[music playing] Hey, I’m Bev. And today I’m so
excited, because I get to eat like a Gilmore
girl, one of my favorite shows of all time. (SINGING) If you’re out
on the road da da da da– [THEME – CAROLE KING, “WHERE YOU
lonely and so cold– [music playing] BEV WEIDNER: But
before we start, I would love it If
you subscribe below. And before that– coffee. I need coffee. I need coffee stat. (SCREAMING) Coffee! I need coffee. I really need coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. [music playing] How else would we start a day
of eating like a Gilmore that at a diner just like Luke’s? And I’m trying to
decide what to eat. I mean, we’ve got pancakes. We’ve got omelets. There’s like two waffles and– what am I talking about?
I’m a Gilmore. I’m having it all. And coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. [music playing] Look at this spread. Hello, A, two coffee cups– how Gilmore of me. It’s only appropriate. I think they’d be super proud. [laughter] I mean Luke’s diner was, like,
the center of every episode. They began each day there. They ended each day there. And we know what happened
to Luke and Lorelai, right? [laughter] Spoiler alert. [music playing] WOMAN: Have you
tried your drink? My what? Your signature drink. I had the bartender
concoct it for you. It’s called the Rory. BEV WEIDNER: I’m back. And I am hungry. But before lunch, I want
to bake the signature Rory cocktail that was prepared
for her on her 21st birthday. I just figured, you
know, the Gilmore girls were all about YOLO. Who cares? Anything goes. So we’re having a
cocktail, gosh darn it. I give to you the Rory. [bleep] The Rory cocktail. Hmm. No, Rory, no. Mm-mm. [music playing] Well, I’m ready for lunch. And like a classic
Gilmore, I have all– [laughter] –this Chinese takeout. Oh, man. I’ve missed Al’s Chinese night. We’ve got some
like beef and stuff. There’s like chicken
and some things. There’s a soup with
some things in it. LORELAI: And some wrap thingy. I already forget what it is. But it’s probably not healthy. [music playing] BEV WEIDNER: Oh, what did I do? You know what I
think we should do is just take a stroll around town. Let’s see if there’s some sort
of autumn or winter festival, because there’s always
something happening like that in Stars Hollow. Or maybe we’ll find Kirk. Maybe we’ll count
his cat scratches. Or maybe we’ll find Taylor
doing something that’s trying to tear down the city.
Yeah. Or we can go to Juicy’s. Or maybe we’ll find
Babette hanging out in front of Patty’s studio. I don’t know. The options are endless. Let’s go see what we find. [music playing] I smell snow. – I smell snow.
– What? It’s coming.
I always know. I can smell it. And I’m never wrong. Wasn’t in the forecast. OK. So I just got back from
Friday night dinner at Emily and Richard’s house– their castle. And obviously I’m still
hungry, because they did not give me real food. And by real food,
I mean junk food. So I’m about to make
some dessert sushi. [music playing] If you’re a fan of the show
you, might remember that Lorelai makes Rory some dessert sushi,
because that whole trip to Asia with Logan got canceled. LORELAI: You are honestly
asserting that you like the Tootsie Roll
Marshmallow Twizzler Roll better than the
Butterfinger Junior Mint Chocolate Chip Jujube Roll? [music playing] BEV WEIDNER: OK. So that was delicious. But in true stomach of
steel Lorelai fashion I need more dessert. So I decided to whip up a
little plate of very, very fancy, very gourmet Pop-Tarts. [music playing] Oh, so maybe I can’t eat
exactly like a Gilmore girl. But I had fun
trying for the day. I gave my stomach
something to do. And you know what? If you want to see more videos
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the comments below, let us know what you
want to see us eat next. And also most
importantly, are you team Jess, team Dean, or team Logan? (WHISPERING) I’m team
Jess all the way. Team Jess all the way. All the way. Also I need coffee.