I’m Debra Lee Baldwin in my garden with a succulent color wheel that I made for my Craftsy class. Now these are living plants They grow, and you should expect that. And this is how it looks two years later. I don’t want you to feel discouraged if your plants have grown and they look kind of messy. Because it just means it’s time to cut back. And the good news is you get all these great cuttings as a result. It’s like a giant pizza! Here’s what it looks like underneath, all the roots. This is for cuttings. I don’t really want the flowers So off it goes Off with its head A little bit of Morticia pruning there. The nice thing about redoing a composition is you get more plants as a result. Where old leaves were, new roots are going to form. So that’s my cutting. Check to make sure there’s no debris And your cuttings are ready to go. This is just crazy big now. It’s Aloe humilis, one of my favorite pot plants. Little plants have sprouted up around the mother plant, and I can just pull those apart. This short-leaved blue senecio is perfect for filler And it’s a very tough little plant. I’m stripping off any old, untidy, dead leaves, making sure that the top of the rosette is in good shape. You have two years of growth on the underside of this rosette. So just pull all of those dead leaves off. It was in a low-light condition It was happy, but some of the colors are not as intense. Because it wasn’t in bright light. But some of the color wheel plants like this one on the sunnier side are more orange. Lots of the work here is simply taking cuttings stripping off lower leaves to create a stem that you can put back in the ground. These are from Oasis nursery They grow their plants really well. I found Crassula ‘Campfire’ but it was green at the nursery too. Maybe it’s just the time of the year, summer. Here are my cuttings ready to go. I want the largest rosettes That I harvested from my cuttings pretty much upright facing outward as much as possible. Now most of these plants are sold as a lot of rooted cuttings. So that’s what I expect to find when I pull this out of here. There’s a little too much root ball there, so that can be cut off. Aim for perfection but settle. And it’s OK that these are more of a pale orange and not a a perfect bright orange. It looks like an aloe but it’s a gasteria. Remove most of its root ball. Looks like it needs a drink of water desperately. It should be happy in here. And because it’s tall, it’s going to go right up against the sticks on fire and help that to stay upright. And look, it’s all ready to go. It’s got its little whiskery roots. The leaves of this really want to fall off And that’s just true of certain succulents. Here we have our replanted succulent color wheel. It looks really pretty.