hello I’m Tyron a producer here at nifty I’m in the middle of giving the Barbie Dreamhouse a more grown-up makeover so far I’ve already completed the living room and the bedroom now it is time to tackle the next most requested room we’re making over the kitchen slash dining area I personally love cooking for myself and other people so I associate food with warm cozy feelings this current setup we’re looking at however feels a bit cold to me so today I’m going to attempt to make it feel more like a space I would want to eat cook and host em so I went into this without really any clear vision I just know I wanted to focus on transforming the furniture we were given with the original dream house instead of building a bunch of new pieces aside from that I was just going to try to make the most of what supplies I can find and just wing it the first project is inspired by this or by phone but it reminds me a lot of this twine or tutorials in the early days of nifty it was one part of a dried flower the cave it’s now getting a new life as a cool tawny chandelier [Music] I did not want to drill in the ceiling to hang the light so I glued one magnet to the light and one to the ceiling so that I can just stick them together like this the next project is not as exciting but it is easy and it makes a big impact I took out this panel from the wall and covered the upper half with a stock image that I printed out I think this gift the illusion of a tile backsplash it instantly brings the kitchen together I mentioned earlier that I love sharing food with people so this two seater situation is not ideal I remember tip from this video that he told me made me 3/8 I think it is genius and we are going to do it building a bigger table was surprisingly not that hard I found his plate for $4 I thought this hole is meant for soy sauce anyway it resembles a nice broth cement tabletop which is totally cool and grown-up in my book so we’re going to replace the current round table top with it [Music] put the bench I am using a piece of craft wood and for the legs I’m using some wooden blocks they’re the kind that is meant for children to play with we use these two style kids room but using these blocks is actually much easier than cutting legs out of scrap wood especially if you don’t have the proper tools we have to give the bench a cushion I found an old pillow case I could use but it was blue and I didn’t want to use blue again because we’ve used so much blue in the living room and the bedroom instead I am attempting to change the color with bleach and also try to give it a tie-dye look if you want more control over the pattern you can also use a bleach pen to draw on the pattern then I rinse it off let it dry I love the resulting color even though the pattern is super subtle I think the color goes well with the stock image that we use for the backsplash it also reminds me of the color that my mom would wear a lot so it’s good [Music] the next project is not a crucial part of the makeover but was just too adorable to pass up I wanted to give this kitchen a human touch but a dainty little paper towel made out of paper towel the best part was that I was able to repurpose one of the pink dishes that came with the house and use it as the base of the paper towel holder I took a cue from the popular mid-century modern trend and tried to create a plant stand I had some tiny succulents left from another project and I think and it’s a great way to add life to this room it might not look like much but I love it even with the walki wagon now we can’t have a kitchen they got some tiny cookware so I turned his empty container into a Dutch oven i molded the handles out of air dry clay and painted them with a paint pen [Music] I also made a pan but turns out this Dutch oven was already very large and took up the entire stovetop when I picture a grown-up dining room there is a big piece of art on the wall so I wanted to give this room an abstract expensive looking piece of art alcohol is a bit more fun and unpredictable than your typical run-of-the-mill watercolours you just kind of sprinkle them on and let them do whatever they want you can blow on them with a straw it’s kind of hard to know when you’ve done enough but they’re fun I could do this all day in fact I ended up making a second one this time I tried applying some water on the paper before applying the ink it makes the ink look a lot softer I put a poll up on Instagram asking which one people think look more like a kitchen wall art most people set the bottom one but you see my mom was one of the few people who voted for the top one and it was almost Mother’s Day at this point of filming so I had to go for her choice for the final touches I wanted to change the fridge I have a very particular fridge in mind that I love it looks vintage comes in fun colors and has rounded edges if you know you know to do this I just covered the current fridge door in cardstock so that it can still open I use a few pieces of cardboard underneath the cardstock because the original fridge door has some handles that would cause the paper to crease if we were to just applied it directly on I also added some trims on the side off-camera to hide the cardboard layer finally which is giving the front door a lighter shade of pink a nod to the original Barbie pink just a little more grown-up [Music] so there you have it the dream kitchen slash dining room all grown up even though I did not have too many ideas when I started I absolutely love how this turned out I love how cozy and inviting this room looks this might be my favorite room so far what do you think should I keep making more guess what I actually already did and it’s coming next week so meanwhile take good care of yourself let me know how you’re doing how are you planning to treat yourself this weekend [Music]