– [Vincenzo] Ladies and gentlemen, today, my mom is going to show
you how to make biscuits. Biscuits made with wine, oh yeah. These are wine cookies
called Taralli al Vino. They are very popular in
the center part of Italy, but now they are taking over the world. Everybody loves them. Takes no time to make it. Very simple. Very easy to cook. And it’s kids friendly. We use wine but, yes, anyone can eat it. And I can guarantee you,
you’re not gonna get drunk. (laughs) So, stay tuned because we are going to show you how to make Taralli al Vino. (inspiring classical music) (piano music) Hi, and welcome to – [Mom] Vincenzo’s Plate! – [Vincenzo] Yes, today
at Nonna’s house with Mom. (speaks foreign language) Today, Mom is showing us
how to make Taralli al Vino. A beautiful, sweet biscuit from Italy. Made with four simple ingredients. Once I start eating them, I don’t stop. They are so yummy. (speaks foreign language) – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] So, this is
basically from the region of Lazio which is where Rome is from. And we come from Abruzzo
which is next door to Lazio. So, they are very popular here as well. They are famous all over Italy right now. And Nonna is supervising us today. (speaks foreign language) (laughs) She’s making sure everything is good. So, Mama. (speaks foreign language) Show us, let’s do it. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] So, Mom is
calculating the ingredients today. She doesn’t know the amount
so she’s using glasses. So, she’s using a glass,
as a measurement… utensil, I’d say. (speaks foreign language) Here we have a red wine but
you can actually use rose, you can use, or you can use a white wine. (speaks foreign language) Okay, so, what you do
now, you get the red wine, and we put it inside. Nonna. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Put the red wine in bowl. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] A bit half, a
bit more than half glass. Now, of course, if you
have glasses like this, it’s different. A normal size glass, okay? – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Okay. So, half glass of sugar. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Oh, the
smell of wine and sugar. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] (speaks foreign language) Half glass again. Half glass of, a little
bit more half glass of olive oil, okay? – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] You can
also use sunflower oil. Come a little closer, come in and look. Look at that. See? – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] So, all the sugar must melt. Some people like to put yeast inside, you don’t have to. And I think it’s lighter. (speaks foreign language) – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] So, we have about a cup, not a cup, a glass, a
normal glass of flour. Normally, she using five glasses,
which is about 500 grams. And we add a little bit
at a time, not too much. Not too much. Here, we mix the first glass. Okay. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Mom said, “It’s gonna get a nice… Light red color”, you know? Here, I’m adding more flour. (speaks foreign language) Single glass? A little bit at a time. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] The last glass of flour, you, that’s when you are just. That’s when you decide
if you need more flour or you need less flour. And look how creamy it is. It is a nice cream… Of… wine! A wine cream! (speaks foreign language) A little bit more wine. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] So, Mom said
you can add this biscuits in the wine. You can actually dunk them, dunk them in the wine. So, imagine having red wine and biscuits. Mom said, “Kids like them. Kids actually like eating them. And there is wine in it.” This is the fourth glass. You can see how dense it is, look. So, once we finish this,
we have to create a dough, and pretend we’re making gnocchi. So, we need to make little snakes and then we turn them into little rings. Okay, last batch of flour. And, now it’s gonna become
nice and dense, look. Look at that flour over there. (speaks foreign language) Mom is gonna put some gloves on because you can get your
hand a little bit dirty. You have red wine so you
don’t wanna stain yourself. And you want your hands
to be nice and pretty. See? So, Ma has got the gloves on. It’s easier to manage with your hands. You need to feel it with your hands. You need to feel the consistency. You need to feel the consistency. (speaks foreign language) You put on the nice board
and you work it out. To the technique, ah, that’s the consistency that you want! See, that’s the consistency you want. Okay, guys, this is the
time, you want to remove your gloves and make the Taralli. (speaks foreign language) Remove a piece of the dough. (speaks foreign language) Look, you need to make Taralli, which should be a shape like this. So, you make little snake
and you cut a little bit, and you make a little ring. Just like this. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] You choose the
size that you like, you know? Some people like it small,
some people like it big. Look how cute it is. Look. (speaks foreign language) Look how easy it is. You get this. You do this. (speaks foreign language) So simple. All you have to do is, you have to make little snakes. Like, if you’re making Nonna gnocchi. By the way, Nonna is supervising us. (speaks foreign language) Oh, make a big one. I have big fingers. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Everyone can have
different shape, you know? So, we’re gonna put them in a nice tray, with baking paper at the bottom. And then you want to put
some white sugar on top, to give more sweetness. So, you have to get a plate with sugar. Here, we have white sugar. Come
and have a look, come here. Then you get… – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] You get a ring. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] You just put
sugar on one side of this, see? – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] (speaks foreign language) So easy to make them but
they’re easier to eat them, oh my God. They’re really, imagine. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] I wanna
say, I can guarantee you, you will become obsessed with this. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] You can keep
them for about a week. Once you make them, they’ll last a week if you seal them in a container. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] The beautiful smell! The wine. Let’s see, let’s a have look. Let’s have a look at this crunch. Listen to this. (speaks foreign language) Mmm! – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] If you wait
a little bit longer, it’s still warm. When they’re cold, they
become nice and crunchy. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Okay. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] We have a nice inside. (speaks foreign language) Mm, like I said, you
can’t stop eating them. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Mom said you have
to wait for them to cool down but mmm! They are good! Okay, so, guys, thank you so
much for watching this episode. We will see you in the next
Vincenzo’s Plate video recipe. – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) Vincenzo’s Plate! Oh yeah! (laughs) Guys, look, we have more to cook here, so, we have lots to do this
half of this evening. And I think I’m gonna
have this for dinner. Mmm! – [Mom] (speaks foreign language) – [Vincenzo] Fantastic. Sugar. (inspiring classical music)