Here we go. All right, open. – This looks new.
– You think it’s safe? What is it? Okay, caution.
There is a dangerous smell, people. Hold on. What is that? This is Disgust. She basically keeps
Riley from being poisoned. Physically and socially That is not brightly colored
or shaped like a dinosaur. Hold on, guys. It’s broccoli! Yucky! Well, I just saved our lives.
Yeah. You’re welcome. Riley, if you don’t eat your dinner,
you’re not gonna get any dessert. Wait. Did he just say
we couldn’t have dessert? That’s Anger. He cares very deeply
about things being fair. So that’s how you want to play it,
old man? No dessert? Sure, we’ll eat our dinner!
Right after you eat this! Riley, Riley, here comes an airplane! Airplane. We got an airplane, everybody. Airplane.