Hello everyone I am here today to share with you guys some food hacks and I have been getting so many of these in my insta dms I’ve been going through and all of you guys want me to test out. This is one particular video off of tasty That is a whole bunch of Shh So this one particular video has a whole bunch of different food hacks and a bunch of them I have never tried before so I thought it’d be fun to sit down with you guys and actually test these out See if they’re worth it and see if any of them actually work. So I hope you guys enjoy this video Give it a big thumbs up If you want to see more of these testing of hacks and different food-related things or more tasty videos Let me know make sure you are subscribed. So you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday and without further ado Let’s get into this. By the way, do you like my mug like, this is very fall to me Basically only use it in in fall and winter that’s about it, which is technically like nine months out of the year But still, so the first one I want to test out is actually one that I started yesterday, insert footage Okay, so in this particular hack you take a cookie and this this was so hard for me to do But I had to make them stale so they they are very very very very stale. Don’t get me wrong I’d still eat them, but they are, they’re like rock solid So the hack goes that if you put this in with a slice of bread it will completely soften up So we’re gonna try that and make these edible again Okay So slice of bread into the container and we’re gonna pop the two cookies in and then we’re gonna leave them overnight And hope that this works cause that would be such a waste of cookies. So I have the container here. It has been left overnight and I am curious to see if these are now Soft but also don’t taste like bread. I mean it is kind of bread but you know, I mean, let’s see What bread you the MVP here that was like butter like it made them like I Didn’t just leave them out for three days and I want to show you guys up close so you can actually see Like before it was really really hard and you can see it’s just like melting apart in my hand. Like I know tasty didn’t come up with this but still really good hot the bread still feels the same to I mean It has a little bit of cookie on it But like you keep it separate you could still eat the bread which is which is good Now let’s see if it tastes the same which is key because there’s no point in having a soft cookie, if it’s not gonna taste like it was freshly made, you know Mm-hmm No it tastes like a cookie, that is impressive Okay that hack is a thumbs up Next this one that I’ve tried before and it is peeling some ginger with a spoon and This one actually does really work Like it does get across like all of that outer peel super super easily You can see like that was no work at all. But this is actually a really really good hack I do appreciate this one Next is a hack for peeling garlic and if you have tried to peel garlic before you know that it is like a painstakingly long Process and one I will readily avoid by buying the ones that are pre peeled in the package and it’s basically taking a whole thing of garlic like this Smashing it a little bit with your palm and then throwing it into a container and shaking it around and that’s supposed to get rid Of all the skins around the outside so you don’t just spend time and like just peeling each of the different sections first I’m going to crush it Okay. I’m not that strong then taking it all the sections Putting them all into here you will note Not peeling any of them. So this is what it looks like before. All right, let’s get these skins off All right, let’s see if that’s enough see here we got the end result Some of them are fully peeled like this one. Some of them were not touched I wonder what happens if I chop off this end off of some of them and then I’m gonna try it again All right round two All right, is it done now, okay a bunch more have been fully peeled tada But still not all of them like this one still on but maybe it’s because of this skin piece right here I got three fully peeled and still not all of them so I think that if you’re willing to cut off the base and the top Then put it in here then I think would actually do a really good job That was something you did not mention tasty You need to do that first and going on with the same train of thought as with the garlic Apparently you can peel hard-boiled eggs in a similar way By filling up a container with a little bit of water and then putting the hard-boiled eggs in and shaking it around Make sure it’s a container that is fully sealed though, because otherwise you’re gonna get water everywhere So I have my hard-boiled eggs here dump in a little bit of water Now that it’s sealed up we shake Now here final result of the eggs and it does come off a lot easier Wow, okay. That was a good hack look at that Oh, that is so much better than feeling it and now I have part of my lunch done Okay, the next hack involves a juicing a lemon or lime and apparently if you microwave it first, it’s going to produce more juice So I thought I would like try my best to experiment with this a bit So I have two lemons here that are as close in size to each other that I could possibly get They even kind of look the same on the bottom too. So I thought it would juice one without the microwave See how much juice it Produces and then microwave the other one and then measure and compare as part of sciency as I guess So let’s start by juicing the wine that is not going in the microwave. Okay. Got all the juice out of it And now let’s measure Okay, you can see right there. That is about 50 milliliters worth of juice. Okay, let’s microwave this one. Oh My lemon is ready and I’m and it’s hot this is weird I put the other juice from the lemon that we didn’t microwave in here because we know it’s 50 milliliters and Then let’s go and get this guy going. All right juiced it And this one juice just over 50, which I think is negligible at best and so I think that if you have one of these type of juicers It’s just gonna do the job regardless of if you microwave it or not However, I will say the lemon that was heated up was a little bit more malleable So if you don’t have one of these like juicers The just doing it by hand. It will be a little bit easier, but that’s about it next time I want to test out probably the most intriguing hack for me, which is taking a piece of stale bread it’s a stale and Pouring water over it and then baking it is going to bring the moisture back into the bread and make it edible again So this will naturally I have to test it out for you guys So, could you go and get my baking pen and water my bread? So it looks like they have it in a pan, but I don’t think they bake it in the water They just coat it in water So have my water here, I’m just gonna douse it in water and bake it for a couple minutes. This is so weird Rotate it Make sure it’s got lots of water all sides And then I’m gonna take it out of here and then I’m gonna go bake it so the bright just came out of the oven and the verdict is That it is Definitely not stale anymore The bottom is a little bit soggy in some spots that may have been just me over watering it I do tend to kill things That I want ourself that makes sense bread plants whatever but just like right here and then there’s another spot, right? Here it is soggy, but like now the rest of the bread is usable So that was actually a really good hack I would eat this No, no, okay Next up is a hack for cutting up an orange and basically you slice off the sides You cut it on one side down the middle and you unfold it like an accordion And I hope that actually works because peeling an orange is one of the primary reasons why I don’t eat a lot of them except For clementines. Those are amazing. Okay cut Both sides and then it says to slice like basically right where one of the membranes is though. I will do that place right to the middle and then Tada Not really that didn’t work it has this giant like core in the middle though So that might have been like preventing it from doing that to its fullest. It’s like a little coaxing I mean it’s a little bit better It’s not really mine does not Look like the one in tasty like trying to like rip out a segment to see if it actually like looks better and is easier to eat I don’t know I guess to me that is a little bit easier because you are cutting right at where the membrane is So it’s a little bit less messy. You do have to peel them off but like it’s not that difficult It’s not as like ha kind of a moment as I was expecting it to be it’s not terrible and then the other fruit what I wanted to try out is Taking a straw and kind of inserting it through the middle of a strawberry to get the core little thing. Oh, that would really well Well, I haven’t been doing that sooner. Where’s this Huck Finn all my life Was amazing that was super easy and you keep a lot of the strawberry fruit. Okay, I like that one. I don’t know I haven’t done that before I’ve seen that all over the internet I’m like nah and now I want to test out making whipped cream using a mason jar and I’ve tried mason jar hacks before and they haven’t really Worked well for me. Maybe this one will be different. I don’t know So I have some whipping cream here brand new have an open date yet and it says to pour a bunch in. Oh No, is that good? Oh one cup. Hold on. There’s actual ingredient measurements here Okay one cup is in and then to that we are adding one teaspoon of vanilla and then washing off I teaspoon to use it For the icing sugar cuz apparently only one tablespoon of icing sugar that seems low But I can’t find my tablespoon anywhere. So we’re using three teaspoons. And then basically you just screw it on tight And then you shake it into a cream appears This is going to take forever, but I gotta time it Let’s see how long it actually takes. Oh my gosh guys I have been shaking this for 11 minutes And it’s still not any sort of it’s not even close to it cream. I don’t have time in my life for this I’m sure it’ll eventually work. But like I don’t know I’m out Look, look at that still super runny. Just get one of those little hand mixes from Walmart and call it a day. I’m out So what do you guys think? Have you tried any of these hacks before? Let me know in the comments or if there are any food hacks that you live by swear by you think are the best ever And use all the time I want to know Thank you so much for watching guys and make sure you check out the videos on the screen if you haven’t already And make sure you are also subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday and that’s everything I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome weekend, and I’ll see you guys all in my next video. Love you. All mwah