We’re on the way to my meet & greet tom is coming for the first time this is my third official meet& greet But it is the biggest so I’m a little bit nervous because usually the most I’ve capped it at was forty people I think the one I did with Sharla in Japan I haven’t done one for a while and this one is a lot more people but I feel like I’m not as nervous because I’ve done it before that just goes to show you things get easier the board you do them So it’s just got a try and you just got to do them We’re working with a great group of people First of all a lot of not a lot some of the Tom staff and also my friends helped set it up put it together One of them is named Mandy. She was super helpful She did most of the work and she put it all together really fast in two weeks And then we’re also working with two charities and one of them is RCA P Which you have seen in my previous videos another one is in the Society of community organization So we’re going to be collecting donations today for them And then we’re doing it at kind kitchen which is owned by green common And they do a ton of stuff for the green movement And so there’s a great group of people mandis been sending me photos and Natalie this morning of the decorations It looks amazing. You guys are going to be there. It’s gonna be a really good day Natalie’s gonna be here and Taylor’s gonna be here Elmo son is here in the flesh. Do I taste aria? Oh, thank you. Oh, you did all the good I know They’re just messing me up special People here all the last ones get Rosie cutouts We just into a Japanese restaurant is for dinner. So excited to eat. It’s been so long Thank you guys so so much for coming to meet up whether you came or you wanted to come or you’re Supporting in spirit from a fire. Thank you so much. Today was a rainy cold day. And I know it’s a Sunday So you guys had so many things you could have been doing but instead you spent it with me So I just want to say thank you guys so much I had such a fun time talking with you guys I Feel like I got to know each one of you a little bit better. We got to talk take some pictures It was so nice and some of some of the people that came today Have been coming to my meetups for a while now. Like I saw them two years ago three years ago One girl even wore her friendship bracelet from the shale or sleepover. We had in Japan Made friendship bracelets and she still hasn’t she wore it so cute Another girl last meet out was like I don’t know three years ago here for Now she has a baby. She brought her baby. That’s crazy. I feel like I’ve grown up with so Rosie’s ruining this moment I Feel like it I don’t feel like I know I have grown up with so many of you guys how many of you have been around for a long time and Yeah, it’s like one big happy family They miss you they were asking for you They were asking real You were there in spirit in third grade form? So I hope to do another one soon and I hope to come to more countries and do another one Yeah, I want to meet as many as viewers I can okay can I go play with her that with you guys tomorrow Oh don’t joke Hi Oh get outta here with your garbage Having you up today This is the medicine that was made up for me it’s all natural supplements, but it’s meant to balance out my hormones and digestion because I have some bad bacteria and too low of some of the good bacteria and I got a drink this twice a day just like a little shot one Interesting thing is he’s he told me not to add juice or anything to it because your mouth needs to taste that strong bitterness because in the mouth is when you start digestion as most of you know, and the brain needs to Feel that to signal your stomach to start producing the certain acids or whatever it needs to digest so the way you can absorb it best is to really Feel your food chew your food let your body do it signals do its thing and digest it fully and properly so Unfortunately, I need to feel the rest of this bottle twice a day and it like I have to talk to sit here and talk to myself Every time I’m like to want balanced hormones too long good skin too long good digestion Do you want to be healthy you can do this Taylor? And it also has a ton of tumeric inside so it’s really yellow and it stains everything all the time anything I have to keep it in the sink, but my hands alright Here we go to health Like it smell so strong even when it’s just here so my brains already working from just the smell Get any like bit of breakfast I have left in my mouth a little bit of good taste mixed in Oh Next up we have a cocktail of water mixed with this powder form of vitamin C C complete powder vitamin C is great for immunity great for skin and then I take that with B5 also known as panthan II He said that a lot of people in Hong Kong are b5 deficient I don’t know why or what. It is about Hong Kong, but he said a lot like most people are B the bees are water-soluble, so if you have too much you’re gonna pee them out anyway, so it’s not toxic it doesn’t get stored in your liver, like other ones like vitamin A for example, so Yeah taking this is really good for skin He said not a lot of people know that it’s good for skin though, by the way Don’t take my word for any of this do your own research? Ask your own doctor? But I’m just showing you what I take every morning. I don’t know why I Just felt the need to do that today And then I mix in two drops of this. This is zinc and liquid form Biological zinc solution zinc is good for wound healing and He told me that wound healing is one of the first things to go when you have a lot of inflammation your body Would rather spend time on other things than healing wounds. So this is just gonna help me with healing my acne and acne scars So I have two drops to this Mix it all up and I drink this whole thing every morning Rosy there, you don’t Like oranges today is finally a sunny day is room raining and storming every day for I think the past week it seems but Unfortunately, I’m gonna stay inside today because we have people working on stuff. It’s really never end I feel like I say this every day and people delivering stuff and then later this afternoon the interior designer I worked with is coming over and she’s gonna look at everything to see what we’re still missing and Tomorrow we’re gonna go shopping for the final touches of my home That’s the most exciting part and I’m gonna take you guys with me for that too. But yeah, I’m gonna be here all day I need to get this speech done. I Have done the skeleton of it But working for from home is really hard because you have to be super disciplined So I’m not gonna do today is go to the gym For two hours because suddenly I think I need to become a bodybuilder to avoid writing a speech and then I come back Shower and start working from my bed and then turn on Netflix or YouTube and get distracted I am gonna sit in this chair And finish the speech and then I can also edit a video. Hopefully if I get it done luckly Good morning, guys. I’m just sitting here eating some chicken and leek soup Which was there before I should have shown you earlier and listening to drilling, but this dude was really good I made it from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book. Let me get it cuz there’s a lot of good recipes in there Delicious And as you can see, I’m a little bit red for two reasons when I just ate hot soup and two I’m all fired up because I was just on The Ellen Show It’s so weird and it was literally just for one second But that’s still pretty cool because I never would have thought that would happen. I grew up watching Ellen with my mom I still watch her on all the time on YouTube. I don’t get it here on the TV I definitely watch segments on YouTube and I just love her So yeah Just appearing for once and that’s amazing and I can’t wait to tell my future grandkids like I appeared on Ellen for one second Anyways, I need to get ready today because I am going to go home We’re shopping with my interior designer Peggy and I think I’m gonna make a separate main video for that But I’m really excited to put some color and warmth into this house Sorry Good morning everybody It has been a few days since I last saw you and that’s because I’ve been working like crazy On this presentation that I’m giving to a university today He’s completely Consumed me is all I think about it’s kind of like when you have a big exam coming up and you basically can’t do anything Else because it’s in the back of your head all the time So you just got to sit down and I’ve been working at it and working at it I actually have been watching so many TED Talks because I’ve never done this before and I’m really terrified and I bought all these books on how to give presentations how to write speeches and I’ve been thinking and thinking about what I want to say I think I wrote something pretty good. And from my heart from my experiences We’re gonna do this We’re about to head out now I Just got dressed. This is my outfit I’ve got my favorite lipstick on My boss lady professional pants on and I’m ready to go I’m just gonna look over everything one more time do a full dress rehearsal And we’re gonna head to the school I wanted to do this because it scares me and I’m hoping that I’ll do well and it will get easier yeah, this is the one thing I’ve always been scared of I Didn’t do them that much in school and when I did I was scared my mom actually put me in the speech contest called kiwanis speech arts when I was a kid to Get me prepared for this kind of thing. And I always play sort of average didn’t do great didn’t do that bad But today I want to do really good Got my audience here You’re the best audience ever. I don’t know what I would do without you Tom’s coming Nataly’s come I usually have three options I have my full-on fully written out speech and then I’ve got Cue cards better kind of fully written note kind of point form and then I’ve got cue cards that are just a point form Things too much you’ll be fine on stage. I hope so I just I just want to know that I gave it my best and I tried my hardest because if I didn’t do all these Things then I didn’t try my hardest if I really sucked and gave it all my all and public speaking isn’t for me. It’s my first University my medical school So Tom actually studied here he was gonna become a doctor but he dropped out both dropped out of schools I reaiiy didn’t finish yet. I studied business a bit in Canada didn’t finish and I Then I studied nutrition finish that to Her in the parking lot and we are 30 minutes earlier than we need to be. So it’s good. I’m gonna grab some water Warm up the voice AEIOU Website wolf on Wall Street didn’t Rotten apple pie this is cold The name got you. That’s why they named it that now you gotta know your thinking was different I have to try it go to represent your hometown This is where Tom grew up actually not only went to school, but you grew up here as a kid She’d only specially be like this morning. Yep, you’re excited What do you think I’m going to talk about hop, what do you think? I’m going to talk about definitely your crazy face I have a good lineup I don’t Go incident 10 a.m. Classes just Yeah, maybe no one will show up. Maybe I’ll just be presenting to you until oh, hey girl. Is that a new bag? But I haven’t seen it in real life Yeah, it’s our it’s her anniversary gift to herself As a fashion and beauty mode very fun and association now Social-media influencer with the more than 1 million of cry over this is a very popular kilometer okay, so let’s I Just learned how to do boo boo sighs a couple weeks ago I asked not only how to do a PowerPoint you’d like people who use car parts anymore. So, you know try that They’ve never thought I would be back in this setting again, especially on this side of the room When Professor Kim emails me. I was like, I don’t know if I can do this. I’m really terrified of public speaking maybe you want to think about it and I thought again – really nervous about it. It’s living her best Hawaii things dole life in Japan I’m gonna show you what that looks like. I Got this thing Has anybody seen this before Cheating it is to be creative trust your heart and try if you fail Try again Or he wanted or like I lost so much baby For me, I was very shy to go to the gym at first because I was really insecure so if you’re afraid to go to the gym don’t sign up for a gym because I’m just gonna waste your one of your for Once and I never ever go back so I actually started in my basement by myself back Then I didn’t have YouTube videos to watch now You can watch YouTube videos on different workouts and pick once you like but I might the fastest way from you know lose weight was actually skipping so I skipped in my Basement and that works no faster But then I also changed my diet my mom at the time was following this diet it kind of resurfaced now again, It’s called intermittent fasting So I wouldn’t eat past 7:00 p.m. And I would mass burn while moving works and then I also controlled my portions I Really cut back now. Actually, I don’t eat anywhere And then slowly I got stronger and more confident and then I started going to the gym And joining different sports teams, and now it just comes natural to me Like I just love working out and I love being healthy to be everybody So it’s kind of a slow process that you forget and every single day No, I don’t flip tired if I don’t have anything to post article ii don’t wanna post It just don’t post but I usually so what I like to do is say every sunday before the one starts all planned out my Calendar on things. I want to shoot things. I want to post So I’ll organize it to-do list on things to buy things to prepare This gets super organized even down to my meal plan And then that helps me like feel better and post more on time and not be so stressed out If it’s really attractive to just want to create crazy viral video like a lot of people do pranks and stuff and that works Really well, but for me it was really important to slowly build it up because I built a really good strong Community that way and now at this point because I’ve moved so many places and I changed myself so many times people will so stick Because I did it really slowly. So I think you don’t need to focus on those things. Just create stuff you really want to create and Appreciate the work and the hustle and just slowly build it up because I think a lot of people focus on the numbers But you need to focus on the community even if you have like Nine people that follow you and they’re commenting don’t ignore them or plug them back and build that value in that connection Because then whatever you do from there, you’re going to keep that relationship and you can do anything Uh, yeah at first I was really upset when I read that moment and it really affected me what they saw it’s really insecure But now it doesn’t really usually I just leave it I lost about it But if it really bothers me, or I think it’s like really hateful for its other people or something like that I’ll just delete it block them and move on. So either way I always just move on because it’s such a waste of time. I Think but misery loves company Like that, they’re miserable and they just want to bring you down to make them. So if you’re going to just Send them some love I’m always just myself I was just make what I wanted me and A lot of people who beginning told me I should figure out what kind of content I want to make more to grow and split To that a lot of youtubers do do that But I was never interested in that because I can’t figure out what I want to do And I think that’s also what works for my viewers because they never really know what to expect. I’m always changing I’m always trying new things and they kind of like that and at the end of the day They don’t want to watch it on video They won’t click on it anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to try or anybody to change things up But yeah, I always just make what I want to make I’m gonna just myself. I have a question Can I take a selfie with you guys? Because you’re my first class I’ve ever done this with so I want to remember you guys forever. I Get you guys Look like I just gave you the best of your life You got a lot of fresh that’s all until I got a mind like crazy yeah. Oh My god I’m so excited to like live life now because it this has been like a dark shadow over my head is so nervous and now I feel like Anything I do is going to be elevated like when ie is going to be the best food ever no matter where I go Right now it’s going to be the best ever. It’s like when you finish this huge exam I’m talking so fast That’s feeling ever Didn’t you see enough few things today with my videos Oh every day with your face Look so nice right now cuz there’s food involved So we are at and right now that’s him promised me lunch Okay, we’re on the way to Natalie’s favorite sausage place now, I promised her I was able to get a coffee after Went it’s called paper and clocking here is called Bruno and the rest of my song apparently is really good. It only costs $25 for a clock here. So yeah cut in there now – Tommy Mack’s here Oh Get in the morning guys, we got every guy’s Wow We have a bit more coffee. Burst. I Am having a girls night tonight at my host for the first time. I’ve never actually had a Party at my house ever besides for Toms birthday. So never with a bunch of my friends. This is gonna be the first time We’re gonna have dinner when it’s my board games. We’re gonna watch movies and it’s just gonna be the best night ever So I’m just grabbing some groceries now Dessert first compound chocolate. What is that Trapattoni chocolate danish? And Some flowers gonna make the places. Alright, we are currently in City Plaza Anti-coup they got everything we need here. So next up. We need flowers We’ve got cakes from simple life and they have a beautiful bag think that 100% I was incredible Oh Wow, is there all done flour to work, this is what I did with these ones Mostly white and green and a little touch of dark blue and then I’ve got my favorite white roses over here I added a few little Branches to these little vases we got in Japan. This is very Japanese. You always see this in Japanese shops and hotels and stuff I always think it’s so cute in such a nice little touch I’ve also got one here white And This guy in the bedroom and I put my lavender up here cuz smells amazing and I want to have it in the bedroom Now I’m gonna make the basic Canadian nacho dip every single family house party I had from since I was born till now we have this dip at home I think many of you guys know it but basically you’re going to take some sour cream Brick of cream cheese and mix it together I’m gonna add a bit of this taco seasoning into it Not everybody does this but I like the taste and I like it to be a little bit spicy Here starting the little bar mixing the cocktails Lose here. She’s brought some chicken wings So we’re doing a little potluck. I thought she was oh those look so good. Is it black bean? Garlic? Lemon, oh my god. That’s the most amazing Yeah Whenever I come here I always make the most of it schedule everything back-to-back all day about lunch meeting with Natalie and then boxing later where it looks really nice and quiet and There’s a lot of nature but I love getting back into the city where it’s so busy and just walking around the streets running around the noise is how Just found these at the bottom of my bag they were mine comp card in Japan not only wanted one. Yeah, it’s really here I don’t think I’ve ever shown them this what never no, I don’t think so This one can actually look like One after G So weird cuz my dad thought I was hurt before Natalie an item came to Holmes expand cafe I love their life, and I’ve never know this existing because I decided to check it out The most sophisticated coffee beverage a nice popular looks like whiskey on it like ice balls Behind me Exhausting my body so sore really good workout. I’m gonna jump in the shower now and then I’m gonna heat up some leftovers for dinner You can do yours me my beer And then tonight I’m just gonna work on the decor video gonna do a bit of editing Hello it is Friday and I’m sat here editing got my blue glasses on you really help a lot Actually, I sleep much better at night when I edit with these I’m editing Hopefully I can post this tonight. This is what I’m working on. I’ve been pretty much working on it all day it’s the interior design home where one and yeah, nothing much going on today besides that I’m just writing on that and some other little work pieces a little like I have a Checklist of things. I need to get done and I’m pretty much staying home all day I think I might take Rosie for a walk a little later just so I can stretch a bit and move But this week has been such a good one starting with the talk on Monday. I really really enjoyed that I’m actually kind of want to do it again. I don’t know if anyone’s gonna ask me but Yeah, it was fun. And then I got to have my friends over on Wednesday my first sort of Gathering in my new home and the first time they got to see it and also we got a lot of stuff delivered so her home is really Gonna do a quick little walk through here Cliche video, but our home is really coming together now All we need is art we need a big painting here and some art here along this wall And then something above our bed But I am gonna film a proper home tour soon, and I’m gonna go into details and show everything a lot better. Later