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Special Comments: Rick Smilow: An incredible amount of thought
and detail went into outfitting our new space with the best equipment possible. We recognize
that to be a world-class culinary training center you have to have specialized equipment.
That’s why we built the Culinary Technology Lab. James Briscione: Building this Culinary Technology
Lab really shows that ICE is committed to staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening
in the restaurant industry. In ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab we have a wide range of equipment
that you’ll rarely find in any other culinary school. A hearth oven, a plancha, a tandoor,
a vertical rotisserie and a wide range of modernist cooking equipment. Mike Brockman: Wood Stone is proud to be part
of ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab on this fabulous new campus. The Culinary Technology Center
here in ICE is going to be a wonderful augmentation to students education, their basic classroom
experience. It’s a place where they could explore all the culinary cultures of the world
under one hood. James Briscione: The fact that we’re exposing
our students to this wide range of equipment during their culinary education gives them
an incredible advantage as they enter the world of professional kitchens. Students will
have unprecedented access to the new equipment in the lab for unique classes during various
points in their curriculum. Mike Brockman: ICE has created a beautiful
opportunity for culinary students, industry professionals and food enthusiasts to come
together. Wood Stone is thrilled to help ICE students find their culinary voice. James Briscione: There’s really nothing that
we can’t do in this kitchen. Business Email: [email protected]
, [email protected] Website: ,
Phone Number: 866-221-3843 1