hi, we are fantastic family the food we will eat today is indian food india? yes, this is indian food I prepared various kinds of curry and various foods. This is a spinach shrimp curry. This is a spicy chicken curry. Chicken Tikka Masala? that’s right that is seafood curry that is meat and pepper curry this is samosa, I guess this would be Indian dumplings. it looks different from dumpling this is Yogurt salad that is tandoori chicken and shrimp fried rice and this is garlic butter naan let’s start delicious meal bon appetite thank you for today’s food i will help you, are you so hungry? Let’s put on a curry that we want to eat each holding naan I wanted to eat this curry the most. it is seafood curry This is Curry, which you said was a little strange. Just taste it for a little while. so delicious taste a liitle how is it? It is strange, but it is taste. If all is done, let’s taste it once. one, two, three delicious really delicious Let’s eat Samosa this time. It looks delicious. It contains potatoes inside. Why is this potato so delicious? let’s eat tandoori chicken try this how is it? pyori how is it? good delicious but little spicy mom, you are so beautiful please, more bread, hurry up If you need more bread, just say it. so good mom, is this curry good? it looks so delicious eat with chicken i want to eat chicken too so good~ why do you use two fork? mom ate the curry next to my curry. who do you want more naan? What is the best? It is the best to eat naan with curry. sarang, how about you? naan? one more chicken chicken is the best~~ Let’s find a way to eat delicious. look at this, i put curry mom, look at this It is a good way. This is so delicious because I take the curry i will help you oh my carrot,carrot,carrot mr. shrimp~ do you want shrimp? I’ll eat the tail for you Why did you eat a little bit of flesh? The children do not look at the spinach curry because the color is strange. but i love this Samosa is much more delicious to eat in curry. i will help you We were not going to prepare seafood curry today. It would have been a very accident if we did. what is seafood curry? Now that you are eating delicious. I have eaten this and that with my mother. that’s right If I shoot again tomorrow, I want to eat this again, sure tomorrow again? shrimp~ shrimp! do you want? mom, please eat the tail water, please very good! a little something in your hand. just a moment You eat very well. sarang will eat this tomorrow again, pyuri, how about you? i will eat this, too naan with curry is so good i will eat this you should try more chicken naan make-up with curry. mom, you are beautiful, how about me? so beautiful sarang put a sticker on my face. dad, This happened in my hand. But this is really delicious. is it not spicy? not spicy at all, it si really delicious is it really good? This should be really spicy on you so good? we had a good meal too, we will come back for more joyful meal see you next time bye bye~