Hello Everyone, this is Sheila and in this
video, we are learning how to water succulents the right way. About 93% of succulent deaths is due to overwatering. So, watch until the end of this video to keep
those succulents alive and healthy. In this video, we will learn when it is time
to water and how to water succulents the right way. There are also some very important tricks
on how to water succulents in pots without drainage holes. So Tip Number 1, is that your succulents does
not like to be watered very often. In fact, it’s about once a week in the summer
and hardly any in the winter, or probably about only once or twice in the entire winter
months, especially if you live in an area where it doesn’t snow, like here in Brentwood,
California. And if you have snow in the winter and you
have to bring them indoors, once every two or 3 weeks is fine, depending on how high
you set your thermostat and how strong your grow lights are. Tip Number 2, when you see some leaves drying
up from the base, but the middle part is plump and not wrinkled, then that is not because
they lack water. They just need to get rid of some of their
leaves so that they can push forth roots and pups. If you are in doubt whether they need water
or not, postpone watering for about 3 to 5 days more. One tool that helps a lot is the moisture
meter. It’s time to water them only about 5 days
after the moisture meter reads one or dry everywhere in the pot. Let me show you how my moisture meter works. A good amount of watering is when the moisture
meter reads about 8 to 10. If you think this moisture meter helps, especially
for beginners, do hit the like button. Another way is to feel the soil in the pot,
but you have feel deep, which is not always an option. Here’s Tip Number 3 on how to water your
succulents. Although misting is a great way to water your
succulent leaf propagation, since it is so convenient, do consider this. If you would mist your propagation with hard
water, real soon, you will see white hard water deposits on their leaves. Once you start seeing leaves sprouting on
your leaf propagations, you want them to be perfect and without a spot, you might want
to start using a syringe to avoid watering the tiny succulent leaves and direct water
to the roots.This is also true for your grown succulents, which leads me to Tip Number 4,
which is to avoid the leaves when watering your grown succulents. Watering the leaves directly could leave water
stains. You may not be able to completely avoid it,
but I suggest that you try your best if you want your beauties to be perfect, ‘cause
if you would continuously water it this way, you would soon start seeing this, this and
this. I would use a garden hose and set it to the
weakest drip, or a syringe for small containers. I also use a watering can, especially when
it is time for their plant food. Later in this video, I will also discuss how
the size of your pot plays a huge role in your watering schedule. So for now, while I’m watering these succulents,
as always, today, my message to you is that you can be a thermometer or a thermostat. So, you can be a thermometer and just react
to whatever life brings you or you can be a thermostat and change the temperature of
your environment. So, you can be proactive and change your reality
and create a life for yourself, or you can be reacting to whatever life brings you. You have the ability to create the life that
you want. So, be proactive, go for it. Create the life that you want for yourself. Change your temperate. Be a thermostat. Okay, we’re back. So, Tip Number 5, when it’s time to water
them, give them a good amount of soaking, as long as their pot has drainage holes on
them. They are properly soaked if the moisture meter
reads about 6 to 10. I totally love my moisture meter, especially
when I was just starting, ‘cause I was too scared to over-water at first that my succulents
were looking so dry and they couldn’t stand the heat. I thought misting was enough water for them. It turned out that when it’s time to water
these succulents, getting them soaked is the way to go. Again, just make sure that there are drainage
holes. I have a separate tip for watering succulent
pots without drainage holes in a bit. Tip Number 6 on how to water your succulents
is to use rain water! Rain water does not have the harmful chemicals
that make water hard, like calcium and magnesium. And this leads me to Tip Number 7, which is
you can use pots and containers without drainage holes, but you have to use a bit of imagination
to water your succulents with this. Because of gravity, water goes down to the
bottom of your pot. Here is my miniature succulent green house
to show you how water goes down. You have to make a guess as to how much water
will go down and how much will evaporate. What you don’t want to happen is that all
the water that you are putting in the container will stay too long at the base that will cause
root rot. Tip Number 8, be mindful of the weather! This one, I learned the hard way in the middle
of last winter. I have been growing succulents in these containers
until I have put them out so that they can get some rain. And sure enough, they got some rain. I assumed that it will not rain through the
night, but it did! And they got so drenched and the glass jar
got so full. I had to repot them in dry soil immediately,
or else they would die. So, since rain is the best water for them,
please make sure that they have drainage holes, or don’t even take those pots without drainage
holes out in the rain. Okay, and Tip Number 9, is how to water your
succulent wreath arrangement. We would just put water in this wreath keeper
and put about 10 spritz of this succulent plant food and soak this succulent wreath
for about 3 to 4 hours and let it drip after. I have the links of the materials that I use
in all of my videos in the description down below, in case you want to check them out. And that includes this moisture meter. Tip #10, I suggest that you use a Succulent
Plant Food of your choice and use it every other watering to keep your succulents happy
and healthy. And here’s the bonus tip which I think,
is so important is keeping your succulents alive. We need to take note that shallower and smaller
pots dry faster than bigger and deeper pots, which means you will have to postpone watering
for some of them. If you would look here, our moisture meter
still reads 2. A reading of 2 means that there is still moisture
in this pot. And look, this middle pot even reads about
3. This means we still need to wait about 3 to
5 days more before watering, but this little pot is already dry. So bottom line is that you will really have
to be mindful not to water everyone within the same date. And, before I go, I would like to remind you
again that you can create your own reality by being proactive. So change the temperature of your environment. Be a thermostat. Be proactive. Change your life. Create the life that you want and with enough
will and action, you can do it. Thank you. This is Sheila again, your person on a mission,
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