so you know how we always make smoothies
together you know this movies that I make all the time
and you know that mama just launched a smoothie ebook oh yeah it’s a big deal
and it basically has all the recipes that I love and I share it with all our
online community no mommy has been making you guys smoothies for so long
and now maybe mommy I appreciate you I appreciate you I appreciate you too so
I’ve been making you guys smoothies for so long I think it’s time to test you
about your smoothie making abilities so I want you to make me a smoothie and I’m
not gonna tell you one of the ingredients you going to decide no I’m
gonna taste it and let you know that’s where you can be created once it’s good
one so first you’re saying it’s pokemon water
yeah okay so coconut water foie gras apples cucumber pineapple oh yeah that’s
a lot of fruit is there something else that we should ask what about something
green leaves what leaves yeah maybe some zucchini okay first things first
coconut water yeah me me I’m bringing all the stuff that you said we need you
know how to do some things you decide everything okay oh this is budget and
how many struggles five over six just not man looking at six I can do anything
you’re making it to me I’m the princess today and 600 and chuckling yeah
chocolate no no it’s yummy we’re talking about it it’s your smoothie so you can this is all the ingredients yeah do you
think we’re missing something oh yeah like I have to cut it you know I
have noticed you guys are like not really strong when it comes to like
cleanliness like washing let’s leave the fruits and veggies I’m not sure about it
that’s with your mind okay I’m gonna let you do your thing I’m not gonna be a mom
right now I’m not gonna tell you what to do I trust your intelligence to figure
it out soon after – fancies because that’s where it all started I’m guessing
the green apple their seeds and everything movie they’re zombies eating
avocados and apples no they’re season a lot of fingers and
cucumbers and everything that’s too much kappa do Keeney know all of it okay
great are we finished yeah yeah really gonna test the Vitamix my tummy’s
I’m tasting do you think this is yummy yeah
it’s yellow the fact that they said no to everything that I put on the plate
for you everything that’s actually yummy you don’t want to eat look at this one
you think is yummy yeah what’s so yummy about it a protein chain it is okay so
should we put it to the test and see if we can add it to my eBook yeah I’m gonna
taste it and then tell you how many stars I think it has oh my god okay can
you give me some motivation words can you encourage me like do oh if you guys are interested in
learning more about different recipes and buy green smoothies for energy for
probiotics for anything at all I covered it all in my smoothie eBook you can
check out the link in the description box and let me know what you guys been
thank you guys so much for watching my smoothie video with the boys I hope you
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