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I honestly can relate at this point most of you guys know the drill for the whole of today I’m only going to be making recipes by Oprah Winfrey, and we’re specifically the book is “Food Health And Happiness” I think this might be the only cookbook by Oprah, so I’m very excited for this We love Oprah around here and by we I mean me I really like her this cookbook is actually very good the only problem I have is every recipes got so many ingredients, and they’re all so freakin expensive Can we talk about Oprah’s aesthetic because this is very aesthetically pleasing you guys know how it goes It’s a run lunchtime, so I’m gonna make like breakfast / lunch So I thought the perfect recipe that we could make for this video is Skinny cornbread I’ve never even tried in normal cornbread, so I’m not sure if this is a great way to start I’m not even joking this is one of the most insane amount of ingredients for one recipe I’m Telling you Oprah doesn’t play around when she isn’t cooking preheat the oven and coat a small nonstick frying pan with cooking spray we’re gonna start by spraying this I Think that’s good. Also. I love the Oprah knows just how lazy I am no shock to anyone, but he’s already nice And as usual Gordon Ramsay’s always watching Also guys if you guys want me to do this cookbook next time nerdy nummies get this video to 10,000 likes We’re going to add the corn as well (Sizzling noise) I’m pretty sure the jalapeños were supposed to be like crushed, but I just don’t have time for this According to Oprah we should cook this until the corn is a little bit burned, so we’re gonna add the buttermilk It’s about the right amount we also need 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and Last but not least one egg so you combine the whole thing If normal milk comes from cows this buttermilk come from butter? So now we’re supposed to add the vegetables to the white to make sure but because I think I hate too many I’m not gonna add all of it I Mean definitely not looking bad so far to this. I’m gonna add 60 grams of plain flour So 2 tablespoons of sugar 170 grams of cornmeal ( gasp ) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We’re also adding 2 teaspoons of baking powder 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda literally might as well not had any of it So a little bit of salt that is officially all the ingredients, so I’m just gonna mix this in This is gonna be lumpy The last step before I put this in the oven Is to coat this with some more of the olive oil spray it, so I guess we just pour our mixture This pen is huge for this amount of bread We’re gonna put the skinny in skim it because you’re apparently going to be able to get a slice out of this So the last step is to bake this for 15 minutes and then I’m going to show you the result in just a second so I Think that’s like a good consistency for bread Let’s see if we can get a perfect slice That Actually looks pretty good on this side. We’ve got Oprah’s skinny cornbread and on this side We’ve got my very own skinny cornbread I haven’t tried it yet But I’ve removed two slice us to make it look just like the one in the picture and this one looks a little bit more flat mine’s probably got too much flour because I didn’t follow the Measurements you guys be the judge of this because I’ve never had cornbread Before so this is really terrible and I sucked at it. Um. I actually don’t think it’s that bad I Really like it though and also the recipe was very easy to follow I don’t know what part of this is skinny though because this doesn’t is healthy it tastes incredible a Little heavy and a little car before breakfast, but you guys know me my life is a mess. This is very appropriate It’s a little bit later in the day and for afternoon snack I’ve decided we’re going to be making Some breakfast cookies welcome to my channel where literally nothing makes sense If you look at the ingredients this recipe doesn’t have eggs or flour or anything and healthy so this should be very interesting Honestly, Oprah I am way too trashy for this these are more or less the ingredients that you need for this recipe I messed up In some of these like these were supposed to be raisin So I messed up And I got sweet dried blueberries and also the flour was supposed to be out flour but I couldn’t find it so I go almond flour inside which was very expensive I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Oprah doesn’t play around with ingredient costs because these are very pricey cookies I don’t know where they look like iPod all over my baking tray, but I swear this doesn’t come off I haven’t really tried pop your baking paper doesn’t stick to this you can always spray it The first step of the recipe is to grab some of your rolled oats I’ve got no idea what the differences between rolled oats or normal oats. Oh I don’t think I need that many oops Opera sings you should cook this for about 15 minutes in the oven so that’s what we’re gonna do So I’m gonna try to peel this off without Removing too much of the skin my mom is so triggered because I used to do be really bad at this Especially with potatoes this part of the video comes with a trigger warning because I’m really bad at chopping things, so just so you know One of the most surprising things in life for me is that I’ve managed to come all the way here with ten fingers Oprah recommends that we spray this before we cook the apples so we’re just gonna have the apples in there I Love how delicate I am Medium heat, maybe I don’t know it doesn’t specify so while that’s happening we’re gonna mash four bananas I know this like healthy recipes involve a lot of multitasking, and I’m not very good at it Too many steps in time I know there’s a specific tool to mash bananas but honestly I spent all my money on this vid video so So we’re gonna add the apples to the mashed banana So this is good sir to this we need to add some apple juice which is a little bit weird Who am I to judge? Oprah if she says add apple juice. That’s what I’m gonna do We’re gonna add some of our toasted oats, and this is very very hot and kind of scared So we’re gonna add the blueberries as well you were supposed to buy them already chopped but they were way more expensive and I Can’t afford to make these videos every other day Any less place we’re gonna add some of the almond flour this was supposed to be old flour, but I couldn’t find it I’m gonna add a lot of flavor because I have a feeling that this is gonna have like no sugar and At least it’s gonna taste good. We’re gonna combine this The only thing left to do is just shape the cookies This definitely doesn’t look as appetizing as normal cookies when you’re making it According to the recipe guys we should cook these for about 12 to 15 minutes I’m going to show you the result in just a second. They are very very soft, so this is a very difficult task On this side we’ve got Oprah’s breakfast cookies. They look amazing in golden and beautiful, and then on this side. We’ve got My own breakfast coke is I might write to say that this looks kind of grayish it Just looks very sad in comparison to these ones you guys know that I say nothing but the truth especially when it comes to healthy food and these actually smell really nice I Can you know with the fact that there’s no sugar in this and they actually taste very sweet I think it’s the apples and the blueberries and everything They’re even worth the amount of steps that it took to make them. They’re honestly better than the oatmeal cookies a subway I said they are 110 percent recommend that you make this For dinner I really wanted to make something very classically American So I found this recipe for unn fried chicken And he basically got my attention because he said on fried chicken instead of just fried chicken And it still looks really good. It looks just like fried chicken These are the ingredients that we’re going to be using to make Oprah’s and Fried Chicken basically We’re using only chicken thighs because it was a lot cheaper in complete honesty And I didn’t want to cut like a whole chicken because I’m not going skilled enough for that I don’t think so don’t come for me because I’m using only chicken thighs Oprah’s first step is to add some buttermilk to a bowl The second ingredient is supposed to be Louisiana Hot Sauce like according to Oprah That’s the best spicy sauce but I couldn’t find any in England so instead. I’m gonna be using some Cholula hot sauce I hope that’s remotely similar So to this we’re gonna add the chicken I’m not gonna do the whole chicken because there’s only one of me Okay Hopefully when we eat it’s gonna have a very nice buttermilk spicy flavor according to Oprah’s recipe we’re gonna mix all these seasonings like black pepper cayenne pepper like garlic onion and The cheese and also the bread crumbs in like a freezing bag I’m actually gonna do this in like a double freezing bag because I think this is gonna burst and go everywhere I’m gonna start with a little bit of salt some black pepper some Cayenne pepper as well Garlic powder And also some onion powder This is supposed to be Parmesan cheese, but this is the cheapest one I could find I don’t think this is actually Parmesan cheese Oprah is shook with my poor choices This is basically the biggest failure in the whole video because you’re supposed to use wholemeal bread crumbs But I couldn’t find that anywhere I honestly couldn’t so I’m just using normal bread crumbs so I guess we shake this a little bit now This is kind of fun actually Do you guys it probably only looks like bread crumbs buddy smells really cheesy like peppery smells really good not gonna lie This is actually a really good technique, and I’m definitely gonna start doing this every time I have to like use bread crumbs for anything oh oh Why can’t I do anything right? I guess we just give this a shake and Hopefully the chicken is gonna. Be coated. Why does he feel like nothing is happening? I am using the same baking sheet from the cookies earlier Because I don’t have anymore so that’s all I’ve got for this video. There’s a freaking storm outside I’m not gonna walk to the shop. I have to be honest. I don’t really like this Oprah method I think this really works for like one piece of chicken not four Okay this one is not too bad as well what I’m gonna. Do is just pour this on top This is so messy Oprah is crying right now watching this video you probably think that I’d clean this before I cook it But I cannot really bother guys. This is gonna fail either way I just know that this one is just not gonna work out because Making fried or unfried chicken is way too complicated for me This is supposed to cook for about 30 minutes now. All right guys so in this side We’ve got Oprah’s and fried chicken and on this side. We’ve got my very own unfried chicken I’m gonna say that it doesn’t look that bad on camera because in real life This is a lot darker than it looks on camera Knowing me you guys probably think that I actually left is in the oven for too long but I actually Didn’t I think you really did need the extra time because I think the chicken underneath was a little bit raw and I’m not down To eating raw chicken. I know it’s gonna be very wet because we used a lot of buttermilk But hopefully it’s not gonna be raw that looks cooked to me. I think Oh my god, I know you guys probably definitely remember. This is actually really really good Not even joking I know this looks like a freaking hot mess, but this actually tastes good It is some of the most flavorful chicken. I’ve ever had this is better than KFC. It’s like KFC Homemade when it comes to the recipe when it comes to reviewing Oprah’s book I have to give it to them This is like 10 out of 10 The only bad thing is that I overcook this because my chicken pieces were really big This is by far the best thing. I’ve ever had today. I love this This is a recipe to try it from Oprah’s cookbook and that’s basically it for this video guys if you enjoyed this video Please don’t forget to give it a like only if you liked it if you didn’t don’t bother if you guys have been subscribed to My channel yet all you have to do is scroll down and find that little bell And if you press that Bell every time I put up a new food video guys receive a notification On your phones or on your laptop. I think that’s about it I love you guys, and I will see you on my next video. Bye. Bye