the challenge of getting it right on the first to the second try kind of nerve-wracking to cut it open because you really don’t know how it’s gonna turn out until you actually slice it open into the layers and to my luck it really worked out well I was able to see all four elements in their entirety I love to spend time just thinking about the food and really just trying to guess and predict how food is going to behave and sometimes I really just sit down and write things down and try to map out our draw out how certain food to look before and after and so for this one I thought about it a lot and made some decisions and that’s the sort of approach that I like to take because there’s something really cool about trying something that’s completely new and then somehow landing it on the first try so in my video I combined brownies Oreos cookie dough and cheesecake what combination of desserts do you want me to attend next [Music] I try to come up with an idea for a recipe what I really want to do is be able to make people go like wow and really show them something that they are familiar with but maybe in a new way or maybe something that is new to them but in a familiar way it’s always about taking an element of something that people know twisting into making it cool or making it different combining with other things and result it’s doing people go wow that’s sort of usually the approach I take when I want to really showcase food to people in a cool way so for the eight deserts in one sheet pan it kind of came from a time where it was the holidays I had seen a lot of videos kind of pop up around like you know desserts and baking and pie and Food Network actually released this one video that was pretty cool it was like four pies baked in the same sheet pan and to myself I was like wow like that’s really smart but can I take it even a little further I know that pie is just one dessert there are a lot of desserts out there and a lot of baked goods that people like to eat my hunch was that around you know Christmas time around the holidays usually at these Publix or parties there would be a wide spread of desserts you know Ranger cookies – brownies – cheese cakes – pies I think this crazy idea came about because in my head I was like man what happens if you just kind of put all those desserts together like is there a way to take every single dessert that everybody loves and turn it into just one thing I think that’s kind of how the idea was born is I basically thought of what can I use to serve this giant dessert and how do I make sure that everybody gets a piece they want because sometimes when you bring a dessert to a party not everybody likes brownies not everybody likes cheesecakes but is there a way to make sure that no matter who you are at the party you’re gonna have one piece that’s gonna speak to you and that’s how I’ve sort of designed this eight desserts in one sheet pan I wanted to sort of build it in a way where if you cut it in the precise manner you would end up with just like a bunch of different flavors you wouldn’t really cut it just along where the flavors met but you’d be able to get pieces or bars that would have two flavors three flavors and the golden crown is when you get that piece with all four flavors in them the challenge with designing this was that but no matter what piece you get the flavor should still go together so you kind of have to play this weird like math mix-and-match game of like do these two flavors go together okay this goes together with this and this must be next to here it was a lot of mean or drawing things on a piece of paper and crumpling it up like you do in the movies and throwing it in the trash can kind of restarting you after a lot of trial and error I managed to get a certain layout of which deserts should go to which area in the pan so that no matter which piece you got would always taste great I’m super super proud of this dish and I’d love if you would all make it this year a lot of people are intimidated by it and aren’t sure if all the desserts would bake together but actually I was able to make it on my first try and I really think you could too and just really customize it how you want if you do make it hit me up slide in my DMS throw me a little pic oh god it sounds so weird if you do end up making it I want to see how you customize it hit me up send me a DM show me what you got oh yeah [Music] [Music] you