– Really embarrassed to show you but this is part of the video. (dramatic music)
This is fully like a zombie movie just of my feet. (upbeat music) Alright, so awhile ago there
was this Baby Foot Peel foot mask thing that was doing
the rounds on social media, and it legitimately
looked like it took off your entire foot skin. I never got to try it,
but I found this thing in Ulta the other day. And it’s upside down. This thing, which I
think is pretty similar. Now this is only about
seven or eight bucks, so it’s pretty cheap. I wanna see if it’s as
extreme as the other one. I just feel like it might
be a bit of a gimmick. It’s called Changing U
Magic Foot Peeling Shoes. So you put them on like little booties and just sit around in them I think. I have quite dry skin on my feet. I’ve always walked
around without shoes on, or with sandals on, which I think rub your
heels and make them hard. The best part of the entire product is what it says on the back. “Steps that can transform
an average looking woman “into an attractive lady.” I wasn’t aware the state of my feet is what made me attractive or not. Alright, so it doesn’t say you have to put your feet in
water first or anything, you just shove these right on. So let’s get going. (playful music) Oh (laughs) what’s that? I think this is how you do the booties up. You like wrap them around
and you attach them. Now these are supposed to stay on until the liquid is soaked up. There’s liquid in it? Oh my god, they’re just little booties! This is so cute. Oh it’s wet inside, okay, yeah. It smells pretty good actually. It smells very fruity. Put sheets on your feet. Keep both sheets on your feet and wait until your foot
skin absorb the liquid, in around an hour or an hour and a half. (playful music) Oh that feels so weird. Oh, it’s kind of warm and liquidy. It just feels like if you’re
really sweaty with socks on after you’ve like worked out. It’s pretty gross. (playful music) Feet are done. I don’t know if you cen hear this, but it is squelching. (shoes squishing) This is all going to be
soaked up by my feet. I don’t know how I feel about that. So its been about 45 minutes, and they’re starting
to sting a little bit. Which is not ideal. So its been an hour, it’s still wet. It feels like when you
put like tea tree oil or something menthol on your skin. I just want this (bleeping) to soak up so I can take these boots off. Pretty sure these are
never going to dry out. Its been on for over an hour and a half and it is not dry. There is no way my feet have
soaked up enough liquid. I’m gonna take them off now
’cause they’re so uncomfortable. You know when you’ve
been in the bath too long and you start getting like all wrinkly? I feel like my feet look
exactly like that right now. Oh, yep, yep, very pruny. Alright so now I have to wash my feet, and I just wait for the skin to fall off. (upbeat music) I just came back from
the Renaissance Fair. Please ignore that sentence. I was walking around all
day and I just realized they’re starting to peel! I’m like, stupidly excited about it. Look at this bad boy, ew! So that was only day three today, but I was starting to
feel really pessimistic that this just like
wasn’t gonna work at all. Now though, I don’t know
how to stop picking it. But it specifically
says on the instructions don’t peel it, let it
just like go on its own. My toes are starting to go as well. I’m gonna leave like dead
skin all over my shoes. I was walking around my
apartment this morning and I’m like this feels really weird. And yeah, there’s like
a giant flap of skin just flapping around. I guess I’m gonna have to pull it off, because it just is really
annoying right now. Oh, that’s not that much. That’s actually less than I thought. I just took my shoe off
from having it on all day. It is so disgusting. This bit’s still left to go. That bit’s the driest actually, that’s probably it’s not gone. I was just investigating my foot further, and I realized that the top of my foot is in fact peeling, too. Not just the underneath. I don’t know what that means. It is just like an
apocalypse down there now. Really embarrassed to show you, but this is part of the video. (dramatic music)
This is fully like a zombie movie just of my feet. I’m heading to work and I’m
gonna ask some of my coworkers what they think of my feet. – I’m imagining it’s like
having a shoe full of confetti. It looks gross, I gotta tell you. However, at the end of this, you are gonna have like baby feet. – Your foot is like molting. I hope you’re not wearing
socks that you like. – I feel like this isn’t as
gross as you think it is, but like you can’t wear sandals. – It feels like the whole
satisfying part of it would be just like peeling it off. – Even if you exfoliate your foot, doesn’t it just grow
back really quick anyway? So it’s like I wonder if the
process of you doing this is even gonna like–
– Yeah. – Last that long. – So I just took a shower
and they’re like even worse than they were before. I’m just getting pretty
much really, really tired of this now. It feels really uncomfortable. I just feel like I have to keep my feet encased in socks the whole time but I can’t do that when I’m showering so look what happened. (dramatic music) (playful music) Alright. It has been two whole weeks, and honestly, they stopped peeling after just one week. So quicker than what
it said on the packet. It worked exactly as it said it would. It was gross while I was going through it, and I could not wear sandals because no one wants
to see that (beeping). And I had to wear socks in bed because I didn’t want
to get flakes in my bed. But it was honestly kind
of an interesting process to go through just to
like see it happening as disgusting as that sounds. They don’t like feel crazy soft, honestly, but they definitely
are a little less rough than they used to be. I can’t quite believe how much I’ve talked about my feet in one video, but hopefully it has been
marginally helpful for you. I think that’s it for
me and feet for awhile. (playful music)