– Today we keep on ice cream truckin’. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer. – Welcome back to day two of our two day ice cream truck taste test. Okay we’re not tasting ice cream trucks, we’re tasting ice cream, yeah. – All right and as a
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join and RhettAndLinkLive.com for tour tickets. – Now yesterday Link, myself and you collectively
moved Drumstick to the top of the leader board with 23 points. Will it keep the number one
spot or will it get frozen out? It’s time for ♪ We’re gonna take ice cream
from the old time truck ♪ ♪ We’re gonna taste
’til we can’t no more ♪ ♪ We’re gonna try the
treats and pick the best ♪ ♪ It’s a big ice cream truck taste test ♪ – All right so we got
five ice creams to taste and look, Josh, the creepy
ice cream truck driver is back to give them to us. – Hey did you know you don’t
legally need a driver’s license to drive one of these things? – Oh gosh. – Not surprising at all.
– It does explain a lot. – [Rhett] Here’s what we
got left, we got Choco Taco, Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sandwich, Strawberry Shortcake, Snow Cone, and the Ice Cream Sandwich. – Let’s do it. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – Okay Link, since you are icier than me, why don’t you pick first today? – [Link] I’ll have two ice
cream sandwiches please. – Oh.
– Two sandy creams. – The old stand-by,
the ice cream sandwich. – Yeah I mean, I like these because they, oh gosh, it’s kinda melted. – You’re gonna have to
just, you gotta extract it. – ‘Cause it gives you
something to hold onto that’s not too melty. – But you can do this, look,
this is advanced techniques. – But you don’t even need to do that and if you get a little
bit of that chocolate on your finger– – You just lick it right off.
– That’s just fun. – A-dink it. – Sink it. Very biteable. – But it protects your teeth
because it’s got padding. – It makes ice cream biting
possible for people like me which makes me feel empowered. – Now my mom also had
these in the freezer. Good gracious, that woman kept everything. – You might think this is boring. – It’s so succulent. – Yeah it’s kinda magical. – Man I forgot how good these
ice cream sandwiches are. – Did you know that there
are 46 ice cream sandwiches eaten every second in America? That’s 98 every two seconds. – I didn’t think I as gonna
go high with this one, but I’m very much compelled to do it. – It’s very, very, very good. – Not exciting but it’s so tasty. I’m gonna give it a seven. – Wow, a seven.
– Rhett. Don’t let me sway you. – I’m gonna give it an eight. – Wow. – It’s so simple but so good. – What did the Mythical Beasts give? – [Stevie] The Mythical
Beasts gave it a seven which brings the total to 22. – Oh, it didn’t beat the Drumstick though. (sign clatters) – Are you happy, Morgan? (crew laughs) – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – Okay, let’s get interesting
with the Strawberry Shortcake. – [Link] Hmm. Never had this.
– I’ve never had it either. Seems like something I
would have been all over but, now look at that. – It’s like–
– It’s got a coating. – Of confetti. – Confetti coating. – Dink it, sink it. – You wanna bite pretty
deep so you can get to the next layer.
– Oh really? – Yeah. Is that cake? – [Link] What is that
on the outside, Josh? – It’s a crumb coating. It’s meant to mimic the
approximate 200 seeds on the outside of every strawberry. – No it’s not.
(Rhett laughs) – Okay.
(Link and crew chuckle) – If you disagree with
me, I’ll just say okay. – Sounds good. – His feelings are hurt but
he’s being positive about it. – There’s cake, is it cake? – It makes it biteable.
– It’s not cake. I keep thinking it’s cake, it’s not, it’s just more ice cream. – I don’t wanna overemphasize
what this means to me but the fact that I can bite this is– – So if something–
– I feel like I’m always opening up a world.
– If something has a protective coating, you can bite it. Does that make you feel empowered? – [Link] Mm-hmm and I typically don’t like strawberry flavored things.
– I’m getting these very fast. – I’m more of a chocolatey
man but this is tasty though. – It’s better than I expected.
– A lot better. – I gotta say I like strawberry stuff. I’ll get a strawberry ice
cream every once in awhile but there’s something about
this that has a little bit of a manufactured fruity
taste which is rubbing me the wrong way but I’m gonna
give it a solid seven. I’m gonna give it a seven. – Yeah I can’t go that far,
I’m gonna give it a five. – [Stevie] And the MBs gave it a six which brings our total to 18. – [Rhett] Man. – [Link] Whoa. – [Rhett] You’re getting good at that. – Come on.
– I quit. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – Josh, I’ll take the
chocolate chip cookie sandwich. – [Josh] All righty. – Two of ’em. This sounds like a good idea. – Now I’ve definitely had one of these. They had these in the convenience store that was in our dorm room. – I never had one of those there. – I had them regularly. – I mean there’s whole shops
now that’ll serve ice cream in this manner like in
different sandwiches. So this has gotten fancy but can the old school
truck version win us over? – Hey did you know that
in Scotland and Ireland, they call these sliders. Also did you know that I’m
not allowed to leave the state by court order so I travel
in my mind by reading. (Link chuckles) – That’s a strategy. – But don’t take my word for it. This is–
– Yeah it’s really good. – This is really good. – Is it better than a
regular ice cream sandwich? – Yes. – There’s something about the
ice cream sandwich material that is really nostalgic to
me that’s making me like it. – Yeah. – But these cookies are really good and it also has chocolate
chips around the whole outside. – Lots of great detailing. I’m gonna give it an eight. – Hmm, that’s really good. It doesn’t have the crunch that I’m after from the Drumstick.
– Okay. – But it’s really good, I’m
gonna give it an eight as well. – And the Mythical Beasts? – [Stevie] They gave it a six
which brings the total to 22. – [Rhett] Look at that, they tied, ice cream sandwiches tied. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – All right let’s try a snow cone. – [Link] Okay. Snow cone at an ice cream truck? – Yeah now this isn’t the kinda snow cone that you might get at a snow cone truck where the guy’s gonna make it for you. This is pre-packaged snow coneness. – What? How could that be good? This is bubblegum flavored.
– How could that be opened? – Blue raspberry, banana cherry. They’re throwing
everything they got at it. Free gumball inside. If you dig deep enough. – Who’s gonna get to that first? – Dink it, oh it’s hard. – Now this is gonna be difficult for you. Do you need me to apply
protective coating to it? – Oh gosh, that’s bad, guys. – Oh it’s so hard. – Because it’s not freshly made. – Even strong tooth man can’t do it. Num. – I’m just gonna try,
look, there’s the gumball. – Where’d you get that? – It’s just down in the bottom. – Oh. (Link winces) I know what that tastes like. – I can’t, I can’t do it. – Now the thing I will say–
– Look at my chill bumps. – Watch me do this though, is this gonna give you chill bumps? (Link grunts) – Oh it’s horrifying, man. Click away, click away! Don’t click away, please. Oh they’re gone, they’re
gone man, it’s over. No one’s watching.
– It’s so icy. – Did you know that the
first flavor of snow cone in the 1800s was thought to be egg custard which could help explain why
my van smells so strongly of eggs but probably doesn’t. – Hmm. Yeah because of the history
of the item that you sell that doesn’t have egg custard. – That’s my story, I’m stickin’ to it. – It’s probably something else, Josh. – I cook a lot of eggs in the van. – I was not able to taste this at all because I was not able to consume it. – Yeah I mean this is just a– (whacks table) This is just a solid chunk of ice with some nasty flavoring on it. And a gumball in the bottom. – Now let me tell you, the gumball is absolutely
horrible as well. Zero points from me. – I don’t believe in giving
anything zero points. So I’m gonna give it one. – [Stevie] The MBs gave
this a four which brings the score to five. Surprisingly they gave
the Spongebob Popsicle a lower score than the snow cone. – [Rhett] Well they’re both
real bad so to each his own. – [Rhett and Link] Round five. – Okay Josh, we have saved
the Choco Taco for last. I think this one has a lot of potential. – It feels like it’s
kinda like the Drumstick but a different formation. – Right, there’s lots here. Since we love the Drumstick, I think we were subconsciously
saving this one. – Hmm.
– To see if it could beat it. – Okay.
– But maybe we’re wrong. – Obviously it’s a taco,
not a ice cream cone. I will say right off the bat, the problem that you pointed out about the Drumstick was
the nuts falling off and they’ve put the
nuts into the chocolate. – Mm-hmm, no nut fall off with this one and you know we’re fans
of weird food combinations so this is kind of a
Will It Taco situation. – A little bit. – And did you know in Italy and Sweden, they were actually marketed
under the term winner taco. – Winter taco? – No, winner taco. – I can’t hear you through
your mustache, winter? – Winner.
– Winner. – Winner taco.
– Ah, winner. – Now it squished so much when I bit it but I’m gonna peel back this layer. There’s a lining of chocolate
on the entire taco shell. – Oh wow.
– The whole thing is lined with chocolate.
– Look at that. There’s lots of hidden treasures in here. Is it just vanilla ice
cream because it looks like it has a chocolate swirl. – There are chocolate ribbons
in the ice cream itself. My only complaint is the
crispiness of the shell is nothing like a Drumstick
but every else about, I mean it tastes great. – You would expect the
shell to have a crunch. It has none, it’s like soggy cardboard but it does make it very
biteable from the get-go. So to me that kinda evens out. I’m not experiencing as much
of the nuttiness either. – Something about the
nuts just being out there just raw, right in your face like it is on the Drumstick, something about that is better for me. I don’t know man, I thought
that this was gonna be an improved version of the Drumstick and I don’t know if it’s
’cause Mama kept those in the freezer and she didn’t
keep these in the freezer. – Well your mama didn’t
keep ’em in my freezer and I am agreeing, this is not as good. I don’t know what our, what
did I rate the Drumstick at, seven, ’cause I gotta go lower. – [Stevie] Yep, you gave it a seven. – Okay well then, my
scale just ends at seven. I’m gonna give this a six. – And I’m gonna give it, I had such high expectations for this. I’m gonna give it a seven. – [Stevie] The MBs also gave it a six which brings its score to 19. – And puts it in fourth place.
– Ooh! Okay well that means that
the official best ice cream on an ice cream truck
according to us and you is the Drumstick! – Let’s place to in the official gold cone of ice cream truck greatness. And now this Drumstick will
be permanently displayed on Rhett’s mom’s bedside table. – Just give her a call
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