Guillermo–in comes Hurricane Hilda. Good evening I’m Kenny Choi — Yunji De Nies has the night off. Moanikeala Nabarro is at the weather center monitoring its path toward the state. Kenny…as of the latest track Hilda is heading in our direction…. You can see it strengthens into a MAJOR category 3 hurricane tomorrow…. and then by tuesday wednesday makes it closest approach to the state…here’s a closer look….at this point…turning a couple hundred miles northeast of the big island….at this point though, expected to be a very WEAK tropical storm as wind shear slices its power a part…..but keep in mind HILDA’S strength and path can and likely will change a bit in the coming days …tonight its more than a thousand miles SOUTHEAST OF THE STATE, winds at 105 miles an hour….a closer look at hilda …THRIVING over very warm ocean temperatures and low wind shear…you can see the eye forming in the center….only getting strong in the next 24 hours… guillermo slowly dissipating as it moves away from the state..but leaving behind some MUGGY weather and showers… for the weekend… nothing major, just typical passing windward and mauka showers early morning …you can see moisture surrounding hilda not impacting us over the weekend… Kenny? Maui Police holding a press conference today