Do you know what I am realizing Brendon What’s up I hate to say it… (face palm) we can’t vlog here bro ♫ Music ♫ Ayo! Good morning Logang! What’s Popping? It’s not the morning, in fact, this is literally right where we left off in the last vlog. Anyways, Lydia’s about to leave Go Back to Reno, upload the footage This is the laptop with the footage. Treat this as gold, no no no, treat this as diamonds. Kinda like that Diamond Playbutton! Which we hit Logang! 10 million subscribers, yeah! But Lydia, you Dusty, short girl You can do this bye Lydia! (Bye!) This makes me nervous Brendan Yeah me too The vehicle and Lydia Is in charge of this entire vlog We haven’t missed a day, bro Oh boy.. Well let’s let’s get this day started, Yuh *dab* Yo-Yo, what are we doing? We got 2 G7Xs
We got 2 Canon G7Xs Just move to your left a little bit Bro, *Intense scream* That burning man sunset though But for now as the Sun sets go into the night And the real burning man adventure begins Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh If we didn’t bring the pickles it wouldn’t be Burning Man Background: PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!! I wanna give a shout out to Frank for the Pickles Are you Santa Claus tonight bro? Have you been good or bad? That’s the question. I-I-I mean I’m definitely a naughty boy but for the most part I’ve been good Santa’s got a list he’s checking it twice, m-makes me nervous bro By the way look at the swag I spent too much money on this outfit I got like a layer on a layer on a layer That’s like some LA stuff It’s fancy right? It like dangles like a cape? I don’t know I’m not Superman I’m just Logan Brendan is vibing. Yo you look good I like my hair this color honest, you guys think we should make Brendan’s hair silver? I say yes. But yo, we have our light-up binkies hold on hold on. Look look we have our flashlights once it gets dark that’s like it bro it get cold and dark and dusty as long as we look good like Joey, like Brendan we gonna be A okay Yeeeeeeeeeeee *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *music* *Logan claps* *Logan claps* *Logan claps* *Logan claps* *Logan claps and says*OHOHO ohhh burning man, you son of a b*tch *laughs* y-you done it again! oh Jesus. Logang I don’t even know where to begin. look at me, I’m a mess right now. at least I have my boy Brendan Who is also alive. [ I barely made it through the night. ] Yo barely bro if I remember correctly, we’re like halfway through the vlog but it’s weird, because it’s like “morning” Brendan, what time is it actually bro? [I have no idea] no one knows x2 lemme check my watch, oh, I don’t have a f*cking watch Ugh, oh, okay let’s, let’s, let’s rewind, okay? and let’s start with what we know this is, this is, this is actually f*cking crazy, bro okay, how do I, how do I describe this in the upmost detail Logang, I wake up and, look at all this dust everywhere bro But Logang, I wake up this morning, I have no idea where I am I have these pants that are supposed to be on my body First of, can we just, like, what actually f*cking happened Dawg, I, like, son of a b*tch And then, like my bandana was on me and, oh f*ck! I like lost everything last night, dawg I lost my maverick Whatever clothes I was wearing were gone and then I wake up this morning and miraculously find the Maverick fanny pack bro they told me it
was gone it’s the footage bro [ Oh my goodness ] It’s the footage bro and this dusty-ass canon g7x like this thing barely works look at the lenses is
actually f*cked up… SON OF A B*ITCH Here’s the best part, here’s the best part I got no phone bro [ You lost your phone? ] I have no idea where my phone is bro my phone’s gone, F*CK! I don’t like sh*t I don’t even know if yesterday’s vlog is up bro I will say
last night I was struggling a bit and I’m not even kidding I kept looking down
at this little bird logo right here and I was just like bro
maverick baby stay strong which I did and I’m gonna do today OH! I’m eight levels
low all right now I’m not gonna lie our life just became I’m not even kidding
like a real-life hangover movie we have to retrace the steps from last night cuz
bro I don’t even know what happened Heh… this Is a f*cking disaster look around bro… [ You guys saw what this place looked like yesterday ] this is where Brendan and I
slept yesterday one pillow one blanket but yo look what happened here Brendon,[ What..? ] we have been here 12 hours Wtf dawg look f*cking want some noodles know whos f*cking ______ this is it’s that mother f*cker frank?! It’s that frank guy he looks so peaceful in his sleep but
Frank is no joke I don’t know what time it is uh I’m gross right now I feel like
in my life like I did just took I like I today was a minor speed bump like
Brendon it me admit we were doing good bro with the vlogs [ We did great!] Logan Paul
vlogs was poppin dude still are Burning man f*cked this up but yo oh here’s the
lesson took a shot today straight-up took a Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather
like shot from life today right to the jaw like I have no phone who knows where
the footages mom dusty no phone don’t know if yesterday’s
vlog is up I have no contact with the outside world but as long as I got my
family the logang this camera my man Brandon we gonna be a-okay so I think
bro we just start by maybe going to the lost and found
yeah so now that I’m pretty much completely disconnected from the world
I’m gonna stick to what I’m good at and do what I do best and that’s vlog and
plug merch! You guys get your Merch look of all that guys flush out get your
Merch bro nice wheel don’t forget to buy merch em I know what will make you faster bro
some maverick merch link in description bro uh yeah I want
to talk to guns you know where my phone is ah there’s no way this can be real
bro this is actually God he was on there earlier you might not
pick up for you Wow give me some good news hello [ Is this the Krusty Krab? ] no this is Patrick, he didn’t answer took my f*cking phone there is [ Is you’re phone in there? ] There it is Brendan I know we’re coming up to the Lost and Found right now while I’m
optimistic about this situation I also feel like it’s an accurate statement
that I’m completely I’m praying to the YouTube Burning Man vlogs God please
have my phone okay ooh Lost & Find Lost & Found does this take pictures of it
do you remember what your background is yeah bro it’s
the logang bro there’s no God I’m keeping ooh ooh no way no f*cking way *mwah* It’s my big day [ How the f*ck dude, this makes no sense. ] it collected right now but I’m ecstatic
well Burning man you had me for a second but I’m coming back oh six 117 that’s
the number so funny she comes back she’s like yeah yeah we don’t have ghosts it’s
so funny because I came to Bernie man like to disconnect right and then I lost
my phone I was like I can’t do that I’m a vlogger like I make cars ever this is
a miracle I also want to say the phone came fully 100% charge they charge you
for me bro like here I also learned this if you’re a burning man and your phone
is dying or something you just you throw it you throw it on the playa they’ll go
to the lost and found a little charger for you there’s nothing I want more in the world
right now than this hot pocket yeah Burning Man food yeah as I eat this
hot pocket I just want to say it’s moments like these where I’m just I’m
like what the first am i doing with my life
it’s a good question it’s the it’s the question I don’t know I don’t want to
say like it’s moments like these it’s not I don’t have these movie like it’s
this particular moment I’m just very confused with life we haven’t even guys
gotten to like actually explore Burning Man by the way yo how did I get my GoPro
last night did you yo I found it on the fly okay cuz I thought I lost you found
it how is that possible this place is huge while Burning Man has
definitely rocked us I think it’s safe to say that we’ve rocked back a little
bit everyone is still sleeping and by the way it’s like what 3 p.m. everyone’s
asleep after a great when my man Frank wakes up I’m gonna show him that I found
my phone and that there is indeed a Burning Man gone he’s back he can’t
really talk right now so he’s doing these vocal warm-ups I started to tell
you Row is big it’s big it’s big news it’s my big skin day room fully charged
from the playa has spoken he said he did he warned me said you put your phone
away before we go out tonight and I said I said I quote no Dawg I got to do it’s
my big butt and just when you think it couldn’t get any more interesting look
good how are you not good Lydia not good I don’t know I don’t remember sleeping
what why stranded about 20 minutes away until
8:00 a.m. what yeah no paint so Olivia it’s a nice oh no
what happened with the footage it’s good but it’s like late yeah yeah what did
you do how did you know you you you made a vlog on my channel oh let me get this
straight let me get this straight you became
Logan Paul it’s funny that’s coming to go I didn’t get that tax Lydia cuz I’m
not getting any text Lydia no sir visit oh also I lost my phone but then I found
my phone yeah I’m on it still not good but yeah it was quite the night it was
quite the night Lydia I just behold and Jeff approve this what just come oh
you’re losing my mind at Burning Man and you make it Lydia become a vlogger Jeff
take the life she chokes Blagh life shows me no look this is what it’s about
that maverick spirit baby I plugged your rig so chin really yeah of course I did
by the way if you haven’t gotten any looking for that gun flash yeah you know
what I’m realizing Brendan what’s up hate to say we can’t vlog it room we
can’t we can’t stay here bro we can’t stay here I don’t like giving up I don’t
like giving up but I know I’m smart enough in my head the score is burning
man 1 Logan Paul today was definitely a speed bump in my
life a setback that hopefully I can learn a lesson from the near future
I woke up not knowing if I would even have a vlog or we’re in the middle of
the desert I threw my phone I was freaking out what if someone found it in
the leaked my nudes huh I’m not ready to have my news leaked not yet anyways the
important thing was to stay positive and keep doing what I do best and that is
creating content so I put on this big furry coat and took a sexy Instagram
photo at Logan Paul but I will say Burning Man you’ve won this time three hour drive to Reno and I gotta say
I feel have been out of place here oh man dude the past 24 hours have been ski
crazy I think what I’m taking from this whole thing is that like to be honest
bro Burning Man it’s like not for me I like putting myself in like
uncomfortable scenarios and situations like standing in the middle extending in
the row so that’s why I go to Burning Man and I tried looking at sort of below
Brendan but we took else we through we took a
bad Alice dog but glad we got that one Instagram photo bro hello gang please do
me a favor like that picture for me there’s still one W I need one W and if
you’re not a part of the lo gang make sure to subscribe
get your maverick and Logan merch link for that is in the description I love
y’all and I will see you tomorrow where hopefully it gets a little easier to
vlog take it easy *outro intensifies* a lunches no not the question a
enchantix west