(bright upbeat music) – [Man] Food is art and art is food and food is in fact art. – It’s a bit of a stereotype in the chef community that
chefs are rude (beeping). (woman yelling) – Shut my nuts. (beeping) – Her restaurant wasn’t just food. It was a concept. – She really mixed up
the adjectives you’d use to describe food. – Because she knows
that a meal isn’t really about the food or the
wine or the ambiance. Or again the food. (upbeat classical music) – I’ve always hated. (beeping) – [Man] I baked and I’m a sad. – Food is life. And life is dirt.
– I don’t know what food is – Food is sex. (speaking foreign language) – They are Gods.
– Cheese punch was his message to the world.
– You fired me for showing up early. – It was definitely a sex cult. – [Woman] People did find
Glen’s food alienating. – Was it food, was it art, was it murder?
– It was the wild west out there. We were just flying by the seat of our pants. – A restaurant with no silverware because we eat off each other’s genitals. – I can assure you you will leave extremely satisfied.