– So I’ve not done one for a
while but today I wanna make the world’s biggest Twix. I’ve got like a series going on. I’ve been doing it for like a year. We’ve made like world’s biggest Oreos, world’s biggest Snicker,
world’s biggest Reese’s. I put a link to a playlist
that plays through them all at the end of the video. Don’t gloat. – [Moon“1] Don’t gloat? (both laugh) – And so I put a link at the
end of the video to a playlist that can play them all so
if you wanna check them out wait til the end of the video
where you can watch them. Don’t go right now, because today we’re gonna
make the world’s biggest Twix. We’re not just gonna do one, you know, because everyone knows
Twixes come in pairs. We’re gonna be making two huge Twix. Or is it Twixes? I don’t know.
– Is it two of them? Is it two Twix or is it four?
– Is it one Twixes? I think it’s Twixes? No we’re making one pair of Twixes. Is it Twixes? One Twix
– We make one Twix. One Twix
– We’re making one Twix I guess. I don’t know. (ridiculous laugh) (both laugh) I keep saying it but like
this channel’s going crazy. Like, since the beginning
of this month, we’ve already gained over 100,000 subscribers. Welcome everyone who’s new! Welcome back to all of you
who’ve watched my videos before! Thank you so much! Leave a like on this video. It’d mean a lot, and if
you’re new just make sure you press that subscribe button. That bell button. You know the drill. Leave me a comment. What shall I ask ’em today? So we’re gonna make the
world’s biggest Twix, what I wanna know is what’s
your favourite chocolate bar? Lemme know in the comments below. And the last video, if you saw that, where I campin’ in a tree, I
slept in this tree overnight. I still have not taken it down yet. Look at this. Look. It’s still there. I really need to take that thing down. I keep meaning to, I’ve
just not got a lot of time making these videos you know? Making these banging videos
every two days is going crazy! I’m not gettin’ much sleep lately. Me and Moon, going to the
shop, buy everything we need. We’re making this thing from scratch so. Lots to do. Let’s go. So I mentioned in my last
video that my shoes that I were wearin’ fell in
the lake and they’re absolutely, completely ruined. I thought we could save
them but, I guess not. I just need to go buy some
new trainers right now. I’m not a part of the
whole sneaker culture, but yeah, I need some shoes. Aw, these are beautiful. They look so nice. Ignore that. (laughter) Aw yeah. Aw they do, they are so comfortable. I got them baby. I’ve never spent so much money on shoes. Usually I like, I just go
for cheap ones but I thought you know what, today I’m gonna splash out. I’m gonna put them on now. Yeah let’s put them on now. Aw yeah. Moon got new shoes, too. Rockin the new shoes, baby. We’re hungry. Food, and then we’ll go buy the stuff. – [Moon] What’re you putting that on for? – You’ll see. It saved me. Moon’s just gone to the toilet. I’m gonna go to the gadget shop. She never lets me go in, cuz
I always buy so much rubbish. Sh, don’t tell her. (giggles) so we’re in the shop finally. We finally got, wait I
actually did splash my tshirt. I got noodle splashes
here on my white tshirt. There’s a few things we need: flour, milk, and stuff. No not milk. I don’t know. But, stuff. Let’s just get this thing. I’ve got a list on my phone. Normal Twix. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. We need bigger. Butter. Caramel, let’s just have all of them. Caster sugar. Poor cake. What happened to his tongue? Are you alright? You okay? Flour, plain flour. (explosion) We need this chocolate. Cheap chocolate, not my
– Wait, wait look, look look, they make a Michael
Jackson themed chocolate. Smooth caramel. (Smooth Criminal plays) (both laugh) – Come on you. – [Moon] You got your chocolate then? – Think that’s everything? – [Moon] Yeah. – Let’s go. – [Moon] So childish. – [Killem] Whoa, chocolate! – [Automated Register]
Please take your items. (heavy hip hop music) – So welcome to kitchen de
la Kill’em, where hygiene is our middle name. So we’ve got everything here. What? (both laugh) So we’re back from the shop, obviously we’ve got everything here. We’re ready to go. We’re gonna make this thing. So first we’re gonna
make the biscuit base, and then I’m gonna put
the caramel on top of the biscuit base, and then
just cover the whole thing in chocolate. One extra thing to this is what well, Moon is from Austria. I don’t know if you all
know that, but Moon’s from Austria. So their like, native
language over there is German. I’ve been learning a
lot of German recently. So I’m gonna put my
newfound skills into action, while cooking this. Don’t worry I’ll put some
titles down below so you know what I’m saying. But, yeah, it’s gonna be real good. I mean I’m gettin’ real
fluent with my German. Just rolls off the tongue it, I just uh, I just remember it you
know, I don’t struggle with my words or anything. So, I’m really looking forward to that. So let’s get started with this. First, we need a bowl. Moon actually helped me learn German. She taught me everything and now, I guess I’ll just start talking German now. (speaks German incorrectly) (Moon laughs) – [Moon] Sorry. (speaks German incorrectly) – Whoa. (Moon laughs) (speaks German) – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Heidi Klum (speaks German incorrectly) (Moon laughs) – Okay so Moon keeps laughing
every time I say something so I’ve got a feeling I’m
not saying what I think I’m saying. – [Moon] No, no, you– (speaks foreign language incorrectly) – [Moon] Looks good. Stop eating it. I think we’re gonna need it all. What? – Knead it. You little jokester aren’t you, knead it? – [Moon] Why? – Cuz I’m kneading it
and we really need it. – [Moon] Oh, God. Such a bad joke. – You said it! Not me! So I’ve rolled them out and got
them in the shape of a Twix. We’ve got two ready. – [Moon] It’s beautiful! (makes crying sound) Okay. (both laugh) – Puttin’ em both in the oven now. They might take like 30
minutes to an hour to bake. So, I’ve got something for us to try while we’re waiting for it to bake. I bought it earlier. – [Moon] Show me what you got. I wanna see what you got. (both laugh) – Wasabi popping candy. – [Moon] Where did you get that from? – You, uh, I got it earlier. – [Moon] Oh, you spill it everywhere! Uh! – Wait wait, I got something wait. Stay there. Stay there. – [Moon] I know in what shop you’ve been! You’ve been in that bloody gadget shop! Okay. Okay funny. – Oh! Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out! So it actually took about an hour. We’ve cut the thing into
the shape of a Twix, because it kinda spread wider in the oven. So we’ve done that to them both. We’re gonna leave them here
overnight to cool down, cuz then when we put the caramel
on top, we don’t want that to melt. It’s gotta be completely cooled. It’s gone 3:00 am, I’m tired. We’re gonna go to sleep. See you in the morning. Peace! – [Moon] He just gone over here. (both laugh) – You’re not meant to show them. It’s the next day! So where they are, they’ve
turned out beautiful. They’re nice and Twicker shaped. – [Man] What? – I said twicker. What? (laughter) They’re nice and Twix shaped. Here we go. So now we’re gonna pour this stuff on. We’re gonna pour the caramel stuff on. And then we’re just
gonna melt the chocolate. We’ve already got it all
snapped and ready to go over it. Pour it on. And it should look lovely. For this final part, we’re
just gonna do one of those nice cinematic things with
the music and the movement and the. Let’s go. (intense hip hop music) – It’s time. It’s done. It’s ready. It took about two hours to
dry, but we’ve got the Twix. This is the original one. Let me go get the proper ones. Aw, whoa! Let’s open this and put it next to it. For realsies. For realsies. (laughter) Oh, what! (intense hip hop music) I can’t believe how big. We’ve made them too big I think. I think they’re too big. I feel like a little child
settin’ next to these. Alright so first we’re gonna
cut open the little one. And then we’re gonna cut open the big one. Let’s cut open this little one first. – [Moon] Come on, one nice cut. – [Kill’em] Whoa. Now the big one. Ready? – [Moon] Yeah. Get, point it but don’t
just force it down. Yeah. (grunts) (yells) – [Moon] Oh my God. – [Kill’em] Oh my God. – [Moon] That’s beautiful. – Yeah it’s more like half
‘n half with an actual Twix and we’ve got more biscuit,
but I mean when you just look at it, it just
almost looks identical. That is crazy. I think that’s the best
one we’ve done isn’t it? – [Moon] Yeah. Come on! – Okay here we go. – [Moon] Oh my God. (moon laughs) You look like The Joker. – That is gorgeous. Mmm! – [Moon] That looks actually
like professional beautiful. – We are professional. We’ve done this so many times. Dad here a minute! You try Moon. – [Moon] No, I’m on a diet. It’s like 10,000 calories a bite. – I’m well impressed. And I don’t think we can top this one. Go follow me on Twitter. I’m gonna show you what I’m
doing with the rest of this. Click in the description below. My user name is @Killemftw There’s just so much mess. Wait a minute. (buzzing noise) (heavy hip-hop music)