Hi, this is John Stewart and this is how patience
is key, when trapping or hunting animals. When you’re looking for food, such as animals,
fish, something like that, you’ve got to be patient. You’re not going to catch a fish
in the first five minutes, going out there, and trying to do it. You might, but you’re
probably not. So, you got to take your time, just slow down, and just be patient. OK? You
might find where the animal is every day. He might not come one day. You might not kill
an animal, the first day you’re out. Just take your time, keep doing the same routine,
come back to what you’re doing, and that animal’s going to be back there everyday, to where
you’re going to get another chance at it. But, you just got to be patient, don’t get
frustrated with yourself when you’re out there fishing, and you miss twenty, and you don’t
catch anything. You might miss twenty, but you’ll catch one at a certain point. So, patience
is very key, when trying to hunt and trap animals. Just take your time, slow down. This
is how patience is key when hunting and trapping.