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anyway the weather is getting better and a lot of you are going to start throwing
parties so this week I want to show you how I set up my dessert tables and also
I want to show you how you can style your dessert tables on a very low budget
and stay tuned to the very end of this video because I have a cool giveaway
that you don’t want to miss here we go anyone who knows me will note that I
love to throw a good party so over the years I come up with a ritual on how to
put together my parties especially my dessert tables because dessert table I
feel like they’re the heart of the whole party you know they set the mood it
looks so pretty and inviting and it just makes everything look better so I’m
going to give you a step-by-step on hi set up my dessert tables first thing I
do is decide on a theme and colors the theme is usually based on what the
party or who the party is for is it a baby shower is it a birthday party
Halloween party Christmas party so depending on the theme then you know
that’s how you can dye yourself to a color so after other side of the theme I
go on Pinterest and look at a lot of pictures and also Google I looked on
Google but I have to cut myself off because once you start looking at
pictures on Pinterest on Google you get crazy with you know getting pictures or
saving pictures so you know give yourself a day
who look at pictures and get ideas and then near it and down the next thing I
do is decide where I’m going to have this dessert table I don’t mean the
location I mean the tables that you’re going to use now you’re going to use the
8 foot table a 6 foot table 4 foot table are you going to use a buffet table are
you going to use a dresser with that you know what jars and platters you’re going
to need because you need to work around the space that you have there are three
setups you can use but it all depends on how many guests you’re going to have and
what type of party this is a single focal point set up which is the set up
that I use the most what that means is that the focal point is right here in
the middle of the focal points are usually the items that are the highest
and right here this will be the single focal point if I have an actual cake and
then everything else these cents so this will be right here and then everything
else comes in so the shortest items to the front and the tallest to the back
this setup is perfect for parties at home or small to medium sized parties if
a single focal point is not your cup of tea or you want something a little bit
more grand I will suggest a dual focal point which means that you have two four
points these are the nice and beautiful you know pictures that you’ve probably
seen where they have two big beautiful flower arrangements very tall flower
arrangements on either side of the table if you can afford that you can always
get like a riser or make some boxes and decorate them and then you know you can
put two jars on the side on either side and just make it the you know the
highest focal point of your table and then everything else descends from their
branch mint will be good for like medium to large-sized event and you know in
table you can actually add a couple of more jars if you know that’s what you
choose to do so moving on to the next and then you have multiple hopeful
points which means that and there is more so obvious but I just gotta say you
know so there’s multiple focal points which means there are more than two so
this is basically pushing together the single focal point and the dual focal
point together this type of arrangement is best for a very large event and a 6
foot table will not be enough and I will actually have this in a bigger table
with even more jars and even more platters so but this is a beautiful
arrangement will have the whole nine I’m forward I will have the core once a
figure out what setup I’m going to use the next thing I do is figure out what
this serves I’m going to use to fill up the stars and these platters the rule is
to have a minimum of four to six desserts including candy to have a
variety for your guests and then I figure out you know which items I’m
going to be buying from the store and which items I’m going to be making
myself sometimes it depends you know the move that I’m in you know uh see I get
closer to the party or it depends you know whether you don’t have a lot of
work to do so so that always varies but if it’s a small party I’m usually I
usually end up making the dessert marshmallow pops and cake pops and Oreos
dipped in chocolate and I can’t even make my own cupcakes so you know so
that’s that so that’s something to consider depending on your the party
size or if you have any time to make these once I establish all of that I
start working on my backdrop which is usually a big DIY project for me and I
also think of other decorations like flowers or balloons or anything
I will use as a prop I also work on my principles which car designs and the
labels which always make a table look we’ll put together and with that said
I’m very excited to show you a desert table I just styled the Dimas spring and
it’s so like bright and beautiful and flowery and everything he just makes me
happy looking at it so affordable because I got all items from the dollar
store I mean the dollar store has great things some people are afraid to go
there I have no idea why or maybe they think it won’t be quality things but you
know what I find that you know that the dollars to have come up in really helped
us from we’re not you know growing up the dollar store has really come up guys
so the next thing you think you have to spend a lot of money in your dessert
table remember this awesome beautiful yummy
and inexpensive one let’s talk about the give away I’m
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April 16 alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you next time