hello everyone tom cook and Rachel briars here talking about durian we’re gonna give you the latest coordinates and where they think the storm is headed and give you an idea of just how many people have to evacuate in Florida Georgia South Carolina yeah and this has already been I mean such a monster of a storm as it’s been rolling over the Bahamas we have been watching you know all these videos coming in with wind speeds I mean it was rolling over a part of the Bahamas yesterday with wind speeds of 185 miles per hour wind gusts over 200 miles per hour now there has been a little bit of a change when I change this over to a bit of a view there so actually right now it’s bringing in max wind speeds of 160 miles per hour but there is a big change from yesterday to the movement it’s only moving to the west at 1:00 miles per hour so is this strange just the way it seems to curve and follow up the coast or is it a series of systems weather systems that are preventing it from coming onshore there’s a couple different areas of high pressure there’s one that’s actually looking like it’s gonna shift to the south that’s in the Atlantic and that’s gonna help to push this further up to the north so there’s a lot of different things going on in the atmosphere that are affecting where this is going but as of the latest track that’s what we are currently looking at it looks like it could actually near Florida as a category four and it’s possible that it could eventually make landfall up towards the Carolinas so this is something we’re watching all week long because you can see even by the time Friday morning comes around we’re still looking at a category 2 hurricane if that makes landfall in the Carolinas we could be looking at a lot of issues there well we were trying to show you a number of power trucks from Houston that are actually headed that way I did have some video that pulled up earlier oh there you go a little bit better system that I am there you go a lot of power crews from here in Houston which is usually the norm for storms were ever they hit this country people head out try and help their neighbors and other states and of course these are center point energy crews heading out this morning a lot of them in fact leaving Houston behind it’ll take them a day or so to get there but they will sort of stage someplace along the Florida coast or maybe Georgia or South Carolina almost a million people said to be under mandatory evacuation orders and that is especially in Georgia and South Carolina now Georgia it’s all those people that are east of i-95 South Carolina it’s those coastal counties Beaufort County and a couple of others that are just along the coast but that’s eight hundred and thirty thousand people in South Carolina alone and it’s good that they’re starting this now because that gives you a couple of days I mean it by the time it gets to Georgia it’ll be as we push into Thursday and by the time it gets up to the Carolinas Thursday night into Friday but this is going to be kind of a major deal throughout the rest of this week and it’s already caused a lot of issues so you’re talking out in the Bahamas and I told you this a little bit earlier the Grand Bahama Island Airport under five feet of water formation when you think about that it’s insane and the impacts we’re gonna have over the next few days are gonna be pretty wild and the coastal Carolina’s we’re gonna see possibly between five to ten inches of rain in some areas over 15 inches of rainfall in coastal areas of Florida and Georgia could see between two to four inches of rainfall or even isolated instances of over 6 and then storm surge especially into Georgia could be between six to nine feet Wow and so that’s gonna be one of the biggest deals then also we’re also dealing with you know severe weather when it comes to hurricanes there’s the possibility of those brief tornadoes as well so this is going to be I mean already has been such a major hurricane over the past I mean over the past couple of days actually the second strongest storm we’ve had in the Atlantic Basin and actually the strongest hurricane to really impact the northwestern Bahamas and it’s stretching over a long period of time why is this storm moving so slowly to the north or Northwest I mean it’s just really the steering flow it is very slow right now so it’s just kind of stalling out there it’s stuck between these areas of high pressure and actually that one that I was talking about in the Atlantic that ones eventually gonna move when we need it to move so it’ll help to actually propel that guy a little bit further north because if not it would just kind of continue to roll over to the west which could be devastating for Florida right now won’t rain itself up because it’s over water and it’s absorbing all kinds of moisture there is it it does look like it’s gonna encounter some sort of shear as we head into the next day or so so we should start to see a few signs of weakening but I mean it’s still gonna hold on for a good while you can see it’s still forecasted to be a category three by the time it makes its way up towards Georgia or even up into the Carolina and they’re saying in the Bahamas this is the worst storm in modern times maybe in recorded history in the Bahamas wind gusts some people said upwards of 200 miles an hour and if you haven’t seen the videos from the Bahamas it’s just incredible the devastation so far as you mentioned the airport but there were lots of veteran reporters sent there who were fearing for their lives when they saw the waters stacking up and the buildings being torn apart the trees toppled you got to worry for your life oh for sure and I mean you can compare some of these wind speeds to what you would see you know with an ef-4 ef5 tornadoes and that’s kind of what some of the pictures we have been getting look like it looks like a tornado is kind of torn through the area so yeah definitely a very strong storm we’re going to give you all the latest here on ABC 13 we also have all the latest coming up on ABC 13 calm as well so we have a lot of different updates we’re going to continue to update you as we head into the next few days okay what can they expect in terms of South Carolina and Georgia from what we know now I know you talked about the storm surge and the rain but you don’t expect the hurricane right now to make a direct impact it’s possible you notice that cone as we head up towards Georgia and our it’s as we head up to South Carolina as well as North Carolina it widened so it’s still possible that it could make landfall in one of the Carolinas it’s not out of the question now the center of the cone is just off the coast but it can go as far over to the left as the far or as far over as a right as that cone goes so it is still a possibility and I think right now I mean I would take this as seriously as you can yeah because it is possible we have gone through so many here in the Houston area we certainly know how they feel in the Bahamas and everywhere else that’s being impacted by the storm all right we’re gonna keep you update here at ABC 13 dot-com and on our youtube channel and all the other platforms so for Rachel briars I’m Thom cook [Music]