So for today’s video we are going to be trying
Indonesian street food and Indonesian snacks. So it is lunchtime. We’re not having a proper meal. We’re just going to be sampling a little bit
of everything. And if it is a bit loud at the moment it is
because we’ve got some heavy traffic and the call to prayer going out. So I hope you can hear me. Let’s get started. So we’re starting off with coconut milk pancakes
which are called Serabi. Yeah, so let’s take a look at it down here. So you can see the outside fringe it looks
like something quite crispy. Yeah. And I think this is going to be like the middle
part is the coconut milk. So I’m not entirely sure how to eat this. I’m just going to take a big bite. That looks delicious. Oh wow. Oh, that is delicious. Hahaha. I love coconut and so what you’ve got here,
if you look down here. Yeah. This part it sort of tastes like, I don’t
know like maybe like a coconut type of pudding. Yeah. It is really um it has got a bit of milky
consistency. It is it tastes a little bit wet once you
have it in your mouth and then this part over here is crispy so you’ve got those two. You’ve got the contrast between the crispiness
and the pudding like texture. Woah. Oh man, I love that. Instant hit. We may be ordering more. So I also got myself serabi. But I went with the chocolate so as you can
see it has chocolate sprinkles that have melted over top the coconut. Wow! So let’s go in for the first bite. How do we do this? Mmmm. How is that? That is amazing. It is like having dessert for lunch which
I love. It is so sweet and when you add chocolate
I think it is just perfect. Like you mentioned you the crispiness with
the very soft coconut. So it is wonderful. Dessert for lunch. Mmmmm. Loving it. This is the first thing I’ve tried so far
and it is already my favorite so we’ll what the others are like. So up next Karak. Karak Solo. So from what I was told these are made with
rice. And I think they’re kind of like rice crackers. So let’s try those. Mmmm. Sounds crispy. Very crunchy. Surprinsingly it has quite a bit of flavor
and it is a lot more savory than it is sweet. It kind of reminds me of the crackers you
get when you’re having Gado-Gado. Oh. Really good stuff. So next up I’m trying something called Hung
Kue (Gethuk). And we couldn’t quite figure out what it was. We were having a little lost in translation
moment but it kind of looks like a pudding vanilla and chocolate if you ask me so we’ll
see what it tastes like. Mmmm. Okay. Is it sweet? So a little bit sweet yeah. It is almost like jelly but it doesn’t have
that see-through look. It is almost like a milky jelly. Okay. If that makes sense. So yeah it is sweet. That is nice. Do you like it? I do like it. I really like the chocolate bit. Hahaha. Going in for a second bite. That means it is good. Good stuff. You know what? I think this is made with coconut. It does have a coconut-y flavor. So next up we have. I think we have something called Onde-onde. Yeah. And I’ve tried this in Malaysia and also Hong
Kong. It is one of my favorite kind of dessert types
of dim sum. I don’t know if they eat it as a dim sum here
in Indonesia but I love this. If it is the same thing I am assuming that. So I will take my first bite and find out. Mmmmm. Oh, okay. So I’ve had something similar to this where
the outside is exactly the same in Malaysia and Hong Kong. But the inside is different. Normally I have like a bean paste inside. And this is a something a little bit different. I’m not entirely sure what is in the middle. Yeah. But it is a bit sweet. It is definitely sweet. Okay. But I really like it. So the exterior is that like glutinous rice
with sesame seeds. Yeah. Yep. It is really chewy on the outside and in the
inside you have like the mystery ingredient. So this one I believe is called Arem-arem
and it comes wrapped in a leaf. So let’s open this up and see what we have
in here. Oh my. What is this? It looks like a pancake. That looks fascinating. I wonder what is inside. Let’s see. Oh, okay. So it looks like a pancake tube and inside
you have rice. Let’s get a close up shot of that. Look at that. Oh wow. With some kind of sauce inside. It is a little savory but I’m not sure. Do you want to point it closely at us. Sweet and savory. That is interesting. Wow. You know what. I think I need one more bite to determine
this. Mmmm. How is it? Good. Really really good. I would guess this is like a chicken maybe
in a chili sauce. Oh wow. That is what I would venture. That would be a my guess. I’ve never had this before. Sweet and savory. Yeah. I really like this one. Good stuff. Okay so new snack. Yeah, we’ve got another mystery one it is
called Lapis. So let’s take a look down here. You can see all of the different. It is very stripy. It has different color lines. And originally we were just going to like
kind of go and try these pancakes but there is such a friendly owner inside of the store
and he kept saying like oh this is something from here. This is from Solo (Surakarta) and his English
was pretty good. He could explain like what most of it was
but he just couldn’t quite tell us what this one was so we are just winging it here. Yeah. And we’re just guessing. Mmmm. Okay. Similar to the other one. It has kind of like a gelatin like taste. If I had to guess again this isn’t that sweet
but it hints of like coconut and chocolate flavor. Yeah. So that would be my guess. So we have one final snack to try. This right here is called Bolum. Let’s open it. This is quite pretty. Lovely presentation. It is in the shape of a flower. A green flower and it feels very fluffy. So let’s see. Is it like spongy? Mmmm. Kind of like a sponge cake? Yeah, exactly a sponge cake. Look at that. Oh wow. That looks great. That’s really pretty. Is it sweet? It is sweet but again it is hard to figure
out what it is made out of. I would venture coconut. It has like a certain sweet milky. I think more or less everything we’ve tried
has some kind of coconut which is awesome. I think they specialize in coconut here. We love anything with coconut. So look at that. You know what? I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve tried here. I have to say that. It has been a pleasant surprise. Definitely. So next up we’re trying a drink that the store
owner recommended. It is called Kunir Asem Freso. It looks orange. Oh my. Ooh. It is kind of sweet but it has some weird
herbal aftertaste I would say. You know what? An acquired taste? An acquired taste. I think this is the one thing that I’m like
hmmm. It is not love at first taste. I like the sweetness of it but that mystery
flavor at the very end it could take some getting used to I think. Yeah. I’ll pass on this one. All for you Sam. Well we had no problem polishing off everything. Yeah. What we didn’t show you is that we went back
for two more of the pancakes. We had a chocolate one and a coconut one. So we had four in total plus all of those
snacks. It came to less that five US dollars which
is four something so man that was like a feast of feasts like we are stuffed. Huge lunch and now it is time to maybe walk
it off a bit. Yeah. So if you’re in Solo (Surakarta), Indonesia
definitely check this place out. It is amazing. Absolutely.