– I love you but I would
not date you again. (bouncy music) We’re here today for Dineh
to pick me a new bae. I’m Leighla, I’m 20 years old, and this is my ex-boyfriend. – Hi, I’m Dineh, and I’m 20 years old. – We met in our first semester of college. There wasn’t enough I guess chemistry. Like, we were really good as friends but not really good as a couple. We decided that we would
quietly break it off and we’ve been best friends ever since. Dineh is the perfect
person to find my new bae because we are honestly
like the best of friends. He knows me super well, we get along so he knows exactly what
I like, what I don’t like. And we did date in the past
so he knows what went wrong with our relationship and what to avoid. – I believe I would be qualified to pick Leighla’s bae if it’s a girl or a guy because I’ve seen her interact with both. I do not believe I would
pick anyone like myself because in the end it didn’t work out so I’ll definitely keep that in mind. – That’s a great idea. I love you but I would not date you again. I think I have kind of a long
list of demands actually. I need someone who’s
really active and engaged in their community because I am. I’m a college student,
I’m in student government, I’m on the honors forum but I also go out every weekend, I have a lot of friends. So I need somebody who can
definitely keep up with that. I want somebody who’s also a bit academic. A little book smart and street smart, so that we have things in common. Definitely somebody who
gets along with my friends because that’s a really
important part of my life. I’m also looking for someone
who’s compassionate and kind. Someone who dresses well,
who presents themselves well. When it comes to celebrity
crushes, first of all I think Zoe Kravitz is so hot. I would die to even meet her. And then also ASAP Rocky, he’s fine. All right, let’s go find me a bae. – Let’s do this. (bass thumping music) – Hi, my name is Kevin
and I’m 23 years old and my fun fact is that I can juggle and have juggled all sorts of balls, fruits and different objects. – Hi, I’m Aminah. I’m 22, I’m a singer and I’m a Scorpio. – My name is Wildlord. I’m 23 and fun fact, I
built my first computer when I was in the eighth grade. – Hi, I’m Gillian. I’m 18, and my fun fact is
that I’m a camp counselor. – Hi, I’m Cheyenne. I’m 22 years old, and my name is the state capital of Wyoming. – My name is Michael, I’m 22 years old and I once ate cat food
because I was dared to. – Hi, my name is Amir. I’m 20 years old, and I
once held a 2.3 million high score in Subway Surfers. – Hi, my name is Griffin. I’m 20 years old, and I want
to be a doctor for old people. – Hi, I’m Helen. I’m 19 and I was born and
raised in Houston, Texas. – Hi, I’m Nova. I’m 21 years old. I’m the mom friend and the crazy friend. – Well, I think there are some candidates that are here that based on appearance would kind of check off on
Leighla’s book but we shall see. – I definitely heard a lot
of interesting answers. The cat food one raised
a couple eyebrows for me but I’m keeping an open mind. – So Leighla loves to look good. She puts a lot of time and effort into it. So that only is fair that her
partner meets the level there. So, if you guys were to
go out to a club together, what would be your ideal fit, or outfit? – I personally like to keep it a little bit classy but simple. Very, very hip, I guess. So probably something like
maybe a nice button-down, maybe like slim cut pants, nice pair of sneakers,
something like that. – I would wear to a club, a nice dress with shoes that probably hurt my feet. But we won’t be matching
like the same dress ’cause I think that’s a little corny but we’ll both look nice.(laughs) – I would probably wear like
some vintage-type style. I like to wear a lot of
Cuban collared shirts, and blue jeans and just regular sneakers. – I’d probably wear a cute romper, or maybe a crop top. – I think I’d probably wear
a nice black lace dress, tall demonias, a couple
of rings, and a cute hat. – I’d definitely wear
something that’s like preppy meets urban in a way. Skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, Doc Martens. Something like that. Basically what I’m wearing right now. – I’m really into a trench coat, going into a shirt
that’s kind of like this. I’m really into a flower, sort
of jewelry, things like that. And then I mean slacks,
jeans, I’m cool with that. I’m wearing Timbs right
now, I could wear timbs but I could put on some Calvin Klein’s. All depends on the classiness, or all depends on the urbanality. – So I’d wear a nice button-up, with maybe a nice
jacket, some black jeans, make sure the shoes are really nice. I’d want a nice watch. – All my friends say I’m really extra, so I would definitely go
for something like sequins, maybe some fun tights, like fishnets. Some nice heels. Definitely something fun,
and very cutting-edge when it comes to the fashion. – If I’m going to the club,
I’m gonna wear my wig. I have this really nice,
sleek, icy blue wig, my holographic crop top,
and my holographic heels. – So, most of the people here, fit the description, I think. Nice fitted shirt, nice jeans to match. But the only thing is that Leighla I think wouldn’t want something
that’s way too over the top. So I’m sorry, Helen. I’m very sorry. – I guess it just didn’t feel that great. Someone that doesn’t
appreciate camp-style dress wouldn’t really get
along with me anyway so. I thought it was a
really strange situation that her ex was her bestie. I mean good for them but a little weird. – So now we’re at the club and you are now about to hit the dance floor, and it’s your first move, first impression for a dance move, what is it? (bouncy music) (lighthearted music) (slow rhythmic music) (bouncy music) (fast paced energetic music) (bouncy music) (deep bass music) (elevator music) (bouncy music) – You don’t have to be a good dancer. At least have some confidence, and at least be able to ride the rhythm. – I love to dance. So anyone who’s not interested in being on the dance floor for most of the night, it’s probably not gonna work. – This is definitely a good
example of just being thrown into the dance floor and I think everybody did a pretty good job
with just going with it but I think, Gillian, I’m sorry. – I’m not really a big
dancer, but you’re missing out on a lot of fun energy. I stand by the moves I
did and I do not wanna repeat that and put the
viewers through that again. – So the next question is, do you guys believe in
ghosts or astrology, or is that not your thing? – For stuff like ghosts, I generally don’t wanna to think too much about it. It’s like yes, but not
something that’s positive to really think about,
you know what I mean? – Earlier I mentioned I was a Scorpio, so I think I act exactly
like one so definitely. And ghosts are real. – Well for me, I know for the
most part ghosts are real. Astrology is not really my thing really, even though I know about it but I’m not in too deep about it. – I believe in muertos, I
most definitely do. (laughs) Okay, I won’t cross black cats. I won’t, for real, it’s serious. – Yeah, I believe in ghosts. I don’t feel like there
would be no need not to. – I believe in God so I guess off of that, I believe in spirits. Wouldn’t consider myself superstitious but do consider myself spiritual. – I’m pretty sure my house is haunted so maybe there’s some ghosts. Then again it could be my dog or my cat. – So, in Bangladesh,
where my family is from, there’s a lot of ghost stories. Every person knows someone
who has encountered a ghost or has encountered a ghost. So when I was growing up I
was really interested in them, and I watched documentaries on them, but now I’m not sure
how I feel about them. I just really like hearing the stories. – I do not believe in ghosts
or paranormal activity and that is actually something
I would like my match to agree with me on. I’m not very superstitious. I don’t believe in
horoscopes, or astrology, or anything like that. I’m a very down to earth
and I’ll believe it when I see it kind of person. – Based on the fact that Leighla is not for astrology or for ghosts, I’m sorry, Aminah. – I mean it’s here and there. Some people say it’s real,
some people say it’s not. It is what it is. I thought it was weird
that Dineh was her ex, you don’t know what his
intentions are kind of but that can go either way. – Leighla loves to cook. Could you list five essential seasonings that you would use, or that you use now? – It really depends on what I cook. I think it’s just because I’m in New York so there’s so many different cuisines. Maybe ketchup is an essential, salt for fries and
different stuff like that. Ketchup, salt, soy sauce,
when I need to get Asian food. Maybe some Sriracha a little bit there. And I’m thinking what else. Maybe some kind of spice, some
kind of very unique spice. – I don’t know any top
five but for the most part it’s just hot sauce, black peppers, salt. – I love, absolutely
cannot live without Adobo, sazon, cilantro, achiote (laughs) And sometimes when I make gumbo, I use a little bit of
Cholula but don’t tell nobody – I actually grew up, my mom’s a chef. I used to help her in the kitchen a lot so when it comes to
seasonings I say definitely salt, pepper, Adobo, basil, and there’s this other
pepper that I’m forgetting. It’s sort of like chili, that is used in Brazilian culture. I’m Brazilian by the way,
so those would be my five. – My grandparents are real
crazy cooks in the kitchen. I’m really into the whole
cilantro, cinnamons, I love garlics, I love… But I’m really into
chopping up some onions, getting some scallions in
there, some green peppers, some yellow peppers, orange peppers, whatever you need, I got you. My dad told me you should
have a lot of paprika, some garlic, some cilantro. You got to even it out with some basil. Maybe some Cajun in there. If you really want something hot maybe some Chipotle or a Buffalo sauce, if you’re really feeling risky. – I would say my top five
or, I can’t pick five, there’s so much. My favorite combos is
garlic, ginger and soy sauce for Asian stir fry and stuff. – You guys have the spices down. A lot of them are sounding really good, and some of them I use
when I make my food myself, and Leighla does as well but since you were
struggling with the spices, I have to let you go, sorry. – I don’t think that’s a fair question. I’m not much of a cook for the most part ’cause I’m always busy
traveling for the most part and I’m always on my feet so I don’t really have time to cook. I feel like that was the
question that took me out of it. – Next question is, how did
your last relationship end and what would your ex say about you? – Well, of course because
she’s my ex obviously it didn’t work, you know what I mean. I think in terms of what
really happened I think is that personally, I think
I’m a little bit more outgoing and I realize that my ex
was much more introverted, much more quiet into the books. – I pride myself on being
very open and honest, especially when I’m in a relationship. And my ex wasn’t exactly
the most honest of people so we ended up drifting apart. I think my ex would
probably say something like, honestly she used to call
me a dweeb all the time. I’m super nerdy. – My last relationship
ended because I moved from Virginia to Philly,
and there was no way that I was going to see her again. Just from the different
circumstances in our lives. But I think that she would
still see me as a friend. We haven’t talked but we’re cordial, I guess. – My last relationship ended a while ago and was the type of thing
where, I’m an artist and she was an artist and
both of us are very passionate about what we do and for the
most part it ended simply because we work so much
outside of each other, and it only made more
sense for us to continue our relationship as friends. She would say that I’m a
very passionate artist, I care about my partner, and
always wanna take them out, always wanna give them the world. – My last relationship
ended because we both went to different schools. I had to move away for college,
and she had to stay behind so it was kind of hard so
things didn’t really work out. I wouldn’t say we’re enemies now but we’re not that close
just because we live far away from each other. I really tried to give
her whatever she wanted or whatever she needed. If I had to buy that
or if I had to make it and I just wanted to
give her my full self. She would say that I was giving. – My ex and I ended mostly
because we lost feelings after being together and not
together for a long time. We were friends for a long
time after we broke up but the friendship
became a little bit toxic because I think he thought
that I would still give him the things that I would give
him in the relationship. I still have a lot of love for him and I know he has a lot
of love for me still. He would always say that I’m really funny, I’m cute and I’m thoughtful. – I’d want something that sounds honest. I wouldn’t want someone to
give me a really generic answer because honesty is something
that I value a lot. There’s a lot of nuance when
it comes to relationships. I’d be pretty understanding of any answer. – So Leighla is very
passionate about her work and can sometimes get sucked into it. But as her friend and as her
ex, I know that she needs somebody that can sometimes
pull her out of it. Based on you not being able
to sometimes get her out of that work mode, I think that’d be you. I’m sorry, G. All love though. – Getting out on the question of my ex was a very interesting one
simply because that didn’t even end in a very bad way and what
I think is really interesting is I perfectly agree with Dineh. If you’re in a relationship, it’s got to be 100% on both sides. – What is the most spontaneous
thing you’ve done so far? In your life, I guess? – I think in college alone,
there’s just so many to name but I think there’s been
so many times in college where I would wanna like maybe say, okay, we don’t have anything
in particular to do today so we’re just gonna go to the cafeteria and I’ll see where other people are going and somehow I’ll find myself
suddenly at a rap concert, or going to a ballet concert the next day. I’m not even joking. I’ll bounce from rap to
ballet to musical theater. And the whole reason is just for the sake of trying something brand new. Doing something you don’t
normally think you would do, but experiment and see if
maybe we’ll learn something and find some secret
interest of some kind. – If I were to say the
most spontaneous thing I’ve done recently, I actually went rock climbing for the first time. And it was super hard and
tiring and I didn’t think I was gonna get through it. But my friends were really supportive and once I got to the top
and looked down I was like, I really did that, huh? – So the most spontaneous
thing that I recently did, which was two weeks ago was skydiving. It was really nerve wracking. I really didn’t wanna
do it but I just wanted to overcome that fear, and once I did it, the feeling was easy. It’s weird, once you’re in the
sky you know you’re secure. – So I think the most spontaneous
thing I’ve done recently is during my winter break,
me and my friends decided we were gonna drive to
the beach down south because we were like,
it’s really cold here, it’s snowing, it’s freezing, we’re just gonna drive to the beach. It was like 14 hours
of driving but we went. – I’m a pretty random person. I just like to try new
things because I always need something new, I need new
experiences all the time. But this one particular day
I was just very, very low, I was having a bad day and I
was walking home in the snow and I was looking around and
I was like you know what, let me just dance. So I just started dancing
in the snow on my way home and I felt so much better. – Spontaneity is definitely
essential when it comes to looking for a bae for me
because I am always on the move, plans are always changing
and we can get a text from someone in the squad
and they say pull up here, and we’re there immediately. – So there are definitely
clear levels of spontaneousness I guess with Leighla when
it revolves around Leighla and I just think that
skydiving might just be way too high up there. That’s the only thing but. – On the skydiving answer, I understood where Dineh was coming from. There’s definitely a
spectrum of just spontaneous, you know, just being spontaneous. I understood it, no hard feelings. I get it. – So, do you consider yourself a feminist and what does feminism mean to you? – I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I think that’s more
because I do really really believe and preach equal rights. I do believe in equality
whether it’s racial, religion, gender, or anything like that. Economic class and all that. But the only reason why I
wouldn’t consider myself a feminist I think, I do believe
in equality between gender but I think the problem
is that sometimes people who preach feminism sometimes
overdo it to the point where they don’t try to
make things equal anymore, they try to make it to where
the females are actually even above men and it
becomes sometimes misguided so it’s kind of like, I do believe it but I think it’s
mispracticed a lot of times. – Well, I am a firm believer in feminism. I make sure that my
feminism is intersectional. I always make sure to include people. I never want anyone to
feel as though they are put out or pushed out or they
can’t be in certain groups. – I would say that I’m a
feminist because feminism is really about equal
rights for women and men and there shouldn’t really
be a gap between them and we should just see everyone as equals. I think just because you’re
a different gender or race, or sexuality you shouldn’t
be treated any differently or people shouldn’t see you as less. Feminism as a movement gets a bad rep because some people really
will throw it out of proportion and say feminists are
man-haters and they’re crazy but I think actual
feminists are normal people that just want rights for everyone. – I do consider myself an
intersectional feminist. I think that is the most
important part of feminism because people do get
the idea, like you said, that feminists hate men
and stuff like that. But I have a younger cousin
he’s like 13 years old and I think I’ve been practicing
my feminism because of him because I know the type
of man that I want him to be able to be. I want him to feel free in
whatever he decides to do whether it’s being more feminine
or being more masculine, I want him to practice it in his own way, and it’s really important
for me to make it inclusive. – If you believe in equal
rights but won’t call yourself a feminist, that’s a huge red flag for me. – You already knew it was coming, Kevin. – Because there’s such a
contrast, that’s all I know. – Sorry. And due to Leighla’s belief’s
that’s just very clashing and I’m sorry it’s just not gonna work. – I saw it coming. – Thank you. – Take care. – I almost knew I was almost
definitely gonna get out before I even answered the question, but I think the only reason
why is because I know that with a lot of stuff like feminism, politics or anything like that it’s a.