(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let’s Talk About
That, the show about the show. I’m Stevie and we’ve
named our entire galaxy after the secretions of a cow’s udder. This week’s guests are
the reasons for those don’t get in the pool with
active diarrhea signs. Please welcome Rhett and Link. (crew applauds, cheers) – [Rhett] How’d you know? (Link grunts)
– Oh. There’s a couch there. We put a couch there now. Hello gentlemens.
– There’s a leg there. – Welcome to this Saturday.
– You’re actually supposed to wait, technically, at least at the Rose Bowl pool, (chuckles) you’re supposed to wait like
a week after you had diarrhea before you get back in.
– Yeah. Well I shortened it for
the intro but I could say, are the reason for those active diarrhea within a week signs.
– But what is that? Is that because people may
not be completely clean or–
– I think it’s ’cause– – It might happen again.
– There’s poo poos, you know. – There’s residual.
– There’s some little poo poos coming out.
– Ew! – And you guys are the
little poo poos in this case. (Rhett laughs)
(Link groans) Also I really liked the submitted intro but then I Googled it and technically, ’cause they’re referencing the Milky Way. – Oh I knew.
– The Milky Way, yes. That’s what it was. (mimics explosion) – But it’s actually not true that it’s– – It’s a candy bar.
– Yeah. – Not real milk.
– No, I thought this was interesting and I
think it reads as something that we all probably knew at one point when we were taught it
and then we forgot it, like all those great lessons from school that you should totally learn. – Yeah stay in school.
– Too late. – The Romans named the galaxy via lactea which translates to road of
milk but the Romans weren’t the first to name the
galaxy, it was the Greeks, and the name that the
Greeks gave it translated to milky circle but it
was based on Greek myth because Zeus brought his son Hercules home for Hera to breastfeed
while she was sleeping. Hera did not like Hercules, mainly because the child was half-mortal. Psh, of course, and was the
result of one of Zeus’s affairs. When Hera awoke, she
quickly pushed Hercules away which caused a few drops of milk to spill into the night sky. – Oh that’s how the galaxy happened. – So it’s breast milk.
– Exactly. It’s not cow’s udders. – I will let no mortal touch my nipple. – Well depending on–
– Half mortal. – Who was talking about
Hera ’cause I’m sure that some people back
in the he day were like, ugh, what a cow, you know. But like in terms of the animal, no. It’s just boob milk. – It’s just boob milk.
– Which I feel like would be a better name for the galaxy. – Boob milk. – We’re not star dust,
we’re all just boob milk. – Boob milk.
– But like imagine you’re stargazing with
your kids, and you’re like, and this is the boob milk galaxy. I feel like that would go over well. – I like the idea.
– I think we should re-name. – Which explains why all
astronomers are thirsty. – Okay. (chuckles awkwardly) We put a hit out on astronomers this week. – Boob milk.
– But that’s not the only thing we’re gonna do ’cause
I’ve got a lot today. And the first thing is
on my list of teasers, I built that up but then I
forgot what the first thing I was gonna say was, all right. Is that, we have a new
clothing line coming out. – Yes!
– Yes. – We’re all wearing it today.
– Whoa! That’s what it is.
– I didn’t recognize some of it on us but it’s
actually a first for us and I’m going to tell all
the Mythical Beasts why. – Look at that.
– And there’s also a trailer that comes with this clothing collection. – Are we gonna watch the trailer? – We’re gonna watch it
and it’s gonna be great. That’s coming up. Also on a lower note, I have to really, I’m going to my sad, emotional place. – Oh yeah.
– With your lower voice. – It seems like your regular voice. (chuckles) I mean it didn’t change much. – We had an intervention
happen this week in the office. Yeah. But we taped it.
– Do not know what you’re talking about.
– Exactly, we filmed the intervention
so we’ll get to see it. Seems a little inappropriate
but we did it anyway. So that’s also coming.
– Okay. – But first, this week, there were a lot of noodles on the show. – Yeah.
– So many noodles. You were throwing noodles.
– Noodled so hard. – So little time.
– Everywhere. So many noodles, so little time
that we had to cut a noodle. We had to cut a noodle. (chuckles) – Cut a noodle, that’s not
a euphemism for anything. It’s not a euphemism for anything. Don’t laugh at it like it is. – Who cut the noodle? – This rejected GMM snack
is a whole lot of noodles in one place and there’s
a word the internet likes to use for that. – Noodle town. – It’s noodle town time.
(Rhett chuckles) Look, we’re here and the word
I was looking for was mukbang. (chuckles)
– Oh yes! – But it feels like noodle town. – Noodle town indeed.
– That’s definitely what it looks like.
– Welcome to noodle town. – So what we have here is
various different iterations of a Indonesian noodle called Indomie. Indo like Indonesia and mie means noodle. – Oh so this is like Indonesian noodles. – It’s like mie town.
– All right do I get to throw a dart? – No. (chuckles) No darts.
– I’ll just use my chopsticks. (chopstick clatters)
– So. One of the reasons that we
rejected this from the list was because these are all instant noodles, but Davin has assured me this is the official food basically. Right, Davin, the official– – The official food of Indonesia? – [Davin] That is correct, yeah. (Stevie gasps) – Indomie instant noodles, onion chicken. – Oh.
– Mm! This is gonna get all over. I can already see it. – You got a spoon here
though, you can use your– – You don’t wanna get too
much, we gotta pace ourselves. When you goin’ to noodle town, you gotta obey the speed limit. (chuckles) You know what I’m saying? – You got it?
– Oh lord. – (chuckles) I see this
ending very poorly. – I’m not getting anything. – Davin, do you know–
– How’d I get so many noodles? – Would it be insulting if I asked, ’cause I mean, this reminds
me of instant ramen. Is it a different type of noodle? – [Davin] I mean it’s
technically instant ramen. It’s the same thing. – That’s a little spicy. Those onions and those chickens– – Got a little kick to it.
– At noodle town. – You’re drippin’ on my foot. – (chuckles) Sorry. – You’re drippin’ on my foot, as opposed to off my foot. – I told you this is gonna end poorly. – What’s this?
– We’ve got special chicken. – [Davin] Even I don’t know
what’s special about it. – Oh.
– Oh. – The way that you gave a
little attitude to that. I really liked it. – I’m really not getting the special part. – It’s especially not notable. You know what I’m saying? – Yeah, I can see that.
– Especially bland. – I will say I still like it though. – Vegetable fla-vour is a
totally different col-our. – You know how you do it? You– – I’m not good at getting noodles. – Noodles, I always find if you’re looking for the worst possible
date food, go have pho or some kind of soupy noodle-based dish. – No but see that is
great to take somebody to a messy meal the first
date ’cause then you see– – And see what they do.
– What they’re made out of. You wanna see how somebody slurps. – I think it’s a good second
date or like baby back ribs. – (chuckles) Why did I give myself a bite? – This one has lemon in it,
which is turning me off. – This is not good. – You guys are really quick noodle eaters. – This is not good. Something special in a
bad way about this one. – Mm.
– Now why are all of these soupless? – They’re stir-fry.
– We ran out of water. (chuckles) It’s California. Okay so these are Mi Goreng. (chuckling) – See how I already have some? – This is different because we don’t have instant fried things. – Barbecue chicken flavor. Now as a man from the
southern United States, I typically take issue when
people try to imitate barbecue. – Oh no. – Mm. – [Davin] Well it’s not
American barbecue, Rhett. It’s Indonesian barbecue. – Boom! Ha ha.
– It is pretty good. I like the way your voice echoes too. – I really like this. Is there a most popular situation? Are you keeping that from
us until we discover it? – [Davin] The most
popular would probably be the original noodles which
you guys are gonna try next. – Oh, fried noodles.
– Yep. – Mi Goreng fried noodles.
– If you wanna know what this one tastes
like, it tastes kinda like if they put noodles and put
some spicy KC Masterpiece on it. – Casey. (chuckles)
– Like a– – She’ll write something.
– Like a barbecue, oh. (chuckling) – Wow, it is kinda spicy. – Barbecue sauce.
– This is the OG original most popular flavor. – Mm. I mean it’s good. The only one so far that’s not good is lemongrass. – Right now my favorite
one is the onion chicken back here.
– I do enjoy the onion chicken. But I also enjoy the that one. Is this descriptive, is this what they do, this is not what they do in mukbangs, I’ll tell you right now. – Okay so I’ve got the spicy, I’m gonna wrap that around my– – Whoa. That is deceptively spicy. – Oh no! I’m not getting it. I’m not getting the spiciness. – Really?
– I think the first fried one was more spicy.
– No, it’s spicy. It’s definitely spicy. – Mm.
– It’s good though. – Okay so, definitively–
– Mm. I’m voting for onion chicken.
– Not at all subjectively. You’re into the wet noodle. – I’m into the wet onion. – My favorite is the barbecue chicken. – Me too! – When eating like this
just off of just plates in front of you with other people, I prefer the non-soup. The reason Link prefers the soup is because it’s right in front of him. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I can keep eating this one. – Okay many mukbang done
in mie town noodle town. – Yes. – And I’m really happy
that it didn’t get all over anyone’s clothes except for Link’s shoe that’s not part of our collection. – No.
– Because this is a first for us, if you are a member
of the Mythical Society, or you subscribe to
our monthly newsletter, you got a little bit of a head’s up, but today is the day that we launch our first-ever storywear collection. – [Link] Yeah! (slapping legs) – And it’s called Post Apawcalypse. – Oh I get it.
– Apawcalypse, and so we created this idea of storywear ’cause we wanted to merge storytelling and the narrative with
a clothing collection. ‘Cause it’s very Mythical of us. – Yeah.
– And so there’s a whole story behind this collection. We’re each wearing some of the pieces but on the site, there’s
a hat, there’s bandanas, there’s stick bandana, there’s stickers. There’s more t-shirts,
there’s a denim button-up. There’s all kinds of
things at Mythical.store. But to premiere this whole collection, we partnered with our friends at Cartoona and we made an animated
trailer so check it out. – [Narrator] The year was 2049. A group of celebrity influencers and their trusted canine
companions ordered the intergalactic spaceship Embark One and prepared for launch. Tragedy struck when mission
control’s senior supervisor allowed his dog Pugs
Aldrin, to do the honor of pressing the launch button. Unfortunately, he was a bad boy! And he pressed the nuclear button instead. NASA and the U.S. Missile
Command Center consolidated in 2025 due to budget concerns. The mishap caused a chain
reaction that would wipe out the majority of the human race. A ruff day to say the least. (dog barks) While most humans did not
survive the nuclear apocalypse, miraculously a majority of dogs did. The nuclear fall-out altered their biochemical makeup drastically, providing them with many of the abilities and physical features of humans. The result was a new
breed of human-dog hybrid known as hume-dogs. In honor of their fallen best friends, hume-dogs assumed the role
that humans once held. As for the surviving humans,
they assumed the role of pets and are happier than ever being showered with unconditional love and affection, and the occasional belly rub. Post Apawcalypse, a Mythical
storywear collection, available at Mythical.store. (Link claps) – Ah ha ha ha ha.
– Thank you Cartoona. You know what, this is a dream of mine. – Oh which part?
– You know, I mean, well I didn’t actually dream this– – Belly rub by a large dog with a– – Like Jade and I having
a sort of role reversal where I get to curl up in
her lap and get a belly rub. Why are you looking like that’s weird? Ain’t nothing weird about that. – Okay. – I think as the video just
showed, it’s pretty weird. (laughing) That’s kinda what I think
is cool about it but– – So do, I can’t remember,
did we name our guys because– – I mean we have internal
names, that is Happy Chompers. ‘Cause he’s happy and he’s got chompers. – I got Happy Chompers on my left pec and my left hip flexor. – And I gotta say, actually,
those are the pants that I wore in the Shay
pre-tape but I didn’t give like much of a tease to it
and I got several compliments about the pants and I wanted to say, they’re coming.
– Where do I get those pants, Stevie?
– They’re coming to you. – [Link] I’m particular
excited about pants– – Mythical.store.
– Because they’re so, they’re very comfortable.
– They’re so comfy. – And they’re not too baggy. They’re not plumphy,
like (blows raspberry). – Huh.
– They’re more like shoo. – Yeah very sh–
– Which is also a dream of yours.
– Yeah. – To have not plumphy pants. Which is great. But there’s a lot of
different little things as part of the graphics
that are little Easter eggs and so you could go over to Mythical.store and check out the whole collection. Everything matches, all the
pieces could be put together into one epic piece, you can
layer the t-shirts, you know, like three t-shirts at once. You won’t see the graphics on the t-shirts that are underneath.
– I don’t necessarily recommend wearing all
of them at the same time but you know what, if you
did that and took a picture of yourself, we’d probably feature it. (laughing) That’s how it works. – Okay so again, going
from a very happy topic that you can explore
more at Mythical.store, over to a more solemn, serious point that I mentioned before,
there was an intervention. You know what, it’s best
if we just take a look. – Hey, can we talk to you in
the board room really quick? – [Josh] Yeah, what’s up? – Just wanna talk.
– Okay. – We’ll be quick. Yeah, no worries. Having a chat. Welcome. This is the board room,
you’ve been here before, yeah. Got all of your friends and
just make yourself comfortable. Yeah.
– Thank you. – There you go, do you need some water? – No I’m totally fine. – Okay. Josh. We’re so glad you’re here. We wanted to all gather
together to talk to you. We love you and care about you
as a co-worker and a friend. I think we can say that, right? – Mm-hm, yeah both, both. – Yeah yeah, not just a
professional relationship. We care about you and,
but there’s been an issue. Kevin. – Yeah it’s actually a very serious issue. Matt? – Well, it’s not about the
breast milk in the fridge. That’s fine, we don’t care about that. – Is it about the guinea pigs? – No the guinea pigs we like,
the guinea pigs are cool. – [Kevin] Those are fine. – [Matt] How do we break this to him? – We hate your mustache
and we think it’s terrible. It’s creepy and it’s
bad and it needs to go. – It’s ugly. – It’s terrible, how do you not know? Do you not have a mirror? – Kevin looks like a 16 year
old that went abroad to Spain for like three weeks and came back with– – Kevin’s mustache looks good. – We like Kevin’s mustache.
– We are all fine with Kevin’s mustache.
– I like it too. Every morning, Matt tells
me how handsome I look. – I hate that Kevin’s here. – He’s deflecting.
– Good mustache. – It’s okay, don’t take it personally. People say a lot of things, they act out. – I’ve always hated Kevin. I mean on a deep, visceral
level, his work on the show, his just general aura,
his wife most of all. – He worked hard on that mustache. Yours is trash, you look
like a trash person. – Yeah, you look terrible. – [Matt] Like a person made of trash. – [Kevin] How’s your
girlfriend feel about this? – You still have a girlfriend? – That’s what I’m saying,
earlier, I was asking, does he have a girlfriend still? – [Ellie] I mean they live
together so it’s kinda hard to break up, she might
just be biding her time. – That makes sense.
– They’re probably on the lease together.
– Yeah, it’s hard. We should actually reach out
and support her honestly. – We should, I have her phone
number so I’ll call her later. – If you saw someone
with food in their teeth, what would you do? – What we’re trying to say
is nobody likes you anymore. – Nobody? – It’s not nobody, it’s
just like, nobody here. Nobody, yeah.
– Yeah. Also it’s not just us by the way. We have a few comments
we’d like to share with you if you don’t mind. For example, Christopher Davis says, it throws off a real serial killer vibe. – [Ellie] That’s not good. – The Loki Toki, holy God
man, shave that mustache. Zero likes. – Yeah, Jennie Deshane says,
please for the love of God, make Josh shave that,
and in quotes, mustache, and I wanna be clear that
she’s not quoting anyone. That’s her saying that
it’s barely a mustache. It’s offensive. – Eric Rafford said, if
Josh walks within 100 feet of a playground, the police
are going to be called on him with that mustache. – It has happened before. – Yeah that’s not surprising. Josh’s mustache looks like
a mustard poop smear streak in a baby’s diaper and
I think that was being a little bit too nice. – You’re awesome Josh,
but lose the mustache. You’re reminiscent of a 13 year old who thinks his peach fuzz lip is sexy. – I just like that they said I’m awesome. – See that’s the problem, you’re
hearing what you wanna hear and you’re ignoring the reality. – It’s probably very hard
to hear with a mustache like that on your face. – This guy says that
it looks like Josh fell into a pile of dirt and he had some glue on his upper lip and he
landed right on his upper lip and there’s dirt on his face, he’s ugly. – Kevin, that’s just your opinion. You’re just speaking from–
– When I see that mustache, it makes me want to pull
all the skin off my face until I’m bleeding and dead. – You gotta stop quoting
people, is this just you? – No, no, @JoshsDad said,
hmm, just lost a son. That sucks. – Yeah.
– Oof. – Tough.
– This one just says, Josh keeps parking in my parking spot and it makes me late to meetings and I think someone with
a mustache like that really shouldn’t walk around
with that much privilege. – No one has assigned spots. – [Teresa] It’s not me,
it’s the comment though. – Yeah we don’t know who it is. – Obviously I would never
wanna do anything to hurt any co-workers, I care about some of you. Wushu most of all. This is about bodily
autonomy and personal choice and if I wanna keep it, I’m going to and you can’t do anything about that. But if we were to do something, like say, shave it for a good cause, I
think I might be open to that. – I mean as long as he shaves
it, I don’t care what he does. – If we can raise $5000 for No Kid Hungry, then Rhett and Link will
shave my mustache on LTAT. – Yeah.
– That’d be fine. If it makes you feel better about it. – There’s money in something.
– Yeah, just stay away from playgrounds and
yeah, that sounds good. – When you said that, made it
seem like you had this plan before you came in here. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. Is Wushu even alive anymore? – This has been a very
exhausting, emotional day for him. (all laughing) – Everybody was laughing at the ending which made me feel a lot better. – Whoa ho ho ho ho ho! – We actually all had to
come together for a group hug especially me and Kevin. I’m just like, I love Kate,
man, she’s really great. Yeah so we all made up but that was– – That was good but he does have your girlfriend’s number still. – Yeah, I mean that was just–
– You should get– – They carpool.
– It was all a joke. – They carpool. (laughs) – I don’t know where, but they do. – All right so for the record, you’re on board with raising money for, this is your idea basically. – Yeah this is my idea. This is my way to, if someone– – Get rid of your mustache.
– Comes at me, I like to dig down deeper
and so like back in November, people were like that’s
a terrible mustache. So I’m like yeah let’s see
how terrible it can get. (Rhett and Stevie laugh) So now I’m here and I don’t
wanna shave it unless there is something on the line, $5000
for a really good charity. – I once had a mustache.
– Yeah? – Yeah.
– Seen it. (laughs) – But we didn’t raise
any money for anything. – That’s true.
– Missed opportunity. – Here we go, but not only
is Josh gonna shave it, you are gonna shave it for Josh. – That was also part of my stipulation. I don’t know why anymore,
I just, I really, I like to be close to
you guys and I wanna– – You know what that involves right? It involves sharp objects that
I would wield on your face. – I mandated a Venus four-blade
women’s safety razor. (laughing) Just to prevent, I don’t want
you to straight shave me. You know?
– Right. It probably won’t even remove
any of the hair, it’s just, it’s for show.
– So do you wanna talk a little bit about the
charity that you chose ’cause it’s close to
you, close to your heart. – It is yeah, so No Kid
Hungry, they’re working to eliminate childhood hunger, they’re part of Share Our Strength. And food security is something
that I really struggled with growing up, growing
up with a single parent, trying to make ends meet
and I was always on like the reduced cost federally
subsidized lunch program which is really awesome that that exists, but they would make you go
to a separate line basically to get your lunch tickets
and I remember days where I was so embarrassed to even do that that I would lie to my
friends and be like, oh I’m fasting ’cause I’m
training for a marathon. That’s why I don’t have any lunch today. And so that’s actually a really huge issue and so No Kid Hungry is making breakfast and lunch part of the actual school day. So you get to school at say 7:30 or 8 a.m. And you would actually all
convene for a breakfast and then same thing with lunch and that also gives an opportunity
to learn about cooking and making lunch part
of a school curriculum which is something that
I believe really strongly and they also do educational
programs for parents on how to say feed a family
healthily on a small budget and so No Kid Hungry is
something that’s really, really close to my heart
and I’ve given to it when I can in the past and now I’m trying to leverage people’s
hatred for my facial hair– (laughing)
To give even more. – I love it!
– Very strategic. – Thank you, Josh, that’s amazing. – If we raise $5000 by March 23rd, we’re gonna shave your mustache. But I think there’s also a
little ante-upping to do. Which is if we raise $10,000, oh no, we know that’s not gonna happen. – Rhett shaves his beard.
– No one wants that again. If we raise $10,000 by March 23rd, I think there’s something else that we’re, I was gonna say–
– Gonna shave? – There’s something else
we’re gonna be shaving, but I realized how weird that– – Yeah, my head, my head was the answer. We’re gonna shave my head, yeah. So yeah, $10,000, we shave my entire head. – Oh gosh. – 15, you can shave anything you want. (Rhett and Stevie laugh) – Oh my God. – You said it. (laughs) – Why don’t we make it, if we raise 10, we don’t shave your head. ‘Cause– – That’s no fun.
– No, that’s not near as– – (laughs) So you go to our socials. There’s gonna be a nice
graphic here, right Matthew, that says where you need to go. – Very super nice.
– I really like the hashtag we’re using, which is #NoStacheHungry, so if you’re gonna talk about it on social–
– I get it. – #NoStacheHungry is the hashtag. – But how do you spell stache? Is it C-H-E? – Did you say C-H? – It did start with a C. (laughing) – I’m spelling the last part, the only part that is in question. S-T-A–
– Yeah? – C-H-E?
– Oh, yes, correct. – Because people will spell it wrong, like you’re hiding something.
– No no, we’ll put it right here,
this is the hashtag. That’s how you spell stache. And–
– Don’t misspell it. – Guys, it’s for a great cause. And for great entertainment
that Josh has provided. So please donate what you can and let’s make this happen. – They look all right, you
ever shave your head before? – No. – Okay.
(laughing) – And that’s all I got today,
so let’s all together say the final line. – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB. – F-O S-H-O. – F-O S-H-O.
– Not that loud. – F-O S-H-O. – Yeah like a whisper. (poppy electronic music)