welcome friends welcome to another ice
cream episode today we’re going to make a double chocolate ice cream but we’re
gonna do it a little bit differently than the ice creams we’ve been making
lately which I consider kind of cheat ice creams well look at that just the
right amount we’ve making ice creams without eggs
that you don’t cook today we’re going to make a cooked frozen custard ice cream and I
think this is kind of the best ice cream but takes a little bit more work it
takes a little bit longer and often times when the cheat recipe can get you
95% of the way there then why not do the cheat recipe but in this case let’s go
all in so I’ve put some cocoa powder in there and I’ve got 2 cups of heavy
whipping cream which is 35% fat here where we live and I’m just going to put
just a touch in the bottom of the pot with the cocoa powder and I’m gonna
whisk it to start start mixing that cocoa powder into the cream if you put
too much cream in all at once it’s not going to mix in it’s not gonna wet
properly so just a tiny little bit and then a little bit more once the cocoa is
dissolved in the cream you can pour the rest of the cream in and whisk it
together if you put the cream in first and then poured the cocoa on top you’d
have a really hard time getting it to dissolve so I’m going to put this on to
the stove and we’re going to heat this on
medium-high and we want to bring it to just about a boil I hesitate to say a
boil because you don’t want to scald it but you want to get it nice and hot just
so it’s almost simmering before we move on to the next step okay the mixture is good and hot so now
I’ve got some dark chocolate and I’m just going to put this in and I’m gonna
stir this to mix and melt the chocolate might take a little bit don’t panic but
it will all melt and just keep mixing it in okay it’s all mixed in so I’m gonna
scrape this into a jug take the whisk and I’m gonna stick it over here because
I’m still going to use it so we scrape this into here just set this aside now I’m gonna reuse
the pot so I need a cup of homo milk 2% no not 2% 3.25% is pretty much what you
want but you can use 2% if that’s what you have in your kitchen the more fat
the creamier this ice cream is going to be the more fat the less water you’re
going to have it’s kind of a delicate dance to get the right texture
I found 3.25 works best so the milk goes into the pot and put this on the stove
put in some sugar and some salt now we want to heat this not quite to a boil
and it’s completely fine that there’s chocolate still in the pot now while the
milk is heating and the sugars dissolving into it I just want to whisk
the egg yolks now I’ve ended up using five egg yolks
if you go back through the channel you’re going to find other recipes where
we use 6 8 10 egg yolks in one of these cooked custard recipes and those make
amazing amazing ice creams the problem is what do you do with 10 egg whites it’s just too much I mean you could you
an angel food cake I think those use 10 or 11 and there’s probably a recipe that
I will link to somewhere around us from one of our angel food cakes but five egg
egg whites are easy to get rid of easy to use in other dishes so I’ve sort of
landed on that as a compromise for the rest of my cooking and baking now the
milk is the milk is pretty hot now we temper the egg yolks with the hot milk
and just slowly pour the milk in whisking constantly to fast and you get
lumpy egg bits the egg yolks scramble and you don’t want that you want a nice
smooth smooth liquid here so now that this is always 2
gather back into the pot and we’re gonna put this back on the heat the idea now
is that we want to cook this custard until it’s nice and smooth to about 170
degrees Fahrenheit and 170 degrees Fahrenheit is going to do two things
you’re going to cook the egg through so it’s completely cooked so if you’re
worried about uncooked egg this will take care of that and it will also give
you that nice smooth creamy custardy texture so put it in get your
thermometer handy okay now a little bit of vanilla extract and you put this in
at the end because you don’t want to burn off too many of the volatile
compounds once that’s mixed in now we mix this custard into the chocolate so
you don’t have to be too careful with your pouring just get it in there so you
don’t get it on the counter top okay get this fully mixed in now you want to let
this chill down you want to let this chill down before you put it into your
ice cream maker and there’s a couple of reasons you don’t want your ice cream
maker to work too hard once you put it in the ice cream maker you want it to
chill too frozen as quickly as possible they get the smallest ice crystals
possible and there’s two schools of thought on this a lot of people say you
should chill this batter in the fridge for 24 hours and that aging time leads
to better flavor better texture and all kinds of other things there’s another
school of thought of people who say no you don’t have to do that because it
doesn’t do anything it’s just an old wives tale it has no basis in fact you
don’t need to leave it in the fridge for 24 hours and so feel free to discuss
that down below I do highly suggest though that you at least chill this down
to refrigerator temperature which could take 3 or 4 hours so I’m going to let
this chill before we put it into the ice cream maker but a little taste just like chocolate pudding it’s gonna
be so good so good okay so this is thickened up nicely it’s some it’s not
quite pudding it still drips a little bit but it is nice and thick so I’m
gonna put it into the ice-cream machine now you don’t need to have one of these
ice-cream machines the ones with the bowl that you put in the freezer and get
it cold those work just as well but you do want to use some kind of ice cream
machine this recipe doesn’t work very well if you just put it in the freezer
and try to stir it every 15 or 20 minutes you’re just not going to get the
consistency that you’re looking for okay it’s all done off with the music
now you’ve heard me say this before when it comes out of here it’s going to be
soft serve and you want to put it in the freezer for an hour – just to firm up a
little bit more but hey if you like soft surf serve it right away so I’m gonna
clean off the dasher and scrape out the bowl now I’m putting this in a plastic
bowl to go into the freezer if you were using a glass or ceramic bowl it would
be best to chill it down ahead of time that just keeps it from melting the ice
cream when you put it in the bowl before it goes back in the freezer which gives
you a better crystal structure so into the freezer and I’ll see you in a couple
hours aha I found this in the freezer
you’ve been busy I have been so this is a double chocolate custard ice cream Oh
custard ice cream yeah hmm something there really is something wonderful
about a custard ice cream now if you live in certain parts of the US there is
a great tradition of soft-serve frozen custard mm-hmm which is essentially this
just served as as soft-serve and this is just an amazing it’s a really hot day so
ours is a bit soft servi thank you gotta eat it fast but it’s got that lovely
creamy texture texture you there you come close with other types of ice cream
to get that texture but this really is the only one that can provide that
texture so you can play with the number of egg yolks definitely if you want more
egg yolks use more egg yolks but I think five is a good compromise for this and
you could put chocolate chips in if you want a little bit of crunch yes you
could make it a triple chocolate ice cream I’m gonna stop talking and just
eat the ice cream because this is really good for stopping by see you again soon you