(funky music) – Listen, I know you’re sick and all, but are you even trying to get better? (sneeze) (funky music) – Hey, look at it this way, there’s plenty of people out there that have it worse off than you do. – You need to stop focusing
on all the bad things in life and just try to enjoy it. It’s all in your head. – I don’t think you need to
be taking medication every day just to feel normal. Don’t you think it’s changing you? – Listen, you really
just need to suck it up. Like, everybody goes through this and you’re just feeling
sorry for yourself. (retch) – Why don’t you just go to the doctor? – I can’t. My insurance
doesn’t cover the flu. (retch) – Oh shit! Oooh. – Steven! – Fuck. – Hey man, that’s broken. You need to see a doctor. – Seriously, I’m fine. I can get better on my own. (funky music)