[Logan]YOYOYO Look at the tornado! Lets go! Brendan come on! WOOOOOOO! WOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOO- Oooooo eaHHHH Ayyoo good morning Logang wuss poppin’ (Logan screaming) not again [Logan] Sorry guys, I’m just a little nervous today Brendan and I hi, good morning Brendan [Brendan] Hello guys [Logan] Are going to burning man [Logan] It’s maniacle, mu- manicle? [Brendan] Maniacal? [Logan] Maniacal! It’s maniacal, maniacal yeah. Wildly disordered well that’s what burning man is we’re just gonna go we get concept of people being maniac Ow, oh (squeaky noise), Oh those are Lydia’s Good morning! I have a question for you. Come out here a little more, Come out here more! Lydia Come out here more! [Lydia] WHAAT DO YOU WAAAANT!!!? [Logan] Just take a couple steps closer this way! Are those your sunglasses? [Lydia] I like it better like this anyways. [Logan] It is all how you view life, right? Ow, (squeaky) OOOOOH LOOK AT THIS BURRITO!! The yeet level is too high. Yo, here’s why burning man is cool for me, but where everyone is finally like on my level of weirdness I’m always already all the time myself, but feel like not everyone else is and here it’s just it’s so beautiful everyone is just (squeaky) weird and being themselves and BEE A MAVERICK YOO! I should have got merch Brendan. And just hand it out to everyone at burning man Bro. – after burning man They can just go to LoganPaul.com/shop, or click the link in the description [Funky tunes] [Logan] Uh-oh, yo we officially left the main road. Bye land. Oh my God. Oh my God I’m gonna miss you (Logan screaming) It’s crazy cuz guys I don’t think there’s service out here I’m gonna be shutting my phone off literally my only source of communication Is gonna be these vlogs and it’s not even a conversation is there’s no communication It’s just me posting vlogs like no one’s gonna be able to reach me Brendan Bro, [Brendan] What’s up [Logan] This could mean drugs.. [Brendan] This could mean drugs [Logan] I’m gonna be saying that’s so often because everything here could mean drugs [More funky tunes] [Logan] The dust here is like dangerously crazy, the problem is it gets literally everywhere like it’s probably gonna seep into this camera [Brendan] Not my camera? (poor brendan) [Logan] Yeah, no unfortunately your camera Anyways, like I was saying, we tape all the crevices shut like the lens the audio Jack the LCD screen on the back basically, we’re (squeaky) professional [Funky tunes] [Logan] Last year we had a little issue with recording the entrance to have to scout your car to see if you’re smuggling anyone in (Logan talking to the security) [Security] Do you have any weapons? [Logan] The only weapons I got of these guns hahaha The only animal I got, are these guns! (Security and Logan share a laugh) [Logan] Hes checking the back right now to check if we have weapons or anything. [Security] Alright you guys are good. [Logan] Alright Literally, like what like So security here at burning man is obviously like a little subpar We easily could have snuck evan here, but I think it’s just cuz everyone’s here to have fun dawg like we just chilling bruh It’s (squeaky) Burning Man bruh! [Funky tunes intensify] [Logan] Whew! We are dusty, hot and sweaty but we have offically made it to burning man! Yo this place is crazy It takes like forever to get in here you have to find our friend, mah boi Frank, you guys know Frank. Also I gotta Pee super bad, so let’s go find Frank. (Logan paul screaming Franks name) [Logan reading a sign] If you’re name is logan.. 100% this is now your RV camp friend because this RV. Can’t friends are not little pussies if you’re looking for the pussy camp It’s not it’s not even at burning man. It’s at 1600 Vine Street in Hollywood. That’s where the pussies are. First off Frank can’t say that word of my vlogs, but I’m at burning man so fuck it. Frank? That’s Frank? Mom? [Frank] What.. What I’m try- [Logan cutting off frank] FRAAAAAANK!! I’m tired of (squeaky) acting for your (squeaky) vlogs. [Logan] Are you acting right now? [Frank] NO, I’m being mean, this is real mean. [Logan] This is real mean, [Frank] I don’t want to do this anymore. [Logan] Should I stop vlog-, Logang that is it for the vlog. [Logan] Good to see you bro, It’s good to see you. I’ve had some pretty like chill pee’s in my life This one this one’s awesome Bro burning man is off to a really great start. [Brendan] I’d like to point out that this is not the first time of recording you [Logan] You’ve recorded me peeing often, huh? [Brendan] Mhm [Logan] A couple times, I like it! What’s your question question are you tweaking about? Yeah? What’s your question? [Frank] Question [Logan] What are you tweeting about? [Frank] Is your phone off? [Logan] Uhhhh My phone is what I don’t even have a phone, bro. Oh I don’t have a phone. No hey alex bro. Alec alec. Oh, sorry, bro Ah ah it’s getting very real guys worst case man I’m just gonna go in there and like you know tweet some stuff But this is it Logang this is it the vlogs bro like and subscribe, hahaha. I can feel the adventure begin yo We brought the hot pockets Well, I got the text review saying 24 [Frank] 240 Bro, Theres eight of us. [Logan] You forgot a zero! [Frank] Bro I didn’t forget a zero. [Logan] Well can I check it on my phone? [Frank] No [Logan] Yes, Logang it is me you can tell because of three thing one because of the Maverick Fanny pack It’s not available yet I don’t know why I have who the blue Bandanna three the voice is more than three for the Maverick at five I’m a jock but I think the burn is about to get started. Here’s why this whole thing is good for me I’m not good at not having stuff to do here like I Don’t have anything to do like we’re litters gonna ride bikes and see if we find something fun to go check it out This is like a good little like mental reset for me. I wouldn’t call it a vacation, but like it’s good It’s it is good for that soul with that several. Let’s get this burn start Can I just say last year this was the Trio? We got Eugene. We got frank we got the maverick. You make like a bicycle and shut them up Listen make any concern God login for mocking me Frank before such a mouth when you’re talking to make like a bottle of water and shut don’t break your Knowledge incoming Sanic Japanese like I do told you guys pretty man’s good The rules about burning man what happens at burning man stays at burning man and also on my YouTube channel for? Almost 11 million people to see that doesn’t make any sense You know that’s bad. Well, it’s only getting worse man. Oh My God, bro What have you learned from trying to be beautiful? Beauty pays no no no beauty is within a tall wedding dress it. What show your nipple go get me? to say to me You keep on my merchant. Hope all that cop let’s go. We haven’t made any progress Wait, what about your merch? No no no no no no no oh no no no no. I’m get my necklace I’m free fine Your marriage is falling apart Already man Guys, this is why like I feel like these vlogs I can give you a little taste of what it’s like outside like whatever bubble You live in like there’s just desert desert. I’m Brendan I was gonna say Brendan, and I kind of taking it easy today following days. We’re gonna get like the drone shot We’re gonna get the gopro footage from like Dope Angles like time-lapses sunset sunrise today’s the first day We thought we ease you into it I don’t want to just give everything at once bro like play the hand yeah you might be a god bro I’m just looking at Frank I’m like that meant that man could be a god I’m not sure and the way his wedding dress has devolved to just like a Crop top like a black tee. That’s a monumental Wedding dress merchandise now available in the shop $99 per wedding track just for Maverick warning know Maverick wedding dress we get it now let me get to the tornado Holy I don’t know how to say this Frank’s Bike is Kayode Rusty’s bike behind me is ko yo You idiot you can’t wear wedding dresses They get caught I’ve been at burning man for like an hour haven’t get to have fun if you ever come to burning man No, please note this do not wear a wedding dress not to move okay. We got nothing to do with Chillin I just don’t like seeing two of my boys ko so a bernie man There’s a bunch of different art installations this particular one is the flamingo looks like you’re able to climb on top of no scientist But it looks like that girl is climbing climb With no legs no legs all about easy wait you work out scale of one to ten how safe is it to? go through like two seats to say it’s too safe is that Oh, this is not my Man Brandon is to my right You can bet his crazy. Oh coming out of nowhere. That stories. Do really guys We can’t see anything right now this happens about every five to thirty minutes here at burning man They’re five feet away, and they’re they’re hard to see right now. There’s a reason no one has daily vlog from burning man’s hard Yo like there’s so much stuff that goes into it look at Brendan’s hair right now What’s wrong with my hair? Bro it’s straight up gray Bro look at my hair, my arm hair is Straight up! The Sandstorms are no joke here I don’t wanna get the lens dirty But just so you guys know the lengths that we’re going to get you guys footage like Logan I’ve dedicated my life to this because of you guys another kid in a few cameras today. We’re Dedicated kidding. Maybe it doesn’t more for these like three vlogs Brennan’s camera broke just as we had suspected this bitch is dirty Oh this suit looking that was that that was the artsy camera that got the good we’ve been here for three Million eyes our numero Uno camera broken I can see through it. It works thumbs up Yeah, yeah, like we said before guys the dust makes it so hard to vlog here That’s why no one does it and also the whole footage situation. I mean look at her Yo, you have you have to drive to reno tonight. You’re like. I like to like people Gonna think you’re a hobo No, one does the vlog at burning man No one cuz it’s impossible Boss walk But we by the way you’re with not nobody you found with just somebody but you’re not with just anybody go fuck your with New gun as I never saw a new gun your gun lit gun oh That’s a peach brush ok little gang I don’t know how to say this but I guess that is the vlog I know weird today I know
But I told you guys like Burning Man is gonna be weird mainly because literally as soon as this ends We are starting tomorrow’s vlog I’m is like not a thing here so as soon as the stands we’re going right into the next what day but as usual if you’re not a part of the Logang make sure to subscribe hit the Hopefully lydia can get this footage to the outside world cuz like I don’t have communes of communication. It’s tough Lydia hi My vlogs let me rely on you You look you look super dusty right bad But yell if you have not copped your mavericks for that in the description low gang I genuinely love you And I will see you tomorrow Definitely not good, bro. I will see you tomorrow. Take it easy