Okay, well I know where you are. I don’t Care, no one, but you know I’m not coming back to the house, let’s see How you can manage without me around Mama [Speaks Arabic] Welcome back to all my Kats! First off, I’d like to say for the last two nights I have been doing twitch Broadcasts I’ve been playing Fifa Sonic, Mario a whole bunch of games and most importantly just hanging out with you guys. Now I know there’s a lot of you watching right now who have been watching my twitch broadcasts And you see the smile on my face so anything we talk about on those twitch broadcasts, any of the stories I share, any of the things I do just keep that between us all right? Please and I know y’all know what I’m talking about and if you don’t know what I’m talking about The link to follow me on Twitch is in the description below so click that link I’m basically gonna do a live stream Maybe every single day where I literally go live, I hang out with you guys I’ve only been doing gaming ones now But I’m gonna start doing them in real life. Secondly a lot of you have been commenting and saying yo I thought this was the Kat’s family why has it only been you? Guys I wasn’t lying earlier this week when I said my family is gone like my mom is gone, my dad is gone You know at first it started off as a little joke, but you’re gonna see with this phone Call that it’s actually gotten a little serious, and you know I was laughing about it at first But it’s a more serious situation Than I once thought and my mom is genuinely upset with me. My mom Did leave the house my mom did go to my sister’s house and my mom is Legitimately upset, so we’ll talk about that in a second But that’s why it’s only been me, so I apologize for the lack there of of my family’s Presence in the videos. Now I know I could have easily gone and recorded with my brother and EB and salih, but I didn’t, so Umm Until we get my mom and dad back, yeah I apologize for that. Lastly I just want to say this week has been an interesting week for me I’ve been thinking about a lot of things and I’ve been Accepting the reality of my life where I’m at in my life And there was there’s a lot of good things that happened in my mind and in my heart this week And I’m happy and when I first started this channel I’ll admit I felt the need to have to grow it at an alarming rate And I felt that if I didn’t get a million subscribers by X amount of time Then I’m worthless and you know people don’t love me and they don’t care for me, but I’ve taken a step back And it’s why I deleted the video yesterday because I told myself I don’t need to use somebody’s name, and you know that just to try to grow my channel fast I took a step back and I looked at your guys’s comments, and your guy’s supports and I don’t care What anybody says. I don’t care what any hater says, I don’t care what anybody who has any negativity has to say We are a family and you guys are Some of the most supportive bunch I have ever seen through all my years on YouTube you guys leave such positive Comments you guys are full of so much happiness you guys keep me pushing every day So I truly want to say thank you for that you know I’m at a really just a place in my life where you know I did a big change this year You know moving from LA to New Jersey Starting this new channel, so for those of you Who are watching right now, who decided to A, give me a chance or give me another chance or give me your first chance Thank you so much, like truly thank you for I think I’ve been running this channel for almost three months now I want to say. Thank you for all the seconds, minutes, hours you put into these videos. Thank you for all the likes Thank you for all the comments, thank you for your subscriptions Thank you for sending the gifts that you have to my family and thank you, like honestly I know you hear this from every youtuber, but I’m not trying to sell anything here I’m not trying to you know get you to subscribe, I’m like I’m breaking the fourth wall of like You know acting a certain way for a video, and I’m looking directly at you, and I’m saying thank you Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create videos on this platform. Thank you for supporting my family Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces. Thank you for caring Thank you for being here right now listening to what I have to say, honestly Like I know how much of a blessing it is to be a youtuber I know how many people would love the opportunity to do what they see a lot of youtuber’s do every single day So for you guys like I feel like every youtuber should say this to you guys, for you guys to give us an Opportunity to live the lives that we live and to showcase our lives to the Internet, thank you. Thank you so much, I appreciate It. Now when that being said I called my mom earlier, the footage is a little out of focus But I wasn’t even going to post it because I was on the phone, I was like dang This is actually serious And I knew it was serious because my mom talked to me in English and when she talks to me in English It’s like I want you to listen up. Because we talk to each other in English and Arabic so she chose to talk to me In English she let it all out on the line and guys She’s actually upset, so here is the conversation between me and my mom and mama I love you so much This is getting out of hand and I love you so much And I know that I’m in the wrong and I fully accept responsibility, I shouldn’t have done what I did, I apologize for it I’m sorry for it, I won’t do it again. It doesn’t mean I’m not gonna prank you again in the future But I know there are boundaries that I should not cross when I am pranking you. Here’s the phone call She doesn’t know I’m recording she might sue me Imagine she gets so mad she sues me Hello? Hi mama! I can’t hear you, there is no connection. Hi mama Hi Youssef. How are you? I’m okay, you know I’m still mad at you I’m not supposed to talk to you Why? Well Youssef, so many times you prank me and made fun of me And it feels so I feel so bad and the last one was [Stutters] Bigger the biggest one out of them You make me, you scared me so much that I can I can’t even when I think about it How many times I begged you not to take me in a speedy ride, how many times I said, okay If you said if you want me to go with you, you have to be nice and you said, okay, okay, okay And you just tricked me as if I didn’t say anything. There is no trust here In hindsight I went, I literally went about 60 miles per hour I don’t care But you know how much I, I scare, your car even if you change from gear to gear it’s like, it’s like a rocket just Just zoom man, It’s make, make this, make me feel like I’m just gonna lose it Okay, well I know where you are I don’t care, but you know I’m not coming back to the house Let’s see how you can manage without me around Mama [speaks Arabic]? Yes [speaks Arabic] Yeah because, because I’m still mad, I need, I need time to cool down. [Speaks Arabic] I don’t know Indifferent Indifferent until now [Speaks Arabic] [Speaks Arabic] Well I told you I need, I need time. Mama well, I miss you guys, and I love you Okay good you Miss us, see how bad Life without us [stutters] [stutters] Mama you’re [stutters] being overdramatic [Speaks Arabic] No I’m not, I’m not I’m not, I’m not I’m not, I just you know I Lost trust in you Youssef, I asked you So many times, be nice to Mama, you said okay I’ll take you to a ride and you turned my ride to A hell. Like You know when I watched the movie The video You did, I said oh my god I really Lift the Experience once and twice and three times again, I know How bad was it Okay well, just watch, just look At me and see, look at my face and see how scare I Was. Okay [arabic] mama I’m telling you in [arabic] Doesn’t matter you know sorry doesn’t make any, any difference doesn’t make any difference You have to suffer, so you could learn your lesson So you would stop doing this to mama. I would come out to see you, but I can’t because I gotta get ready for LA so you guys need to just come home Think so? Huh? Now you have to do it by yourself. Do what? I mean get ready for LA and leave Okay mama. That’s The only time, that’s the only thing I can do, I can’t do anything To you, you’re an adult, you know? Okay. So I have to, I have to You have to gain trust with me again, so this is, this is your punishment Okay Okay, alright I love you Okay Bye Man…. All right it was fun and games and I was even laughing during the call, but now it’s going too far So yeah guys she’s serious I know a lot of you guys are gonna say that I should go see her and that might be what I do Like I know that, that’s what I should do like I should pack my bags right now and go drive to see my mom But whether I do go there or not when she comes back I’m gonna have flowers for her, I’m gonna I’m gonna take her to a nice dinner And I’m gonna make it up to my mom because you know it’s all fun and games and I know that like I get Amusement out of it, and yeah, I did speed in the car But if anybody should know that like, like when I’m in the passenger seat of a car I freak out and I still have to sit in Andrew’s GTR and go zero to sixty because I asked you guys to thumbs-up if I should do that and you guys said yeah So mama, I’m sorry. Yeah and I’m sorry to you guys for really not vlogging again today I know I was supposed to go do the whole ghost thing and I didn’t do that, so… I had a little off week. I will bounce back It’s okay if you fall, you just got to bounce back and get back up I love you guys. If you did enjoy this video or even if you didn’t enjoy this video, but you do support I’d love if you could give this video a big thumbs up and yeah. I’m not gonna say I’ll see you guys tomorrow Because I want to take off the pressure on myself Where I feel like I have to produce daily because that’s gonna produce videos like these where I really didn’t put my all Into it, whereas if I take off that like, that need to post the video Then I’m sure I’m gonna organically create a better video and when I do post you guys are gonna enjoy it Just like when I first started this channel and I was posting every other day I love you guys, and I’ll see you next time here on the Kat’s family. [Roar] [Music Plays]