Hey everyone, this is Mei Yu, the creator of Fun2draw Today’s going to be Fun2draw a cute ice cream
step-by-step and this would be great to draw with the other cute foods and desserts from my Fun2draw channel First, draw a nice, big curve like that I’ll turn this curve into a nice, big scoop of yummy ice cream As for the bottom part of the scoop let’s draw a wavy line or a series of small curves like that and the cone can be coming out like this Draw two diagonal lines until they lead to a point to form the triangle Try to make sure the triangle’s not as big as the ice itself for a really cute look Okay, as for a cute little face, draw that smile with a tongue sticking out Let’s draw those big Fun2draw eyes I’m going to make this ice cream looking up This looks good and cute Okay, so there’s one big Fun2draw eye and here comes the other one on the other side And actually ice cream and cake are some of my favorite desserts They’re so good You can let me know in the comments below what are your favorite desserts that you’d like to eat Here comes the other big eye And little eyebrows I do think that the ice cream still looks kind of plain So to make it look even more delicious, let’s add maybe some fudge or caramel and some rainbow sprinkles or cookie bits This looks so yummy Just sprinkle them on top There we go If you like this drawing, please thumbs up, favorite, and share it with your friends Oh no, poor ice cream! It’s melting! Such a tragedy! Nooooooo Poor ice cream, it’s going to die! And the candy bits are falling out! Oh, what an evil sun! Evil, evil, evil sun! With all its evilness!