– Hey, guys, it’s
Candice from The Edgy Veg and today I am going to test out one of Gaz Oakley’s videos
from Avant Garde Vegan. I’m going to test out the
meatiest meatballs ever I think is what it’s called. Yes, the meatiest vegan meatballs ever. (calm music) All right, so I saw this video come out and it’s a pretty bold claim from Gaz to say it’s the meatiest
vegan meatball ever and I wanted to give it a try. Also, I was very curious about the fact that it has so many
ingredients and so many steps and I wanted to see if
I can pull this off. So I’m gonna check out his video. I printed out the recipe
as well which I will follow and see if these are in fact
the meatiest meatballs ever. There’s a lot of gluten
flour involved in this which makes me excited already
and tofu and mushrooms. Those are like my three favorite things. So I’m pumped to try this out. Aw, Gaz is so cute. He has such a soft calming voice. It’s like literally the complete opposite of how I do my videos. All right, look at this kitchen
though that they work in. I need more plants in my kitchen. He uses his hands a lot like
I do which I appreciate. No, we’re not peeling all of it. No, no, we are not peeling the mushrooms. So the base of the meatballs
is tofu, mushrooms. It says chestnut mushrooms but they look like cremini mushrooms so maybe that’s just a UK
name for these mushrooms and then vital wheat gluten. So all those things are super
dense and meaty, high protein. I’m going to put celery,
onion and the mushrooms that I did not peel
into the food processor and just pulse it until it’s blitzed. So we’ve got this one stalk
of celery and then one onion. I think I’m going to pulse those first and then add the mushrooms. (calm music) I would have thought
we’d have to bake these. Nope, we’re cooking them in oil. I actually like that a lot more. I think it’ll cook a lot faster. All right, so we’re adding
two tablespoons of oil and I’ll let that heat
up for a medium heat. Now we are adding our
mushrooms, our celery and what else did I put in here, onion along with garlic and we’re
just going to saute that. I’m actually gonna
switch to a wooden spoon. All right, now let’s add spices. So we’ve got some minced
garlic, oregano, basil, sage, fennel seeds, dry rosemary,
salt and pepper in a pan. I mean, I do really appreciate
the generous use of spices. Now we’re adding miso and tomato paste. So these are going to add a nice boldness to the flavor profile. I find a lot of vegans are
afraid to use spices or salt. You need flavor. Now we are deglazing
the pan with red wine. Love the generous use of red
wine in this recipe as well and vegetable stock and
bringing that to a simmer. Is this what it looked
like when he did it? I hope so or else I
really screwed up here. So I’m adding the tofu and
then bringing it to a simmer. It’s already at a simmer so I’m just gonna add
the tofu and mix it in. So it’s thickened up a little bit. Gaz says to turn the heat
off so I’ve done that and now we have to prepare a mixer. So I have to get my stand mixer to I guess fold in the wet ingredients? No, the dry ingredients. What am I doing? All right, I have a stand mixer, actually the same one
that he has in the video so I’m going to use that. If you don’t have one of these, you’re going to have to knead
this by hand and poor you. This has changed my life
in terms of seitan making. So I have vital wheat gluten which I’m just going to add
to the mixture or the mixer, mixture. And now I’m adding this wet tofu, tomato very carefully I think. Oh God, this is gonna make a mess. Just adding this right
to the mixer as well not very delicately I might add. I’m a lot less graceful
and poise than Gaz is that’s for sure. And I’m going to start slow with a stir and then kind of speed up as we go along. Okay, I mean, I mean, it
kinda just makes it’s own, I think his are firmer. I think I need to add
more vital wheat gluten. I’m gonna add a little bit
more of vital wheat gluten and knead it for another 10 minutes ’cause this just seems too soft and I feel like if I
make this into a ball, it’s not really staying in a ball. I may not have cooked
enough liquid out of this. This is why you also have to use your head when you’re following a recipe because sometimes you are the
problem and not the recipe. Okay, so I think that’s a bit better. It’s a bit thicker, not as, not mushy, what’s the word I’m looking for? I don’t know, just squishy, spongy. So we’re gonna roll this into
a lot of meatballs apparently. Oh, dammit, you do have to roast them. All right, then I’m going to
keep them in this roasting pan. I only have small roasting
pans so I’m going to use two. I’m excited to try this. It still seems a bit spongy so I’m curious to find
out how this turns out. Working with vital wheat gluten though is super, super finicky. I find sometimes I make
the best seitan ever and then other times
it just, I don’t know, there’s too much moisture
in the air or something. It can come out really bizarre. All right, so I’m heating
some oil over medium heat and then we are going to caramelize and brown the outside of
the meatballs a little bit right in the pan and then I guess it’s going
in the over for 90 minutes. So hang tight, this is a long one. Very delicate, you have
to be careful with them. I mean, if you have no patience, I don’t think this is the recipe for you which I mean, I don’t
have a lot of patience but I’m determined to
make this and try it. So the whole point here is to caramelize the outside a little bit, create a nice browned, oops, color. Some of them are not balls anymore. They’re more like little meaty lumps. I love the use of red wine,
vegetable stock, miso. All of his recipes have good
well rounded flavor profiles so I’m super pumped to try that. Because I don’t have one big roasting pan and I’m doing two separate
ones, I’m going to mix the broth like the roasting broth in just a bowl so we’re adding some
wine, vegetable broth, tomatoes and then salt,
pepper, what’s this? Salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary. All right, we are going
to add the roasting broth and a bay leaf to each one of these pans and then cover it with aluminum foil. Trying to do this as evenly as possible hence the ladle here. Oh, my timer, thank you. It smells amazing in here so
I’m super pumped to try this. Nailed it and now covering
it with aluminum foil. That’s how they say it in England. Being authentic to Gaz himself, aluminum. It’s such a more refined
way than aluminum. Aluminum foil. Anyway, I’m gonna cover that. Okay, so I have to preheat my
oven to 175 degrees Celsius which is 350 Fahrenheit. So we’re cooking that for 90 minutes. That’s a long one. Wow, perfect. Okay, so he suggest making a quick sauce and then gives the recipe so that’s what I’m going to make now. Going to add some oil to a saucepan. We’re going to saute
some garlic and onion, a base of any good sauce. All right, now I’m adding
salt, pepper and thyme. I think it’s thyme. Is it thyme, yes. He uses fresh thyme but not really something I have
on hand all the time, thyme. Seasoning, cook until golden. What’s golden, the onion? What’s golden? I’m just gonna cook it
for a couple minutes and then I’m deglazing
the pan with red wine. All right, I’m going to add the wine, a can of chopped tomato and
then about half a cup of water. Adding the tomato puree and then we are going to
bring that to a simmer. Gaz suggests that he likes
to pan fry the meatballs before he serves them. I’m just gonna pan fry some of them and then try the pan fried ones versus the ones straight out of the oven. (calm music) All right, guys, I
cooked up some spaghetti. I have tossed it in the sauce. I’ve added the fried meatballs. I’m also going to try the
meatballs on their own but I’m super pumped to give this a try. I’m gonna go right for the
meatball with the sauce first. I mean, it looks super meaty. I think I could have actually cut down on the liquid a little bit. It is a little bit spongy so the next time I make this
which I think I will again because these smell so good,
we’ll see after I’ve tasted it. The tofu mixture I would
definitely cook down a little bit more so it’s
not as liquidy, not as spongy ’cause I did knead it for about 10 minutes but all right, let’s dig in. It’s really good. Mm, it’s very salty. It definitely has that umami flavor. I love salt so it’s not too salty for me. I do think that if
you’re sensitive to salt, you might think it’s a bit too salty but I think it’s really tasty. Try the sauce. Mm, yeah, this is a winner for sure. It’s very good. There’s a little bit of spice in there and I don’t know why that is. Maybe it’s just the pepper, cooking pepper for a long time maybe but it is a little bit spicy which I love. Yeah, I think it’s definitely the pepper. This is definitely an amazing recipe. Gaz, you killed it. I have some ideas for how to evolve this a little bit on my own and kind of maybe come up
with my own version of it too but I love this. So this is the pan fried ones. Without being pan fried though, I wanted to give a little
taste test here on their own. So this is pan fried and this is not. Guess we’ll go with the not. Okay. I think the difference mainly is because it has a different mouth feel because of the oil like it
kind of coats your mouth whereas this, it’s not dry
but it’s drier than this. I don’t know, they’re both
really good either way. You’re tossing them in sauce either way. So they’re delicious. Actually, I think I like
the pan fried one more. Maybe it just caramelizes
it a little bit more. Well, if you guys liked this recipe, make sure to give this
video a big thumbs up. If you’re new here, hit
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you want me to try and I will give it a try. That was a redundant sentence
but you know what I mean. Okay, see ya later, bye. It’s really good like really, really good.