hello garden lovers welcome back to yog’s gardening today i saw you how to pruning your adenium one of my friend say that my adenium is 2 to 3 feet tall but there is no flowring in it so friend i saw you how to flowring by prunnig your adenium for this you need this cutter lighter for sterlize cutter & this cutter too 3 thins are needed & most important this CINNAMON Ppowder which i crushed from stic i will saw you how to use it this is my adenium it growing wonderfully but no flowring in it so today i decided t o prune it i will so you the benifits of pruning this is my 6 to 7 month adenium plant it going nicely but still no flowring on it i prune this adenium 4 to 5 times in 2 year old plant how it wonderfully growing ,flowring & good looking tis my tinny small adenium i prune it 2 to 3 times 7 look at leafs nice growing this the benifits of pruning the adenium now i saw you how to prune adenium easily 1 st take your plant watch carefully bcoz it’s necessary to cut it properly don’t cut here & there select branch for cutting take your cutter sterlize it purpose of sterlizing the cutter is to remove jerms from it i select this plant for prunning i starts from this this branch cut your adenium at 45* angle 45* angle to give good shape like that & prune other branches aproximate 45* degree angle i saw you this one & cut it at 45* degree angle too once again sterlize your your cutter time to time this one is quite big no flowring on it so cut this one also & remind that you cut the branch from 2 to 3 inch height above the joint aproximatly here this one is grafting portion so i prune at least 2 inch from here prune 45 degree angle once again once again sterlize your cutter and make acut at 45 * angle from here now take a cut down here rom 2 to 3 inch from here like that cut it properly again sterlize cutter & one more branch i m going to cut from here this one is quite big make cut slightly this is also a creative art cut this one also don’t be afraid while cutting bcoz it gives nice look look at that now our adenium prunning is ready now one more important thing i saw you this is CINNAMON powder spray on this cuts to protect cut from fungal dieases spray on every cuts like that ok friends our adenium prunning process is complited now after 2 to 3 months this all cuttings gives nice look after 6 to 7 months gives nice flowers too so friends this is how i prune my adenium plant you can also prune HIBISCUS or any plant like that for adenium this is special technique for prunning friends thanks for watching my video if you like my video please SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL by