Gonna quickly Go in the vacuum cupboard and I’m gonna scare papa Papa He’s gonna get Pretty scared Cause If I Scare Him i get $100 (Music:Catch Me Knuckles#) Sockie: Mama’s gonna buy us anything we want As long as it starts with the letters of our name So Biggy can be like B for Banana And I for…Iceberg Lettuce! iPad! Nazzy: Can I only buy 3 items? Oh yea cause you’re only a N, A and Z Naz got skunked Mama: But there’s a twist And it’s really gonna help Naz You will only be allowed to keep the items you buy if you’re the fastest Norris Nut at buying your items So Naz has a huge advantage! Biggy: Why didn’t you call me a littler name?! Oh and there is one more twist There’s gonna be 2 teams of 2 All:I want Naz (Laughing) Sockie: Naz is mine Biggy: Best buds! We’re gonna do it No! Sabre: Girly girl! Mama: Okay let’s go do a challenge to see who gets Nazzy in their team One at a time: Ok Nazzy’s mine, I’m gonna- Hand’s down you’re gonna lose by me With my long legs, I can definitely win! (Sabre Laughing) You don’t even know what we’re doing like Long legs might be a disadvantage Sockie: It could be running… My mom told me once and yes doesn’t care how I go as long as I try and I’m trying tries He tries so better trying you guys are never gonna guess what competition we’re gonna be doing. You’ll be playing balls in sacks No, it’s right Okay, and the winner of the sack race gets Anything’s gonna win the sack race, um, probably me because Big E. He’s doing a to bustling go ahead I go me hey Big E humans everything come on say something else to say you’re sorry Thank you What’s your technique to beat as one with the back jump? Bag is your friends You jump with that spirit. Let’s try and go too far the back hunky back this little stack up up and down and Yeah Okay, this is the first time I’ve ever her sack race so we don’t know if they’re good or bad yet No practice you Compare this are you ready? There will be no handicaps Ready set go My funky Clothes he was like a mom Hey Jake is enjoined swing board these go over God Let’s leave me Sookie what happened to your tactic of being one with the same Anatomy I think which is really good because then they but listen to me by say stay at your stuff point Near I’ve had 11 things by madami only have like 8 Instead of Papa Riding this baby things Are gonna die if we go up sit and there’s never the dog is a chance. We’re gonna be more lucky if people scary guy sees no the door, you know, I think that oh Come on so good saying gets a PA. Not you. Well, I couldn’t think I’m good *Moan* Just like Europe the United States is safe to Norris that’s who wants to win some bonus time which will give you extra time you’re looking for your items in the show So what we’re gonna do is the team that can dress the most teimi Judged by a fashion guru, just never Norris Neville will odorous will We didn’t extra to me it’s bonus time. So that means if the other team wins Then you can still come back. You’ll have an extra two minutes up your sleeve grab a vlogging camera. You’ve got five minutes time starts now We gonna get your boy, I’m gonna get quite I’m a boy you’re a girl Nothing madness. We have 19 jumpsuits. No, we’re in a jumpsuit Leon. Oh my gosh know why they don’t know Green jumper Oh totally match Tommy’s too green, come on. You got fifty seven Twenty seconds left guys teamwork. I’m so proud Biggie nice definitely His outfit looks like it’s came from a fat since Josh and I finally get it weenie But not exactly it’s like they’re different colors because we’re a team we’re not exactly yeah Again with two minutes Brian song waiting five minutes. Yeah Way your feet seemed to throw I think need to shave you be before you do any judge. You mean you look homeless We’re gonna win this one where first we actually mag dancer with Deborah little younger dogs Or should I say I’m the cat’s because we have new kids They were really in time too, I think So their school out of ten Overall impression I give you a score right? What Babel? that’s Judge number two. What do you say? Their note it like they’re not matching at all They see they have no idea what’s gonna keep them introducing T number two And their score is pop Guys that could be the win right? They’re just sleeping We got you all one what’s your taxi exactly gives me three moves from What do you think the other team’s biggest problem will be What do you think the weakness of the other team will be that great and here I can you know Like chill and relax with together. Yeah. What do you think you trickiest let Aires? Miss Kazue. Keaney I So I need to think of something fine but just can’t be a food to be like something on the item but what is I – oh my god. You’re a genius I am gonna change the Bonus Time. You guys are only going to get one free bonus cause I think this is – He promised that All the legends are gonna be so angry Right now understand to be fair time. We don’t even need out one minute first time. We’re gonna smash you anyway Y’all want to take back your words now sake you oh, I will take them back Like I might be a slower run up a bum quick at divisions It’s fine. Just like kept being whatever you see I startle you latter night might be win in the end a good stop He has also played ice. The only one like I was like as made the camera. Oh you’re off it What did you hurt? Okay Alright there’s gonna be one tweet You have to buy your items in the same order as your name is bill. So sake has survived s OC k ID Okay. Are you ready? Yeah sit There’s one more to ensure you can only buy one food item Module a bottle never have always on my own socks with everyone else’s use a minor thing exactly alone Yes II so I mean, they might be telling you the chocolate or why we were gonna only get one food Oh Looking at this. Hi, Sophie. I will get this access to my Oreo Not this mean aerial we’re gonna go with you I’m getting some Same can’t get high What I already have my back so soon forget savers shoes and The one line Babel so cute They’re so cute, can we get them? Yes. Okay. Let’s get a blue sheet. We need a higher wall cupcake and you’re gonna cupcake look at these two trauma chronic cake that starts with one of their little spin a I Omg look where he went!!! Come on get the Lifeline have an unsecured Wi-Fi Don’t beat the bad energy and necklace with really what I can’t flies you can’t get this as painting Probably Biggie you’re looking for I’m not see what I’m gonna order up I don’t I’m really struggling doesn’t get go for Oreos But now we only can get one food and I won’t see for the cupcake. Can I please have free iced caramel donuts? Who’s gonna get over Oreo Schaben keeps the seat for like cupcake? We can do it ceiling. Let’s go get your letter. Hey Guys Now you did say what apples too simple but it’s an Apple pencil don’t hide them every hue and opal Oreo. Oh my gosh Okay, and now we get savor up what the cupcake Your cupcake Yeah much quicker than save I can’t don’t like clock okay, let’s get across the sea Maybe you o’clock, right? I think we need anything break with my Oreo. Yeah Thank you Yes, I can get this wrong babe we done so well Do the olivine I lose a duel by bad good job No You can so I gotta let a jeep all I need a little wine. Let’s go pay for it. So I mean think about this Okay, I’m gonna get a kangaroo teddy and they better happen they always have Where is it? Where is it? Where is my kangaroo Kenny? No, what’s that letter and then my throat that’s a lobster lobster lobster daddy One I love gimme one did you say yeah Baby Oh whoopsie happy I can do anything you can be Quickly Nicky Amaro not you can’t it is big it is it says yeah be no. It’s a lobster. Yeah be sorry And ticket to America because they would just want to get ahold of it I think this table remind me of the fun time. We had Australia with Sabre and also remind me of Australia How you going so Is this what me who cares just pick what you want busy up right or like begin? We just need care both quickly It looks fine I’ll be on you for sure Bring in the trailer Anxiety he’s only coming ah Good bouquet just can’t say we put it but you can own a cupcake if they’re weary in come on. I know Sarah baby boom When I have a bell on the checkout just go ding ding ding ding a bit be stuff the letter Y I just don’t know what’s could help use my Blow No, we don’t need 20 mm ZZ on an odd, but the stocks A bit down to a last letter. It’s 8 and that stands for earrings. Go people are You serious they’ve got videos yes, we need a prize Are you sensitive little Y little bubble letter wax and we need to follow that hurry. We need hard y’all Rightful item remember I’d be like eh item I can’t just grab a bag Oh Really okay. Why can’t we find why? Why saving me ain’t gonna separate right now? She’s gonna pay for all these stuff that’s gonna run through the last door It was my last list. Yeah, I’m gonna go get a race that by by saying go run And do you have anything that starts with Y in this? Start yeah, I know you probably you probably will be just can’t think of anything Hmm if I get kidnapped at man’s fault because I’d agree to disagree. I Just couldn’t get the e pro racer They just sold out y’all y’all gonna go and thinking ahead Means I had to go is Nick saber loads of pity and get the eraser some money Say it could be eraser We got one So we just did where I can do some shopping high school Now it’s gonna sprint back to the finish line so we can win. I reckon they’re already there I have a bad feeling and then me it like kicking right now. So we call right and I mean Come on 14:48 seconds after they got here Well that depends like to check what you got but if you do everything wrong I’m actually nervous for you guys Actually if you come this far and now we learn that one of your items was wrong saber I with this, okay okay, since I’m bored sake SoC kie I got SS ox Everyone steal my socks even say frame with my socks right now think of it. These are my socks for life like those song So that’s your point for food yes DUP, you cannot have another food item yes And for see I got a candle candle candle that’s like double points For K. I have a kangaroo TV So if we ever do go to America if so guys You know pizza for the holiday these remind me or shopping to save up today and Australia I’ve got and I attend the Royal days of you to bag. Hey, and I attend yeah Sorry, that’s an item Okay, but I thought I can Tony’s anything I’m not so sure about that. But show us the next time and II got eraser Like I knew this is some reason I thought I might accidentally drop something on the way God I got some Shoes said stay back. Yeah, very nice. Come on 260 are you kidding me? Oh That’s how much he’s found shoes No dialogue say Papa gave saber, he’s credit card. So obviously probably we got What do you think about these see and she Kind of pushing they’ll leave it to love it. Oh, we asked if they’d what you call this and she’s like, ah, I’m like, yeah We got this babe banoffee cupcake, but we don’t know it’s a bit specifically Its but not me cupcake. What was that cock been offering you what? What you get So I had to decide if sake and sabers items were yeah it’s like acceptable I don’t really know if they were What do you reckon beaks? Nah, why I mean fuck what I just like my Four billion B box like, you know I think and also those in your art to me that was a painting So I’ve decided the winner of this competition And the Norris that’s who get to keep their items I’m gonna give let both teams do it just because I feel like you’re a bit weed, but they were solid but They were still acceptable. So everyone gets their items