– Hi everybody! (coughing) (quiet pop music) We’re back We’re back with another video, specifically another episode of “I Tried.” which is the series where
I try various challenges and lifestyles and life hacks and boy oh boy do we have a big one today. We are going to be trying a raw vegan diet for the next week, the next week days. Monday through Friday. I already follow a vegan,
plant based diet in life and I’ve always been
curious about raw veganism. To make sure we’re on the same page let me explain a little bit
about what, (chuckles) kittens! Let me explain a little bit
about what a raw vegan diet is. It’s essentially what it sounds like. You’re eating a vegan, plant-based diet so you’re not consuming any
animal products or animal foods and everything is raw as in uncooked. Proponents of this diet
are people who follow and love and believe in this diet say that not only will it
improve your digestion, it’ll improve your skin, it improves overall health, your energy levels and helps with weight loss. So those are the things that we are going to be checking in on during this week. Personally the one that I’m
most interested in is the skin. You guys know that last year
I went off of birth control and I got an IUD and I
documented that whole process. It’ll be linked in the description if you wanna check that
out but one of the changes that I have noticed is acne. I’m getting more breakouts
so I’m curious to see if this raw vegan diet helps with that. And specifically, the diet that I’m going to be following is Kate Fruit Flowers’ diet. She’s a fellow content
creator here on this platform and she makes a wide variety of videos all about wellness and raw veganism and cooking and the LGBTQ community. She recently came out as Bi! Woo woo! Is it Cute Fruit Flowers
or just Cute Flowers? I don’t know. Fake fan. The reason that I’m
choosing her diet to follow is because I feel like she is one of few creators on this platform that support and promote a raw vegan diet in a healthy, balanced way. She’s not recommending that I live off of fruit and salad, which is great (laughing). I don’t wanna live off of fruit and salad, I’m gonna be honest. Fruit and salad does not
sound interesting to me. Also, there’s a ton of salty
and savory and fatty dishes that she has in her cookbook, which speak to me. ‘cuz I don’t like sugar. But, anyway. The last thing I wanna
say before we get started is that recently, I’ve been
more honest with you guys about my own struggles with body image and eating and food and just this kind of
unhealthy relationship in that area of my life. And so I know that some
of you watching this are probably worried about me going into this kind of a challenge and so I want to put you
at ease, there, if I can, and say I am in a better,
more balanced, more stable healthier place mentally with my relationship to food and my body than I think I’ve ever been before. I’m genuinely not doing
this to try and lose weight. I weighed myself this morning, which I haven’t weighed
myself in quite some time. Good job me! And I’m going to weigh
myself again at the end to see if there’s a change, but it’s purely out of curiosity. And I have therapy to
thank for these changes, specifically Better Help. This video is sponsored by Better Help. Better Help is an online
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can get your money back. There’s no risk. And so if this sounds like something that you would like to check out or try, you can use the link the description. Tryonlinetherapy.com/fenderr and that’s fender with two R’s. Okay! That’s enough of an intro for me. I am not going to run to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients that I’m gonna need to
live raw for a week. And if it sucks,
(ding) at least I tried. (excited guitar beat) Okay, so I have gone through
Kate’s grocery list here. She breaks it down into week 1 and week 2. I’ve gone through and I’ve
picked all the recipes that I want to make this week and then I went through
and crossed through all the stuff that I already have. Which is actually a lot so that’s good! (laughing) And now we’re ready to
go to the grocery store. And from the looks of it, spend a lot of money. So here’s the game plan. We’re gonna go to Whole
Foods to try to find the bigger items like the almond butters, the cashew butters, and that kind of stuff and then we’re gonna go to
one of the markets around here to get all of the produce. Because that way, we can save some money. (beep) We have taken a lunch break in between our grocery shopping because I already went
to two different places to get all of the non
perishable ingredients. And I’m starving. So I decided to whip up
her caesar salad recipe. Damn! Does that not look amazing? I cannot tell you how
delicious this smells. It smells It smells like caesar salad. Let’s give this a taste. (lettuce crunching)
Oh my god. If this is any indication of how the rest of this
week is gonna taste, I’m ready. This doesn’t even feel like a challenge (beep) And we are back from our third trip to the grocery store. Two hundred dollars later. Mm hm, yep, I said it. This all cost me about
two hundred dollars. Which is about a hundred and thirty, a
hundred and forty dollars U.S. I live in Canada. And I know that that
sounds like a lot of money because it is a lot of money but most of that money
was spent on this stuff. Which is stuff that’s gonna last forever. Try not to let yourself be
too shocked by that number because I basically had to restock my kitchen. Days 1 and 2 went super smooth. I was continuously surprised
by how tasty, how satiating the food was. It was savory, it was
sweet, it was filling. No matter what else happens throughout the rest of this video, Know that the recipes in
that e-book are delicious. (merry ukulele picking) Today for dinner we’re trying the mac’n’cheese which looks and smells unbelievable. Ready?
– Sink it sink it. (TV chatter) – Mm mm! – Those noodles are great! – It’s so strange. These are called kelp noodles so they’re totally raw, you
don’t have to cook them. They’re basically made of nothing. What a great option! (clapping) Let’s have a round of applause for Kate because, girl, you made some tasty food! However, It was day three where I started running into some problems. (bright pop music) I realized pretty quickly, that I was not getting enough calories. I was not eating enough every day. Good morning everybody. Wow my hair is getting long! It’s day 3. Hi, how you doin’? I wasn’t planning on weighing myself until the end of the program,
until the end of the week, but this morning I’ve woken
up and I’m feeling really shaky and starving and just not great. And basically, I’m realizing that I have not even close to eaten enough the past couple of days. In my regular life, when I’m
not doing a challenge like this I follow an eating style called inner inter innermitted intermittent fasting. Which essentially means that I have a window of time
during the day that I eat and then there’s another window of time during the evening, night,
morning, that I don’t eat. And generally, I eat like this because you’re girl has no
sense of portion control. And usually I’m eating
about 2000 calories. So without really thinking about it that’s kind of what I’ve been following the past couple of days. I went back and added up the calories of what I’ve been eating and I’ve been having under
a thousand calories a day. Which that’s a starvation diet. And I’m not saying at all that
that’s what Kate recommends in her book because it absolutely isn’t, and I guess I didn’t realize
how little I was eating because I was still full. I never felt deprived. Like, I never felt like I
wasn’t getting enough food or I wasn’t satisfied or even that I was hungry. But at the end of the day,
if I would add up my calories I would see just how
little I really was eating. And so I weighed myself
because I was curious if that had had an effect. It has. This is day 3 and I’ve
lost almost five pounds. That’s not good. That is not the outcome that
we are looking for here. Right now, I weigh less than I weighed at the end of my juice fast. I don’t know how that makes sense. Probably a lot of that is
water weight, but still. So I knew day 3 going into
it that I needed to do everything I could to eat more food. Which is not a problem
that I’ve ever had before. Not a problem that I thought
I’d be complaining about either (plastic clanging)
Ah! (laughs) No, no! Oh my god, that’s tasty. Willow and I tried a raw vegan restaurant here in North Vancouver
and it was delicious. Great B Roll. – When you use a B roll you
didn’t even record that? – Yeah I did. And then I stopped.
(laughing) Ye of so little faith. – Welcome to muffbin (laughing) I have a cold soup. – I’m very curious about that. – And then I got the raw-sagna which is a lasagna, but raw. And then I also got nut
cheese and crackers. And I got a dessert. You might not know this but I hate things cold. Everything has to be steaming hot for me. (crunching)
(steam hissing) This is like a juice. – This tastes like a salad. (ding) (buzzing) – [Alayna] (laughs) Okay! I just wanna snack so bad right now. Like, give me some chips a little bit of popcorn. I would even take a cracker. If I can have crackers right now I’d be excited. So I’m gonna push through it. Maybe I’ll have a carrot
or something. (laughs) A cup of tea, and I’ll see
you guys in the morning. I feel much better today
than I felt yesterday because I ate a lot more
yesterday than I have eaten in previous days. I’m just finishing up my
daily meditation practice and now I’m gonna have my coffee and then after my coffee. Wait, Is coffee considered raw? Oh god wait, oh no! It can’t be, right? Because the beans and the water’s boiled. Oh no! Am I not supposed to be drinking coffee? A person on a raw diet may or
may not drink coffee or tea Some do, some don’t but you
can’t really be a raw vegan. Yeah, technically, coffee’s not raw. Guess that means no more coffee for me. Aww (laughs) Welcome to dinner time. I’m actually excited about this recipe, about trying this dinner. This is the fake burgers. But the burger buns are mushrooms and the insides is like carrots? It sounds really gross and
I wasn’t totally sold on it while I was making it but now that it’s done it actually smells and looks very tasty. What do you think?
– Looks weird. I’m a little concerned with this one. You taste it first. – It’s actually really good. – Not bad, pretty good!
– Actually good, right? Surprising? – Yeah, way better than it looks ’cause it looks like cat
food on a mushroom cap. – This whole challenge was
like this strange feeling of being satiated and
full and eating as much food as I wanted to and still
not getting enough calories. This whole time I’ve been eating less than a thousand calories a day and I’ve been eating whenever
I’m hungry as much as I want I’ve never experienced anything like it. So I’m not gonna lie the evening of day 4 I felt like garbage. I felt really bad. I didn’t feel like myself, I was agitated, I was grumpy, my body felt weird. I was full and I didn’t
wanna eat anymore food, but I also felt shaky and
like I needed more food but the thought of eating
more food made me feel sick. It was very strange. When I woke up in the morning, I was still just feeling (gagging). And I kind of hesitate to talk about this or to show you this next clip because I really don’t
want it to come across like I’m saying raw veganism
is a starvation diet. That’s not what I’m saying. There are plenty of ways
to eat a raw vegan diet in a healthy way where
you get enough calories tons of people do it, love it, and see the benefits every single day. I just know that over this past week, I’ve been figuring it out
and I didn’t do it right. I take the blame for feeling
like crap these two days because I wasn’t eating enough. So no hate to Kate, no
hate to raw veganism, this has just been my
experience trying it out for the first time. (ding) I am not gonna lie to you guys. Last night I’m gonna say I hit a wall. I hit a wall in the sense that I feel very similar to the way that I felt at
the end of my juice fast. Which if you haven’t seen that video, spoiler alert, it’s a starvation diet. Ah man, I just feel I feel spaced out. I feel grumpy. I’m just grumpy. I miss cooked foods! I’m sick of blending. So for the past couple of days, my body has just felt very strange. Every time that I’d eat, I’d eat until I’m full. I’d eat until I’m stuffed, and then I’d look at the calories and it was like 350
calories worth of food. And every single time,
I find myself thinking, Okay, I’m gonna make double the recipe and I’m gonna eat it all to be sure that I get enough calories but I can’t. My body doesn’t feel like I need to eat. But yet I can feel the
effects of not eating enough. So that’s my update for right now. I’m ready for this to be over. So if I were continuing on
or if I was to do this again the number one thing that I would change is that I would eat more, damnit. And I would do that in a couple of ways. First of all, I would meal prep, because oh my goodness, I am not used to cooking. It’s not really cooking, it’s more like blending. I’m not used to preparing
food three four times a day. The salad dressings,
the sauces, the cheeses, all that stuff could
be made in a big batch and then used throughout the week. The third thing that I would change, is that I would be eating the foods that I really really
liked more repetitively. Because during this challenge, I made a commitment to try new recipes every single day. Whereas if I would have just
eaten my favorite things like the caesar salad. Mmm mm mmm. More often, I think I would have gotten enough calories. And finally, I would
incorporate more high calorie raw snacks. So things like nuts, and seeds. And that brings us to today! I ate raw vegan for a work week. And it was good! Am I going to be raw vegan
from now until forever? No. Am I going to incorporate
more raw vegan foods into my daily life? Abso-(beeping)-lutely. My body feels great. My energy levels? Great. And lastly, the thing that
I was most curious about is my skin! And I have a clip of my
skin from this morning. In person, it is so much better and I absolutely attribute that to eating raw and clean this week. And I think that’s about it. I would love to answer any questions that you guys have in
the comments down below. I want to say another
huge thank to Better Help for sponsoring this video. If you use my link,
tryonlinetherapy.com/fenderr you can get all signed up and
connected with a counselor within twenty four hours. That’s it for this video. I love you all so much. Thank you for watching. Thank you for your support and your love and your comments. You have no idea how
much you all mean to me. I love you and I will
see you in the next one. Bye! (kissing) Hi! – [Dallas] You got a good face girl. – (laughing) You tried most of the foods, pretty much all the foods
that I had you tried. And what’d you think? – Pretty good, yeah.