Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today I am attempting to invent an easier way to make 3D face
cakes! If you remember a couple of months back I sculpted my first ever head out
of modeling chocolate and it took days to make and I still wasn’t happy with it
at the end 🥺 Well I had an idea the other day that I thought might make the
process easier. There are a lot of face cake fails out there. So bakers like me need a
cheat or an easier way to make it happen. Don’t get me wrong life-sized
realistic face cakes will still in my opinion be the hardest type of cake to
make but I think this trick will make it a little bit easier. Step 1 recruit a
willing volunteer with a face shape somewhat similar to the person that you
want to make. This is my lovely son Matthew 💝 Tip some bags of icing sugar
into a big container … lots of icing sugar and then when you’re ready … 3 2 1 you
want them to put their face straight down into the icing sugar and then come
straight back up! It’s in my nose! I reckon we’ve got an
okay imprint there … there’s quite a bit of loose bits that fell off as you came
up but we’ll see if this works. Thanks Matthew! Now you can see here this is a
pretty good face shape mold I’m not sure if you can see but right here in the
centre of the nose there’s quite a bit of loose icing sugar. I’m not sure if
this will work but I’m just gonna try and suction it out with a pipette … yeah
that’s not really helping, so let’s just use it as it is. Now I’m gonna pour in
some melted white compound chocolate you can use real chocolate if you want to
just make sure you temper it and then we just need to wait for that to set which
is going to take a little while because it’s quite thick. The moment of truth …
let’s pull it out that looks pretty terrible! 😖 There is a thick layer of icing sugar
caked onto it so you never know it might be okay. I wonder if running it under
cold water will get that off? It’s not coming off. I can’t use hot water because
that will melt the chocolate as well as melting the icing sugar and that will
ruin the face if there even is a face! If I give it some encouragement with a
spoon it seems to be coming off so I’ll just keep working on that. ⏰ Ten minutes
later and there’s just little bits of icing sugar left and they seem to be
coming off fairly easily. This has given a pretty good basic face shape but his
nose is wrong … it’s kind of squished or squashed as he put his face into the
icing sugar. Now you can tell from the chin there that he was sticking his head
forward as he put it in and his lips are a bit flatter than they are in real life
but I think we can work with that it gives us a starting point. The first
thing I need to do is a bit of plastic surgery to this squashed nose just take
off that flattened bit and then make a couple of nostrils. Now
we can obviously build up with the modeling chocolate but it’s going to be
hard to go down so anything that shouldn’t be there we need to take out
now. I don’t have another type of modeling chocolate I’m just going to be
honest with you so I am literally smashing up The Rock … sorry Dwayne, don’t
take it personally, so that I can use that modeling chocolate to make Prince
Harry 🤴🏻 Now if we look at the side profile then we can decide what needs building
up and to turn Matt into Prince Harry I need to add more to his nose and to the
brow area there. Because Matt’s lips were flattened while he put it in the icing
sugar I’m just going to add a little bit on top of them as well and then roll out
the rest of the modeling chocolate and add that over the top. I warmed up my
modeling chocolate in the microwave just to make it easier to mix it into a
smooth even color and get a workable consistency. I’m surprised but mashed
Rock actually makes a perfect skin tone for Prince Harry so if you want to make
this cake just make The Rock first and then … 😂 yeah you don’t have to do that! If
you want to know how to color fondant I’ve got a whole video on how to do that
the same coloring will apply to modeling chocolate. Cut around where the eye is …
having a firm piece of chocolate underneath actually makes this super
easy. Remove that bit of modeling chocolate and do that on the other eye
too and now add a tiny ball of white fondant and spread it out to cover the
eye area. He looks kind of creepy now! Now Prince Harry is older than Matthew so he
has a bit more skin coming down under his brow here so I’ll just add that. This
is a bit like FaceApp … making a young face older! He’s also rocking a
moustache so we need to add an extra bit of volume for that, now I know this is
skin tone and his moustache isn’t this color but we’ll color it later it’ll be
easier that way we just need to get the shape right. Just add a bit of texture or
a long there so it’s not smooth so it doesn’t look like
his skin and now for his beard. Just a really thin layer of modeling chocolate
on top smooth that on the edges and then texturize that too so you’ve got
the lines going down in the direction that the hair goes. For those of you who
didn’t watch The Rock video, this is modeling chocolate not fondant and it’s
heaps easier to work with because you’ve got more time to carve into it or sculpt
with it. Fondant forms a dry skin quite quickly
so it isn’t very easy to work with for something like this. Add some texture to
those eyebrows as well and now let’s paint the eyes. I’m just using gel food
coloring mixed with a little bit of water for this and I’m going to
completely paint the colored circle bit of the eye, let that dry a little bit, and
then add a circle of black into the center for the pupil. Now to color his
hair. Red hair is really hard because basically in every picture of Harry his
hair looks different … when it’s outside mainly in the bright light it looks
bright orange and in others it looks nearly completely at like a dull brown
so I’m just doing like a mixture of colors it probably should be more
brownie than I’m doing but I’m going a little bit more orangey anyway we’ll
just see how it turns out. And don’t forget to add some color to his eyebrows
too. His lips are like a brownie pink don’t make guys lips – pink unless you
want it to look like they were wearing lipstick. If you look at photos of Harry
his skin is quite red on his nose and a little bit blushed on his cheeks so I’m
just using a dry paintbrush just to dab on some powdered food color to add those
skin tones and that little bit of variation. I’m also gonna dust a bit of
grey around the eye area just to sort of deepen the look of that there. Now of
course this is just the front of his face because to be honest I wasn’t
actually sure if my icing sugar mould idea was gonna 🇦🇺actually work or not. So
it did work which is great but now we have to turn this into a head but it’s
only my second head I’ve ever made so I’m
sure you guys will forgive me for that. If you want to know how to make the
chocolate Cheerios central support that I’ve got here you’re gonna have to go
back and watch The Rock video. I flattened this on one side and I’m just
going to pour white chocolate over the top and then add his face on top of that.
Tip some marshmallows into a bowl and you want to microwave them until they’re
melted and then tip in some Rice Bubbles (Rice Krispies) and stir that around until you have this
yummy sticky mixture. Add that onto the head to just build up the shape and to
stop this sticking to your hands you’re gonna need to dampen your hands
otherwise it’s literally gonna stick to you and just make it the shape that you
want it to be. That’s not really quite the right head shape but that’s gonna
have to do for today. While that sets I’m gonna make up a few trays of my moist
orange almond and berry cake. All the recipe details for this are on the
howtocookthat.net website for you, I’ll link to that below and I like to
sprinkle the frozen berries over the top of the cake batter rather than mixing
them through and that way they don’t get squashed.
Okay back to his head … Dave thinks it looks like his brain is sticking out the
back of his head. I’m just gonna use a little bit more white chocolate to fill
any holes that are there and to smooth it out a bit so we don’t end up with a
really lumpy head. once that’s set I can add more modeling chocolate to cover it
and I’m gonna add that in strips just to make it easier to handle.
Just press along the join where it meets the face.
We need ears of course. I really should look at a picture of an ear
because I can’t quite remember what they look like apart from weird when you
really look at them 👂🏻and I know this is not quite right but it’s the best you’re
gonna get today because it’s getting kind of late. Add a strip for where his
beard meets his hair and conveniently covers the face join and blend that in a
bit and texturize it. I’m running short on modeling chocolate so I’m gonna have
to swap and start using fondant for his hair. See how this is drying out already
because it’s fondant I only just put it on and it’s already had too
it’s already starting to crumble so I can’t do much to shape that front bit.
So I’m going to have to add one little section at a time and texturize it
rather than adding it all at once. I’m also going to cut some little extra bits
a little bit at a time and add those in for hairs that are sticking up a bit.
then use gel food coloring to add a bit more color variation to the hair and
make it match the beard. Angle the head where you want it to be and build up the
cake around it I’m just layering that with an orange buttercream. Place the
shoulder template in front of the cake and cut around the shape of the paper
and then carve a little bit off the front of the shoulders to round them out
so they’re not quite so square and then you want to cover that in buttercream.
add a piece of fondant for the front of his shirt and then put another strip
right down the middle there and add the collar around the neck. cut a little
circle and add a couple of little dots or little holes so it looks like a
button and put that on and then cut yourself a rectangle of black and kind
of squish it kind of fold it in the center and then wrap some extra black
around the middle to make a bowtie and we’re going to leave this flat on the
baking paper to dry out. Now I need more black fondant and cake decorating stores
are not open at this time of night so I’m going to get some sleep and come
back to this tomorrow 😴 Roll out some black fondant and chuck 🇦🇺
that over one shoulder. Trim it to size and then press down using the back of a
knife where the shoulder seam is on a jacket. Then add a couple of little
creases at the join to make it look more like fabric and a seam across the top of
his shoulder. Use the template to cut and add the extra pieces of black to the
jacket and then put on his bowtie. Fondant will stick to itself if you use
just a tiny bit of water and hold it together for a second or two. His hair
is a bit too orangey in my opinion it should definitely be a bit more brown.
Having a face mold to start from definitely made this process a lot, lot
easier. I know he doesn’t look like a perfect Prince Harry but at least his face
is symmetrical it’s in proportion and he looks like a person. I did see a video by
one person who makes 3D realistic head cakes and it takes them three weeks just
to make the head so if you don’t have three weeks to spend on a cake maybe
give this idea of molding your face in icing sugar a go!
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