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WHY you should care. I think your eyes are going to pop out of
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cream. We’ve had folks screaming for Joe’s Dairy
Bar and Grill ice cream since 1960. And you know what’s really cool? We’ve been featured in places like ABC,
NBC, CBS, Fox News and more, folks love our goodies so much. Plus, we typically win any ice cream related
competitions we’re entered into—both county-wide and regionally. But when you’re a 700 square foot building
and you’re cranking out as much product as WE do, how do we handle it all come delivery
day? There’s actually a FEW ways! And how does this information benefit YOU? Stay tuned! STEP 1: The Goods Arrive When it’s delivery day—and that can happen
more than one day a week, keep in mind—we’re fully staffed and ready to go. Between the delivery truck’s arrival and
the offloading of product, it can take up to an hour per trip. And yes, the entire truck typically is just
for our teeny weeny itsy bitsy little ice cream shop. So I think it goes without saying that we’ve
maximized every ounce of space in the building. Due to zoning restrictions, we can do nothing
else with this place. It lacks an attic, but we can’t add one. And we certainly don’t have a walkout basement
and it’s not very large, either. Well of course not, the building itself is,
again, only 700 square feet. So everything is crammed to the rafters both
upstairs and downstairs. Sigh. STEP 2: Fast and Furious Stocking Once the stuff arrives, my husband Steve will
review the product as it’s unloaded—both soft serve and hard ice cream—and it’s
put away just about as fast as it hits the pavement. Why? Because even in cooler temps, the product
can melt or be compromised, so of course for everyone’s help, we’re fully staffed with
all hands on deck unloading the product and stocking it in freezers as fast as possible. Keep in mind, this is all going on while we’re
getting ready to open in the morning, too. So some of our staff is tending to that, while
others are pulled from their duties to help put everything away while it’s still fresh. STEP 3: Reconciling While Stockpiling It’s pretty frantic because people are always
coming by early to see if we can serve them before we’re officially open to the public,
so sometimes we’re pulling that off but sometimes we’re also waving them away. We hate doing that! But there may be no choice. My husband Steve is not only helping to unload
and directing traffic—what needs to be put upstairs and what must go downstairs—but
he’s also simultaneously eyeballing everything and checking the delivery invoice. Because, believe it or not, even something
as seemingly simple as an ice cream delivery can get messed up. And if we don’t catch it, we not only eat
product we don’t need but we might also be short product we desperately need. So trust me, it’s not as easy for Joe’s
Dairy Bar and Grill as you might think it is, right? This is well managed chaos, I tell you! But there’s a method to the madness, too,
and thankfully most of the time the method doesn’t equal mayhem! STEP 4: Prep Product It’s not just getting everything unloaded,
stocked and accounted for, though. We’re often needing to pull product right
away to continue making your delicious frozen delicacies, often made to order. So, to be honest, in the midst of all of the
food-based frenzy, we’re having to pull product and prep special orders like cakes
(made with hard ice cream or soft serve), cake pops, edible raw cookie dough sandwiches,
regular ice cream sandwiches and more. Some products we make and stockpile because
people like them made the standard way, but if some folks place special orders—say,
they want ice cream sandwiches made with a certain flavor of hard ice cream like Cookie
Dough or they want a cake made completely out of Mint Chocolate Chip, we make it for
them. It’s all about the customer at Joe’s Dairy
Bar and Grill. We want to make them as happy as possible
and special orders is just one of many ways we do so. Bonus Tip: Get the Word Out Once we’ve got new items in or something
that was out of stock is now IN stock, we get the word out through social media as soon
as possible. Our closed Facebook Group is just one way
we do this; we’ve got a Facebook Brand Page, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and more going
on, too. So we have to cover those bases ASAP so that
all of our beloved customers—our JDB Family—is in the know! If there’s a new product in we’ll also
send out an email to our list, too. Now you know the steps we here at Joe’s
Dairy Bar and Grill have to take when taking on a huge ice cream delivery—and it’s
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