– Hey, guys. I’m Jennifer Banz. Today, on Low Carb with Jennifer,
we’re gonna be making ribs in our Instant Pot. It makes super tasty
and tender barbecue ribs and you can have them any day of the week. You don’t have to bring out your grill or your smoker or whatever
that you use to cook ribs. This is super easy. Anybody can do it. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) Okay, we’ve got about a three
pound rack of pork back ribs. You could also use baby back ribs. You could use beef ribs, whatever kind of ribs that you like. But the most important
thing is you wanna do is you want to make sure (knife clangs) ah! You wanna make sure you
get this tough silver skin off the back of the bones, so we’ve got the meat side down
and this is the bones here, so we’re gonna try and get
most of this tough skin off the back, so normally
you can just pull it off, but in some spots, it’s
a little bit tougher, but you can get a knife and just kind of cut down
on top of one of the bones. And to get a hold of it, you just wanna get a hold of a piece and it will just come right off, usually. Usually it just comes right off. Here we go. So what I did is I found a good piece that I could stick my finger up under and then you just start tearing it off. It’s not the most glamorous
job in the kitchen, but if you want to be able
to eat your ribs easily without some tough skin on
the back, this is essential. Okay, yuck. Okay, we got that all off of there and now we’ve got some rub here. In the recipe down below
in the description, I’ve got a recipe for some really good rub that uses a sugar-free seasoning so I’m not gonna make it on camera. You can just go down there. You just dump all the spices
together and mix it up, and so we’re just gonna pour
that on top of these ribs here. We want a generous coating of rub ’cause this is adding all
that flavor to our ribs. And so since we pulled
off that silver skin, all of that rub can get into our ribs. We’re gonna do the other
side and just rub that in really good. So we’re using our Instant
Pot for this recipe and of course, an essential component of an Instant Pot recipe is
you have to have some water in the bottom of your pot and if you have a shallow,
you know like a trivet that doesn’t take up a lot
of space in your Instant Pot, you can use that. I don’t have one with me. I just have a taller one, so
I’m not gonna use a trivet. And this is gonna work just as good, so I’m gonna pour a cup of
water into my Instant Pot and then let me show you
how we do these ribs. We just fold this up and the ribs will just go
right in here like this. You could actually do two
racks of ribs if you wanted to. You could fit them inside each other and they will fit perfectly. This is the smaller
five quart Instant Pot. Six quart, it’s gonna be
even better, even more room. But there’s plenty of room in
this five quart Instant Pot for a three pound rack of ribs times two. Okay, so now we can put the lid on, make sure it’s on sealing and we are going to
put these at 35 minutes and when that’s ready, we’re gonna do a 10 minute
natural pressure release and then we’ll release
the rest of the pressure. If they’re not tender,
if you take the lid off and they’re not tender, you’re gonna want to put them
on for another 10 minutes. You want them to be
tender, like fork tender, not necessarily falling
off the bone tender, but you want to be able to
get in there with a fork and shred the meat. Otherwise, they’re not
gonna be good to eat. And we’re back. Here are our ribs. I pulled them out of the Instant Pot. They look amazing. I cut them in two pieces each. They’re super meaty and tender. They are amazing, amazingly delicious, and what I would recommend is putting some barbecue sauce on these and putting them under the broiler just to get them a little
bit of a crispy top, caramelize the barbecue sauce. Of course, you wanna use
sugar-free barbecue sauce. On the same recipe, I have a
recipe for a barbecue sauce. It’s super delicious or you can find a
sugar-free barbecue sauce that you love at the grocery store. So for your next barbecue, your friends and family are
going to love this recipe. They will never know that you didn’t spend all day on the smoker. I don’t know, maybe they will because they don’t have that
smoky flavor, but who cares? It was easy and you were able to do it in your kitchen, in your Instant Pot. You didn’t have to get
the stove heated up. Just for a little bit to broil, but you didn’t have to slave over a grill or a smoker all day, and
so I think that’s perfect. That’s a win in my book. So I hope you liked this recipe and don’t forget the recipe is
down in the description below and you can also clink the link and print the recipe on my
website, jenniferbanz.com and I will see you guys later. Bye. (upbeat music)