Hi friends Today we are going to do my favourite challenge Mine too Can you see all these items Do you know what ingredients are these? These are Ingredients for making ice cream sundae We will have fun today and whoever likes ice cream, like this video It should look like this always yes Should we start? Mom bring the 1st item First spin the mystery wheel yes, yes You first You do it, no you You spin it you Let’s do stone paper scissor stone paper scissor yes What should I put caramel syrup on? That’s what the challenge is add caramel syrup in empty bowl Then you will get next item wow.. Pihu got a really nice item today So mom if you don’t get ice cream so we will keep on adding these items yes That’s the challenge you will have fun Sister look, there are so many good items So I will eat it like this only caramel syrup for Pihu’s bowl for the bowl See friends The bowl is empty I am adding the caramel syrup Yes friends sister is stupid Is that a mountain Next my turn I wish I get choco chips Either I will eat it or add those in CAKE YEAHHHH That’s so good I will eat cake That’s so good I will eat cake Mom bring the cake fast Oh no not this I said birthday cake Oh you said birthday cake? How are you crushing it? Do it properly Cake will feel bad Aayu It will feel nice, when he will get in my mouth My ice ceram base is getting ready I will eat the last slice I know, you do want to eat it taste? No, drink your syrup Should I lick it? Give it to me I’ll lick it No no you will finish it Now my turn Now it’s going to get good You didn’t got ice cream as of yet Like you got it Take, Pihu’s mini cookies there is a design on it teddy bear’s The teddy bear is a scientist no it isn’t They look so yummy Aayu I don’t think so because you didn’t got it If you would have gotten it You would have said, these are so yummy sister When did I say that? Now I want ice cream Now I want ice cream You will get it when you spin Aayu got american nuts Mom bring my ice cream fast Okay Aayu yeaah My ice cream is here Aayu got his ice cream Mom I want 4 scoops 4 scoops? one Aayu that’s enough No 4 yes yes that’s enough aayu three one more Aayu will eat all the ice cream That’s it This has cheeries too Do you know friends? Aayu is learning english now a days Hmm.. me too Do you know from which website? camblykids.com Yes mom My ice cream is still remaining Yes I will get it But you spin the mystery wheel first Yeaahh I got tutti fruity ice cream At last yeaahh I got better than yours This one is good too Pihu got her ice cream too, in the empty bowl at least she got something now it will be fun, one scoop stop Pihu stop Pihu is having a lot of fun Mom I got my ice cream so late See his bowl looks so nice, and see mine caramel syrup then those small small biscuits It’s okay now you will get good items I got something Come on friends, let us see what I get Roohafza You got saved He is so happy see Laughing Now Aayu will add roohafza on cake It feels like I am making Ice Gola (Ice Candy) Aayu it is enough stop stop Now next round At last Yes Aayu’s looks full and yours Your is light empty you got it too Yeah But sundae does have fruits Why are you laughing? Aayu dosen’t know anything I don’t like it but I like fruits What fruits are these? what’s this? it must be pineapple Which fruit is this? so me add the whole bowl These are mix fruits, cut fruits How do you know? because these are mix fruits and have been cut I can see So I can see too but what fruit is this? must be mix I have eaten it before Maybe muskmelon now my turn Chocolate ice cream It looks like Aayu’s bowl is going to overflow today because he is getting all the big items mine isn’t filling It’s okay sister your time will come Your time is here, not mine here is Aayu’s chocolate ice cream First american nuts and now chocolate ice cream Woww.. I am having fun Friends you are enjoying too right? I am not Aayu do it fast, I am very busy Now only vanilla is left even if sister gets it I have no problem I got it No you didn’t Hooo now I should get it it’s okay I got chocolate roll I’ll add it in staright So you can see the chocolate roll This is not fair to me Sister got my chocolate roll Oh so you got my chocolate ice cream then it was fair That is called justice sister You have been learning english but you know hindi much better I will enjoy eating it so much I want to eat it right now I have added 4, I should add some more Oh woww.. then I will eat the rest My brother, eat it I gave you the big one You will have to eat Mom get the choco chips fast here is Aayu’s choco chips You said you wanted one No what is this, I want more You gave me 1 I gave you a big piece give me more I knew this is what you will do Thank you Woww.. It’s looking so nice How much are you going to add? 20 thousand I will add all of it do it, do it Aayu added the whole bowl No i have kept some to eat You will eat that too save some at least You could have saved some for me he didn’t even save a drop of it What is this happening? Sister even he dosen’t wants you get items leave it and give me all of these What should I do? Finally I got it What did I get? sweets Mom what sweet is it round round Laddoo.. no Peda, nooo Pihuu.. it’s your favourite sweet I like it I eat it very much but in sundae You eat this every sunday now add the jalebi in your sundae today But mumma add it in fast It will taste really good I want to eat it jalebi No Aayu You gave me so little even though I gave you such a big piece that was injustice to me even then I should give it to him, never yeaahh But then If Aayu was getting a whole chocolte sundae what was the need of cherries in it? right Aayu? here are Aayu’s cherries I thought I will get those red cherries but then I got at least you got something, see mine what? What what? you got jalebi That’s why Everything was fine, but then I got this jalebi Aayu do you know these cherries are made up of your fav vegetable Which vegetable? pumpkin huh?? What ? pumpkin It is your favourite vegetable You always eat pumpkin while licking your fingers means you keep on licking your fingres sister next round Poor thing I have cherry Now I should get something nice At last I got it Now I can’t wait bring it fast I want to say 1 thing This mystery wheel gets everything equal I got 2 ice creams, sister got 2 ice creams and I think if we cut these fruits into small pieces it will look like cherries because it is coulurful, just cut into small pieces My cherries, sister poor thing but I am not a poor thing anymore becuaseee… Look at mine sister, it’s full to the brim full, full, full, full His is all different mine is pink pink His is colouful, but has some black, some white Will you let me taste one scoop let you taste one scoop? If you would have said on spoon, it was okay but sorry Okay sister next round I will get a good thing I shouldn’t get dry fruit now very good Aayu, I am very happy What is the issue, fruits are healthy Then why were you saying you want wafer Mom bring me the rasins Aayu this is cheating He is just adding his favourite rasins do it fast Why are you passing time? I will eat some rasins Aayu, hmm What do you think, who will get chocos? Chocos I think I will get it because and wafers It missed by just a little At last Now I will get this The wheel knows whoom to give these things and whoom he shouldn’t because he gave it What? yes take it out Mom bring it fast Mom don’t bring it bring the bitter gourd But it isn’t an option I am giving it as an option But I am not taking it I will add in top of ice cream Love it, love it These are the new chocos Spin it, eat it, let it spin yeahhhh Oho Aayu there is no need of spining it Take whatever you want My head is spining now, seeing this spin I should get the syrup, because I got all 3 syrups Mom bring the wafer fast This is Pihu’s chocolate syrup Mom I will at least eat one Chocolate syrup on top of strawberry syrup You’ve made a wall of chocolate I have done the sundae nicely but the bowl should also look nice Mom give us a spoon, we will eat now get us a huge spoon, so we can eat a whole scoop at a time no It’s so crunchy It is very yummy yummy Even you can do this challenge at home you will have fun Okay, Tata bye bye Love you all bye, bye