hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle
speech with your pronunciation question today’s question is a little teeny tiny
bit technical so I’m going to be peeking at my notes sorry about that but I want
to make sure I get it correctly across to you
so three words today we have the word desert which is a place with very little
rain and lots of sand we have dessert which is the delicious usually sweet
food that we have after dinner and then we have desert which would mean to
leave an area so let’s go ahead and take a look at these words I already saw a
mistake here so let me fix that before I show it to you
okay so we have desert which is the sandy area we have desert which is the
verb meaning you’re going to leave and then we have dessert which is that
delicious thing that we eat after a meal that’s very sweet
okay so let’s take a look at the word desert first we’re going to stress
syllable 1 desert desert desert the key to this whole lesson is actually word
stress more than pronunciation so we’re going to be focusing more on that for
those of you who have watched a lot of my classes you know that the overarching
rule is and again there are always exceptions as we have one here but when
you have a word that is a noun we typically stressed syllable number one
and when it is a verb we typically stress syllable two which happens when
we have desert which means we’re going to leave an area so we have desert and
desert desert desert so when we make a syllable more or less stress what are
the big key parts so always a stressed syllable is louder higher in pitch
and the vowel is longer and then the opposite is true in an unstressed
syllable that syllable is going to be lower in pitch softer and the vowel is
going to be shorter and you can see all of that taking place here when we have
desert that vowel is a little bit longer in desert than it is in desert and then
the zert is going to be the longer vowel here
so again desert desert desert desert alright so then we have dessert which is
the food that we eat after a meal which I love a little too much and to say that
we’re actually going to stress syllable two again so we have dessert and desert
those are pronounced exactly the same way so let’s try these words all
together so we have desert desert desert and then we have desert desert desert so
the person who was in the military tried to desert but he was so hungry for
dessert that he walked through the desert to get back to his group that is the
craziest sentence give it a try I know people are going to notice the
difference if have you found this helpful we’d love a
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