hello I’m Taryn I’m a producer here at nifty last time I gave bodies living room a makeover and people seem to have enjoy it so I put a load up on Nifty’s Instagram to see which room and should do next today we’re giving the bedroom a makeover to me the bedroom has to be a place you want to lie down at the end of a long day and while this super cool orange and pink bed would have been a dream for my younger self I wanted to see if I can make it feel a little more grown-up by incorporating popular trends things I personally would like in my home but also anything else I might be able to create using stuff I find in a nifty prop closet I recently cleared out my desk for a big office move and found a lot of half used props and forgotten things that might come in useful for the makeover I’m choosing to think of them as teeny-tiny upcycling project the first project is inspired by this compact mirror I got for free [Music] Oh [Music] next I’m creating a brick wall out of cardboard most of my rooms for the past few years have had a feature brick wall and no matter how old they look I think they always give the room a ton of character I like both the look of a traditional wall and a whitewash wall so I took to Instagram for a vote white wall was a clear winner there are a lot of little ledges on the original dream house wall that would make covering the whole thing in contact papers super tedious so I think covering half of the wall with this will save me a ton of time and sanity [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] when I found the tea lights I knew I had to make an actual working lab that turns on and off it seemed like a stretch at first so I am quite proud of how this turn out I could not find anything that was the right size for the base so I am using air dry clay it is so easy to use you can mold it however you want set it out to dry sand it paint it glue it it’s truly a game changer one of my all-time favorite nifty projects is this tufted headboard tutorial I think it would really help bring the bed together as well as help clearly divide the bedroom from the closet [Music] [Applause] [Music] this next project is inspired by this cozy blanket tutorial I recently made one for my bedroom you have to use extra thick super sized yarn to achieve the chunky look but since this is a miniature I figured a normal slightly thicker yarn would do I don’t need a lot so when I do I always have to consult a YouTube tutorial my favorite beginner knitting tutorials are by RJ Nix this project was very therapeutic even though it felt weird to just drop everything and sit down to just knit in the middle of a work day [Music] the biggest challenge of this makeover is the bed itself unlike the living room which had a lot of furniture for me to play with the bedroom is essentially just a built in plastic bed with plastic blankets and pillows so we just have to work around it I’m not going to worry about the seams and edges right now because they’ll all be covered up later [Music] I added craft wood around the bed to create a more realistic bed frame and two small wooden poles for the headboard to rest on [Music] lastly I wanted to recreate these popular moon art I see so often using a technique that is very popular among preschoolers you [Music] and just like that here’s the dream that we’re all grown up [Music] now that’s a cozy looking bed I would want to press news from let me know what you think do you know we’re almost halfway done with making over the entire dream house should I keep going if so which room should I do next also how are you doing today what did you have for breakfast did you eat breakfast