Hey Friends. Rick Calvert, Empty Caps Company, explaining the difference between a gelatin capsule and vegetarian
capsule a lot of people think that vegetarian is a
better capsule, or healthier capsule, because they think “well it’s made of fruits and vegetables” and all that kind of good stuff. But actually vegetarian is just an
alternative to gelatin capsules. Gelatin as you may
or may not know is derived from bovine hide. And a lot of people don’t like
the idea of eating an animal. Either they’re vegetarian, or for religious purposes they don’t consume animals and so the vegetarian
capsule is an alternative to the gelatin. The vegetarian capsules are actually derived from something that
occurs naturally or its semi-synthesized and it’s known is HPMC by the initials. It’s also known as
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose or Hypromellose is a more common-used name.
It’s been used for a very very long time as as gelatin. It’s a little more
expensive and that’s why I say if you’re not a vegan, vegetarian, or for religious reasons, there’s no reason
not to take gelatin. How to tell the difference between a vegetarian and a gelatin capsule: I’m going to turn the bags around here so you can see the two of them side-by-side and on your left is a vegetarian capsule on your right is a gelatin capsule and
if you can see usually the gelatin is a little lighter and clearer than the vegetarian capsule. So a lot of times you can tell the difference simply by
comparing the colors of the two capsules and the clarity. As I said gelatin
tends to be very clear and vegetarian tends to be a little cloudy. Another way that you can tell the difference is by taste! A vegetarian
capsule if it is derived from HPMC as I
mentioned usually has a little bit of a pine taste to it and that’s what you’ll get with that.
Gelatin tends to be pretty inert; doesn’t have much of a flavor at all but you will with
a vegetarian capsule notice a “piney” kind of a taste which of course because HPMC is derived from
Southern Pine Bark and NOT from fruits and vegetables and NOT from soybeans or anything like that. So those are the differences between
gelatin and vegetarian. And I hope we’ve been helpful. If there
are any questions that we can ever answer, please contact us online http://emptycaps.com. I’m Rick Calvert President, Empty Caps Company. Along with my wife, Kelly, we look forward to your business!